John Henry MacMahon

1829-1900; b. Dublin, son of John MacMahon, barr.; ed. Enniskillen; grad TCD, 1852; Gold Medalists in Ethics and Logic; MA, 1856; holy orders, 1853; curate under William Alexander (later. Archb. of Armagh); left parochial work at Disestablishment in 1869 and acted as chaplain to Lord Lieutenant; chaplain to Mountjoy Prison from 1890; issued classical translations and other works; his Church and State in England (1873) argues for the retention of its religious establishment; d. Dublin, 23 May 1900; f. of Eleanor (“Ella”) MacMahon [q.v.]. ODNB [WIKI; no entry in DIB/RIA]

[ The ODNB entry by Sidney Lee (1901; 3rd Suppl.) - written the year after MacMahon’s death - concludes with the remark: ‘MacMahon was deeply read in Aristotle, the Christian fathers, and the schoolmen, but was not considered an original thinker.’ Available online; accessed 03.11.2023. ]


  • Metaphysics of Aristotle, literally translated from the Greek [Bohn’s Classical Library] (1857).
  • A Treatise on Metaphysics, chiefly in reference to Revealed Religion (1860).
  • Church and State in England: its Origin and Use (1873).
  • The Refutation of all Heresies by Hippolytus, translated (1888).