Tom McCaughren

Children’s writer; The Peacemakers of Niemba (Browne & Nolan 1966), an account of the congo ambush of 1960 in whic 9 Irish soldiers in the UN force were killed; turned to children’s titles with The Legend of the Golden Key, and The Legend of the Phantom Highwayman, historical novels both published in abridged form by newly founded Children’s Press in 1983; The Children of the Forge, and The Legend of the Corrib King, all being reissued in full texts in 1989; also wrote series on the survival of foxes, beginning with Run with the Wind (Dublin: Wolfhound 1983; 1984, pb. 1985; rep. 1985, 1986), winner of Children’s Book Award, 1985; Swed. and Ger. trans. followed; Run to Earth (1984, pb. 1986), Swed. trans.; Run Swift, Run Free (1986); Run to the Ark (1991); Run Wild to the Wild Wood (1996); publishes a Run Wild Diary for children since 1992; also In Search of the Liberty Tree (Dublin: Anvil 1994), on Rebellion of 1798; Rainbows of the Moon (Anvil 1984), deals with a find of explosives in a model boat. See interview in Books Ireland (Oct. 1996), pp.265-66.

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