William Conner

Mentor of James Fintan Lalor; author of pamphlets, The Speech of William Conner, Esq., against rackrents, &c. (Dublin 1832); The true political economy of Ireland; or rack-rent the one great cause of all her evils, with its remedy (Dublin 1835); The axe laid to the root of Irish oppression (Dublin 1840); The prosecuted speech delivered in proposing a petition to Parliamne in favour of a valuation and a perpetuity of his farm to the tenant, &c. (Dublin 1842); A letter to the tenantry of Ireland contianing an exposition of the rackrent system (Dublin 1842); The catechism of valuatioin and perpetuity of tenure (3rd. Edn. Dublin 1850) [all cited in David Buckley, James Fintan Lalor, 1990)