[Sir] Ralph Cusack

(1916–1978): b. Ireland, son of John & Dora Cusack (KC), who became a judge and sat for Newry, Co. Down, as a Unionist, Jan. 1910; lost his f. 1940; ed. King's College School, and the London University (grad. LLB. 1939); also in Italy; called to Bar (Gray's Inn, 1940); served during World War II, 1939-46; Staff Captain, HQ Eastern Command, 1943-44; promote to Major; Deputy-Assistant Military Secretary at War Office, 1944-46; returned to law;

member of General Council of the Bar, 1953 to 1960; QC in 1960; appt. Recorder of Gloucester, 1961-64; Recorder of Wolverhampton, 1964-66; appt. High Court judge, 1966; knighed and elected a Master of the Bench of Gray's Inn, 1966; in 1962 he successfully defended Brendan Mulholland of the Daily Mail and Reg Foster of the Daily Sketch who refused to disclose their sources of information to the Vassall Tribunal;

he was judge in the case of Mary Bell at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the 11-year old girl convicted of strangling two boys in infant years to death on separare occasions (Martin Brown and Brian Howe) in 1968; he died suddenly in March 1978; considered an ideal judge; remained unmarried; a br. John [“Jake”] Cusack (d.1968) was Minister of the Interior of Kenya during the Mau Mau period.; a br. Dermot died in a car accident, 1914;