John Cutts

Author of Rebellion Defeated, or the Fall of Desmond (printed for the author 1745), dedicated to ‘Free-born Englishmen, Friends of Liberty, and especially those gentlemen in Associations established for the Defence of their Country [...] in opposition to the destructive schemes of France.’ Cutts’s connection with Ireland unknown. Concerns the events following the Desmond rebellion of 1579, when Desmond’s cousin, Sir James Fitzmaurice, returned with a small force in 1579, to be followed by Desmond in the following year. Ormonde relentless pursues Desmond, who is finally killed by a party of soldiers in a cabin on a moutainside near Tralee. Chars. incl. Lord Grey, Fitzgyrald (Earl of Desmond); Allan and Blake (Jesuits); imag. chars. incl Castus, a gentleman, Aemula, wife ofMackveer, and Ablabiia, wife of Cavenaugh; Cavenaugh’s father, Mackfrenky, takes Desmond’s side against his son et al.; other chars. incl. two gentlemen, some peasants, and a blind bard. The whole in blank verse and highly declamatory, with no attempt at character-drawing [...] teems with rhetorical questions. (See G. C. Duggan, The Stage Irishman, 1937.)

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