Robert Bent Knox

1808-1893; Protestant Archb. of Armagh; b. Dungannon Park Mansion, Co. Tyrone; ed. TCD, BA 1829; MA 1834; ord. 1832; chancellor of Ardfert, 1834; Prependary of St Munchin’s Limerick, 1841; Bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore, 1848; reorganised diocese on basis that Disestablishment was inevitable; DD, 1858; fnd. Belfast Church Extension Society, 1862; fnd. Diocesan Board of Missions; proposed reduced of hierarchy to one archbishopric and five bishops; Archbishop of Armagh, 1885 (succeeding Marcus Gervais Beresford); Ecclesiastical Index (1839) [DIH var. 1830] ODNB DIH

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