Arthur Leared

1822-1879; b. Wexford; invented double stethoscope, wrote on Circulation of the Blood and Digestion, and also a medical treatise in Icelandic, where he visited many times; Morocco and the Moors (1879), rev. and introduced by Sir Richard Burton [q.v.] (1891), and A Visit to the Court of Morrocco (1879); d. London. ODNB DIW OCIL

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Dictionary of National Biography, ed. TCD, BA 1845, MD 1860; visited India, Smyrna and the Holy Land, 1854; Iceland, 4 times, 1862-74; America 1870; Morrocco, 1872, 1877, 1879; Morocco and the Moors (1876), and A Visit to the Court of Morocco (1879), and medical treatises.

COPAC lists: Arthur Leared, Morocco and the Moors: being an account of travels, with a general description of the country and its people [2nd edn., revised and edited by Sir Richard Burton. K.C.M.G. (London [] 1891).

Brian Cleeve & Ann Brady, A Dictionary of Irish Writers (Dublin: Lilliput 1985), Circulation of the Blood and the Digestion (n.d.); also travels, Morrocco of the Moors (1876) and Visit to the Court of Morocco (1879)

Bernard Share, ed., Far Green Fields, 1500 Years of Irish Travel Writing (Belfast: Blackstaff 1992)., contains extract from A visit to the Court of Morocco (Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington 1879)

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