J. P. Prendergast

1808-1892 [John Patrick Prendergast; var. d.1893]; b. Dublin, lawyer, ed. TCD; Cromwellian Settlement in Ireland (1865), and asked to select papers from Carte MSS in Bodleian in conjunction with Dr. C. W. Russell, Pres. of Maynooth - being the papers collected by Carte for his life of the Duke of Ormonde; bequeathed books to King’s Inn Library; also The Tory War in Ulster (1868), completed as Ireland from the Restoration to the Revolution (1887). CAB DIW JMC


  • The Tory War of Ulster, with the history of the three Brennans of the county of Kilkenny: Descriptive of Ireland from the Restoration to the Revolution, A.D. 1660-1690, Part. I (Dublin: printed at the University Press by M. H. Gill 1868), 30pp. [e.g., [James O’Brennan, P. O’Brennan, and James O’Brennan called “Tall James”].
  • Ireland from the Restoration to the Revolution 1660-1690 (London: Longmans, Green & Co. 1887), xox. 206pp., 22cm.
  • The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland (London: Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green [1865]), lxxiv, 304pp., ill. [maps]; Do. [another edn.] (NY: P. M. Haverty 1868); The Cromwellian settlement of Ireland [3rd enl. edn.] (Dublin: Mellifont Press 1922), xliv, 524pp., ill. [3 pls., facs. maps - incls. ‘The names and subscriptions of the adventurers for lands in Ireland, as also of those who subscribed for ye sea service’, pp.403-48]; The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland (London: Constable 1996), 380pp.; rep. of 1865 1st edn. [sic]; The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland [Kessinger Publishing's legacy Reps.] (Whitefish MT: Kessinger Publishing [2007]), 285pp., ill.. [facs.], 23cm.
The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland (Mellifont Press 1922) is available at Internet Archive online; copytext at Toronto UL [accessed 01.07.2010.]
  • An Appeal to His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant on Behalf of the Labouring Classes [1847] (Dublin: printed by P. D. Hardy & Sons 1847) [An MS assigned in MS by Prendergast to to Charles Haliday 1 Nov. 1881; copy in TCD Lib.].
  • Letter to the Earl of Bantry, or, A warning to English purchasers of the perils of the Irish Incumbered Estates Court. 2nd edn. / John P. Prendergast (Dublin: J. McGlashan 1854) [see V&A bound vol. of pamphlets., infra.]
  • The Carte Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford: A Report Presented to Lord Romilly, Master of the Rolls, by C. W. Russell and J. P. Prendergast (London: printed by Eyre & Spottiswoode for H.M.S.O. 1871), 236pp., 26cm. [being the papers collected by Carte for his life of the Duke of Ormonde].
  • Calendar of the state papers relating to Ireland, of the reign of James I: Preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office, and Elsewhere, ed. C. W. Russell & John P. Prendergast, 5 vols (Spottiswoode for HMSO 1872-1880). CONTENTS - Vol. 1: 1603-1606 (1872); Vol. 2: 1606-1608 (1874); Vol. 3: 1608-1610 (1874); Vol. 4: 1611-1614 (1877); Vol. 5: 1615-1625 (1880). See also Calendar of the state papers relating to Ireland of the reign of ... : preserved in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty's Public Record Office , ed., Hans Claude Hamilton [et al.] (1860-1912).

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Victoria & Albert Museum holds -
Title details: Contents:
A bound volume of 23 pamphlets on Irish and Scottish issues 1852-1854 - publ. in London; Edinburgh; Glasgow; Carlow, and Dublin. [22cm.]
On Ireland:
  • Popery unmasked at the recent elections in Ireland / A clergyman of the established Church [i.e. George Dwyer] (London: Aylott [1853]).
  • Freedom of election in Ireland, or, violence and intimidation illustrated, on a trial, before the Lord Chief Justice, at the Carlow assizes, on the 16th of March 1853 (Carlow: Sentinel and County Printing Office, [1853]).
  • Ireland's recovery, or, Excessive emigration and its reparative agencies in Ireland / John Locke, A.B. (London: John W. Parker and Son 1854).
  • Letter to the Earl of Bantry, or, A warning to English purchasers of the perils of the Irish Incumbered Estates Court. 2nd edn. / John P. Prendergast (Dublin: J. McGlashan 1854).
  • Ireland, some of its evils, some of its remedies: a letter, addressed to his excellency the Earl of Eglington and Winton / Quondam Ulster Farmer (Glasgow: Thomas Murray & Son 1852).
  • Removal of Irish poor from England and Scotland: shewing the nature of the law of removal, the mode in which it is administered, the hardships which it inflicts, and the necessity for its absolute and unconditional repeal / John Francis Maguire (London: W. & F.G. Cash 1854).
  • Descriptive particulars of that portion of the fee-simple estate of the Earl of Shannon, to be sold in the court for the sale of incumbered estates in Ireland, on the 13th day of July 1852 / William Thomas (Dublin: Drought, [1852?]).
  • Suggestions on the present condition of Ireland, and on government aid for carrying out an efficient railway system / C. Locock Webb (London: Smith, Elder, & Co. 1852).
  • An analysis of the school books published by authority of the Commissioners of National Education in Ireland (London: Groombridge & Sons, [1853?])
  • The nineteenth report of the Commissioners of National Education in Ireland (for the year 1852), Vol. 1 (Dublin: Thom 1853).
  • A survey of the system of national education in Ireland / Charles Buxton (London: John Murray 1853).
  • The National Club and the National Board: remarks on the address of the Committee of the National Club to the Protestants of the United Kingdom / A clergyman of the established Church, and manager of a national school (Dublin: Hodges 1853)
  • [Excerpt from a publication dealing with the imprisonment of coloured British subjects in U.S. ports].
  • Evangelization in Ireland in 1853 (London: Partridge 1854).
  • Ireland, an inquiry into the social condition of the country, with suggestions for its improvement / Daniel Keshan (London: Chapman 1853).
On Scotland:
  • National education in Scotland: a word or two for the parish schools [2nd Edn. (Edinburgh: W. Blackwood & Sons 1854).
  • Practical suggestions for reforming the educational institutions of Scotland / R. J. Bryce (Edinburgh: Oliphant 1852)
  • Justice to Scotland / A.B. Cochrane (Edinburgh: Blackwood 1854)
  • Injustice to Scotland exposed in a letter to the Scottish representatives in the Commons' House of Parliament (Edinburgh: Constable 1854)
  • Highland destitution: report by the Committee of Management to the Edinburgh Section of the Central Board for Relief of Destitution in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, on the completion of the roads in Shetland, and the road in Sutherland (Edinburgh: Blackwood 1852).
  • A home for the outcast (London: Hatchard 1854) - Extermination of the Scottish peasantry: being a reply to a letter from the most noble the Marquess of Breadalbane / R. Alister [i.e. A. Robertson] (Edinburgh: Johnstone 1853).
  • The Russians of Ross-shire, or, Massacre of the Rosses in Strathcarron, Ross-shire by policemen, when serving the tenants in Strathcarron with summonses of removal in March last. 2nd ed. / Donald Ross (Glasgow: Gallie 1854).

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‘Historians, Biographers and Political Orators’, to The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21), Volume XIV:  The Victorian Age - Pt. 2, §38 [see extract].


Justin McCarthy, ed., Irish Literature (Washington: Catholic Univ. of America 1904), contains “The Clearing of Galway” excerpted from The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland.

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature, 18 Vols. (1907–21), Vol. XIV:  ‘Historians, Biographers and Political Orators’ - The Victorian Age, Pt. 2, §38: “J. P. Prendergast”: ‘Among Irish historians, Lecky holds an undisputed preeminence, but of him we shall speak immediately in a wider connection. Like him, John Patrick Prendergast took up the defence of his countrymen against the aspersions of Froude; but, though he bore a name associated with the suffering entailed by the Irish policy of Cromwell, and had himself the reputation of being a nationalist, he was not under the influence of the sentiments of seventeenth century “toryism.” His works on Irish affairs, of which The History of the Cromwellian Settlement (1863) is the best known, form a very important contribution to the political history of Ireland, and led to his appointment as one of the commissioners for selecting official papers from the Carte MSS. in the Bodleian. In 1887, he published Ireland from the Restoration to the Revolution.’ [See Cambridge History [... &c.] at Bartleby.com - online; accessed 01.07.2010.]

R. F. Foster, Modern Ireland (London: Allen Lane 1988), ‘Select Bibliography’ cites Cromwellian Settlement (2nd edn. 1875).

University of Ulster Library (Morris Collection) holds Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland (1922); Ireland from the Restoration to the Revolution 1660-1690 (1887).


Alexis de Tocqueville: de Tocqueville held a conversation with John Patrick Prendergast at Kilkenny in which the latter reported that Protestants and Catholics meet only ‘by accident’ treating each other with intense suspicion. (See further in review of Emmet Larkin, trans. Journey in Ireland (1990 Edn.), under de Tocqueville, q.v.]

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