[Col.] Edward Saunderson

[?]-1906 [‘fighting Saunderson’]; Founder of Ulster Unionism and MP; once used fisticuffs in House of Commons; subject of bronze statue in Portadown. SEE Alvin Jackson, Col. Edward Saunderson: Land and Loyalty in Victorian England (OUP 1995); quotes account in F. F. Moore, The Ulsterman (1914): ‘Ay it’s a long time since we had a man that would make a speech to sting them [the nationalists] as colonel Saunderson used to do. If Saunderson was alive now, and if poor Chamberlain was his old self again, we wouldn’t hear much about a gang of Nationalists ruling the Empire.’ (Cited in review, Don MacRaild, Irish Studies Review, 20 Autumn 1997, p.40.); there is an earlier memoir of 1908 by Reginald Lucas.

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