Cathal O’Shannon

1889-1969; b. Randalstown, Co., Antrim; raised in Derry; ed. St. Columb’s College; mbr Gaelic League and IRB; fndr-mbr. Irish Volunteers; organiser for ITGWU for James Connolly; sub-ed. The Irish Republic; interned in 1916, though non-combatant, having mobilised 100 Volunteers who dispersed without orders; anti-conscription campaigner, 1918; unsuccessfully urged that Labour Party should contest election of Dec. 1918; worked on early drafts of Democratic Programme of first Dail; Irish delegate to Socialist International Conference, Berne, presenting Irish case for self-determination (Irish at Berne); ed. The Voice of Labour, 1918-19, and The Watchword of Labour, 1919-20; arrested March 1920; fndr.-mbr Socialist Party of Ireland, and expelled with William O’Brien; TD Meath-Louth, June 1922; lost seat, 1923; ed. Voice of Labour and Watchword, 1930-32; workers’ representative at Labour Court from its establishment, 1946; ed. Fifty Years of Liberty Hall (1969). DIB DIH DUB

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