J. G. Simms

[John Gerald Simms] author of The Williamite Confiscations in Ireland, 1690-1703 [Studies in Irish History, 7] (London: Faber 1956), 207pp., and Do. [rep.] (Westport: Greenwood Press 1976).

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  • Query: J. G. Simms, ‘Connacht in the eighteenth century’ & Maureen Wall, The Rise of a Catholic Middle Class in Eighteenth-century Ireland (1971).

    Quoted by Louis Cullen on the decline of the Catholic share of Irish land from 14% in 1702 to 5% in 1776 (see ‘Catholics under the Penal Laws’ [O’Donnell Lecture, TCD, 1985], in Eighteenth Century Ireland, Vol. I (Dublin 1986), pp.23-26 [available at JSTOR - online].