Peter Somerville-Large

?- ; son of Collis Somerville-Large, surgeon (Fitzwilliam Place); lived at Farmhill, Dundrum and after at Laragh Hse.; spent childhood in Kerry; issued travel works including The Grand Irish Tour (1982); The Irish Country House: A Social History (1995); Dublin: The Fair City (1996); The Irish Country House: A Social History (1995); with Jason Hawkes, Ireland from the Air (Weidenfeld 1997), 160pp.


To the Navel of the World (London: Hamish Hamilton 1987); Irish Eccentrics: A Selection (Dublin: Lilliput Press 1990), 300pp.; Shaggy Yak Story: Forty Years of Unfinished Journeys (London: Sinclair-Stevenson 1991), 300pp.; Coast of West Cork (Belfast: Appletree Press 1991), 222pp.; Irish Country House: A Social History, with commissioned photos. by Mark Fiennes (London: Sinclair-Stevenson 1995), 400pp., 32pp. col. pls.; Dublin: The Fair City, with commissioned photos by Mark Fiennes (London: Sinclair-Stevenson 1996; pb. 1997), 320pp., 32pp. col. pls.; Ireland from the Air, with photos by Jason Hawkes (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1997 rep. 1998), 160pp.; Ireland: The Living Landscape (NY&London: Roberts Rinehart; Canada Key Porter 1992, rep. 1994), 168pp.; Irish Voices: 50 Years of Irish Life 1916-1966 (London: Chatto & Windus. 1999), 318pp., reiss. (London: Pimlico 2000), 320pp.; Legendary Ireland, with photos by Tom Kelly (Dublin: Town House; NY: Roberts Rinehart 1996), 156pp.; Peter Somerville Large, An Irish Childhood (London: Constable & Robinson 2002), 246pp.

Laragh House: 'A previous owner had been connected by marriage to the Bartons and Childers associated with Glendalough House, who had played their considerable part in recent Irish history. But Mr Booth did not appear to have been interested in patriotism or politics. We were told that he had hanged himself from the chandelier in the main hall after sustaining gambling debts in Monte Carlo.’ (p.109.)

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Bernard Share, ed., Far Green Fields, 1500 Years of Irish Travel Writing (Belfast: Blackstaff 1992), contains extract from To the Navel of the World (London: Hamish Hamilton 1987).

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