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Maureen E. Mulvihill notes some media links on Heaney at the announcement of his death:
Conversation with Dick Gordon in 2004 - The Story
Christopher Benfey, ‘What Heaney Taught Me’ (NYRB)
Fintan O’Toole on Heaney as ‘exemplary man’ (Irish Times)
Ronan McGreevy, ‘Tributes to Heaney’ (Irish Times)
Margalit Fox, ".. Irish Poet of Soil and Strife" (NY Times)
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Edward Lucie-Smith, ed. & intro., British Poetry Since 1945 (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1970), incls. ‘Death of a Naturalist’, ‘The Barn’, with the introductory remarks, ‘Heaney is so far the best known of the group of young poets centred on Belfast. In many ways he seems typical of the group as a whole - he is a brilliantly accomplished and facile writer, who works within an established convention. He owes something to Hughes, and something to Larkin, and something to R. S. Thomas.’ (p.339-41.)

Blake Morrison & Andrew Motion, eds., The Penguin Book of Contemporary British Poetry (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1982), contains ‘Churning Day’, ‘At Ardboe Point’, ‘Broagh’, ‘Anahorish’, ‘Mossbawn: Two Poems in Dedication [Sunlight’, ‘The Seed Cutters]’, ‘Funeral Rites’, ‘The Tollund Man’, ‘Punishment’, ‘Strange Fruit’, ‘extract from The Singing School’ [‘A Constable Calls’, ‘Exposure], ‘Casualty’, ‘the Harvest Bow’, ‘The Otter’, ‘extract from Glanmore Sonnets [1’, ‘V’, ‘VIII’, ‘X]’, ‘Leavings’. (pp.21-40; note that heaney is the first poet in the collection.)

Peter Fallon & Seán Golden, eds., Soft Day: A Miscellany of Contemporary Irish Writing (Dublin: Wolfhound Press; Indiana: Notre Dame UP 1980), incls. ‘The Badger’, ‘The Skink’, ‘The Otter’, ‘A Strange House’, ‘A Dream of Jealousy’, ‘Leavings’. [q.pp.]

Maurice Harmon, ed., Irish Poetry After Yeats, Seven Poets (Wolfhound Press 1979), includes selection of Heaney's poems.

John Montague, ed., Faber Book of Irish Verse (London: Faber & Faber 1974), incls. ‘Digging’, ‘Requiem for the Croppies’, ‘The Tollund Man’, ‘Mossbawn Sunlight’ [only]. Editorial remarks: Heaney alludes to the aversion of English critics to Foucaultian theories of discourse [and their concern with archaeology rather than linear modes of history] in An Open Letter (Field Day pamphlet 1983), a satirical poem in which he objects to the ethno-political heading under which he appears in The Penguin Book of Contemporary British Poetry, ed. Blake Morrison & Andrew Motion (1982).

Seamus Deane, gen. ed., The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing (Derry: Field Day 1991), contains a selection [ed. Declan Kiberd], incl. poems from Death of a Naturalist; Door into the Dark; Wintering Out; North; Field Work; Station Island; The Haw Lantern, [1364-75]; BIOG, 1433 [as above]. Bibl. includes P. V. Glob The Bog People: Iron Age Man Preserved (London: Faber 1969).

Patrick Crotty, ed., Modern Irish Poetry: An Anthology (Belfast: Blackstaff Press 1995), selects “Churning Day” [198]; “Broagh” [199]; “The Tollund Man” [199]; from Mossbawn: Two Poems in Dedication: “Sunlight” [201]; “Funeral Rites” [202]; “Casualty” [205]; “Badgers” [208]; “The Harvest Bow” [209]; “The Birthplace” [210]; from Sweeney Redivivus: “The Cleric” [211]; from “The Frontier of Writing” [212]; from “The Canton of Expectation” [213]; “Wheels within Wheels” [215]; from “Lightenings”: VIII [216], IX [217]; “Keeping Going” [217].

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The Honest Ulsterman: Index, ed. Tom Clyde (1995), incls. contributions by Seamus Heaney: ‘Bachelor Deceased, In Memoriam Pat McGuckin’, No. 2. p.5; ‘The Thatcher’, No. 6, p.3; ‘Writer at Work’, No. 8, p.13; ‘The Forge’, No. 8, p.14; ‘In an Airport Coach’, No. 13, p.16; Offerings, in mem. Patrick Rooney, No. 19, p.4-6 (I) ‘Turnip Man’; (ii) ‘High Street’; (iii) ‘From Cave Hill’; (iv) ‘September Song’; Two Poems, ‘High Summer’, and ‘Polder’, No. 60, p.9; from Clearances, No. 80, p.3; ‘The Old Team’ No. 80, p.5; ‘Boy Driving His Father to Confession’, No. 97, p.19. [See .]

Hibernia Catalogue (No. 19) lists pamphlets and contribs. incl. ‘Follower’ and ‘Scaffolding’, in Threshold (Summer 1967); ‘The Thatcher’ in Honest Ulsterman 6 (1968); ‘Wife’s Tale’, ‘Undine’, and ‘The Forge’, Poetry (1969); contrib. to F. E. S. Finn, ed., Poems of the 'Sixties (London: John Murray 1970); A. N. Jeffares. ed., 'Three Poems' in Aquarius [Irish Number] (1971); ‘Limbo’ and ‘Gifts of Rain’, in Poetry (1973); The Fire/the Flint (British Acad./OUP 1975); The Makings of a Music: reflections on the poetry of Wordsworth and Yeats (Liverpool UP [1978]) [note var. supra]; ‘An Afterwards’ [sic] and ‘Homecomings’ (Dublin Arts Festival 1979) [also Kennelly, , Montague, Muldoon]; Two poems in Aquarius 12 (1980); From the Republic of Conscience (Amnesty Internat.), [ltd. ed., 2,000 copies]; ‘Bachelor Deceased’, in Honest Ulsterman No. 2 (1968); Six Poems in Honest Ulsterman (spring 1986); ‘New Worlds’, in In the Prison of His Days - A Miscellany for Nelson Mandela (Lilliput 1988); Agenda, 50th Birthday Issue (spring 1989); Poster Poems [i.e., Cheltenham broadsheets]: ‘The Fire Gaze’, ‘The Earth House’, The Water Pause’, ‘The Air Station’ [collection of 4 poster poems with engravings; Friends of the Cheltenham Festival 1989-92).

De Burca Catalogue, No. 44 (1997): Door into the Dark. London, Faber, 1969. First. Pages, 56. Fine in fine dj.; second trade collection, rare [signed edn. 400]. The Cure at Troy. A Version of Sophocles’ Philoctetes. Derry, Field Day, 1990. x, 81pp. [No. 181 of 500 copies, signed, mint in dj. 275]. Sweeney Astray. A Version from the Irish by Seamus Heaney. New York, Farrar, 1984. Pages, ix, 85. signed ltd. edn., full cloth, fine in slipcase [350]. Seeing Things. London, Faber, 1991, qtr. linen on paper boards, fine in slipcase; signed ltd. edn. of 250 copies; v. scarce [275].

Cathach Books (1996/97) lists The Little Brown House: A Garland for Robert McGlynn, with Brendan Kennelly Mary Lavin, and Richard Wilbur (Dublin: Gallery Press 1984); Poetry Ireland Presents a Reading to mark the sixtieth birthday of John Montague and the Fiftieth Birthday of Seamus Heaney, The Gate Theatre, Sunday, 11th June 1989, with music by Liam O’Flynn [programme]; conlon, tans. Into Irish by Gabriel Rosenstock (BAC: Coiscéim 1989), 38pp.; Room to Rhyme, An Anthology of Poems by Heaney and Longley and of Ballads by David Hammond (Belfast: Arts Council [n.d.]), 31pp.

Eleven Poems (Festival Publications QUB) reviewed by Brendan Kennelly, in Dublin Magazine (Spring 1966). Also printed in that issue are ‘The Peninsula’, and ‘Gate’ by Heaney (p.38).

Books in Print (1994) Death of a Naturalist (London: Faber & Faber/NY: OUP 1966) [0 571 09024 9]; Door Into the Dark (1969; London: Faber & Faber 1972, 1974, 1977), 56pp [ISBN 0 571 10126 7 pb; 08998 4 hb.]; Wintering Out (London: Faber & Faber/NY: OUP 1972; 1973, 1975, 1978, 1980 to 1994), 80pp. [0571 10158 5]; North (London: Faber 1975; NY: OUP 1976), 73pp. [0 571 10813 X]; Field Work (London: Faber & Faber/NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux 1979) [0 571 11433 4]; Selected Poems 1965-1975 (London: Faber/NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux 1980) [0 571 11644 2]; Sweeney Astray (Derry: Field Day 1983; London: Faber/NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux 1984), 123pp. [0571 10158 5]; Station Island (London: Faber/NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux 1984) [0 571 13302 9 ]; New Selected Poems 1966-87 (London: Faber 1990) [0 571 14371 7]; 113pp. [a number of the poems prev. printed in The Tree Clock [Linen Hall Lib. 1990 ISBN 0-571 571 14468 3; 14469- 1, pb.]; The Haw Lantern (London: Faber & Faber 1987), 51pp. [0 571 14780 1; 81 X pb.]; The Cure at Troy, a version of Sophocles’ Philoctetes (London: Faber & Faber 1990) [0 571 16230 4]; A Boy Driving His Father to Confession (Farnham: Sceptre 1970) [0 901 727 85 7]; The Fire in the Flint, reflections on the Poetry of Gerald Manley Hopkins [Huddleston Lecture on English Poetry 1974] (OUP 1975) [0 19 725725 9]; Hailstones (Dublin: Gallery Press 1984) [0 904011 76 5]; Making the Music, reflections on the poetry of Wordsworth and Yeats (Liverpool UP [1978]) [0 906370 05 1]; ed., with Alan Brownjohn and Jon Stallworthy, New Poems, anthology of contemporary poetry (London: Hutchinson 1971); ed., Soundings, Annual Anthology of New Irish Poetry (Blackstaff 1972) [0 85640 010 6]; ed., Soundings, Annual Anthology of New Irish Poetry (Blackstaff 1974) [0 85640 031 7]; Sweeney Astray, versions from the Irish (Field Day 1983) [0 946755 03 5]; Sweeney Astray (Faber 1984) [0 571 13360 6]; ed., with Ted Hughes, The Rattle Bag (Faber 1982, 1994) [0 571 11976 X]; Open Letter [Field Day pamphl. No. 2] (1983) [0 946755 01 9]; Preoccupations, selected Prose 1968-78 (Faber 1980) [0 571 11638 8]; Gravities, collection of poems and drawings, ill. Noel O’Connor (Charlotte Press 1979) [0 906409 071]; From the Republic of Conscience (Dublin: Amnesty Internat.), 8pp., ill. John Behan [ltd. ed., 2,000 copies].

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