Irish Critical Classics: Index

Irish Critical Classics

The texts held in this region are either whole texts or longer extracts of published works that stand as monuments of Irish criticism - either because of the influence of the text or the eminence of the author - and deal with more than one author. While the selection criteria is inevitably influenced by personal taste and current teaching requirements, the aim is to gather in for ready reference the key interventions in the subject-area. See also “Note on Copyright”, infra.

Modern Irish Literature

On modern Irish literature
Samuel Beckett
Elizabeth Bowen
Padraic Colum
Claire Connolly
Daniel Corkery
Seamus Deane
Irvin Ehrenpreis
Thomas Flanagan
J. W. Foster
James Hardiman
Barbara Hayley

Foreword to Carleton’s Traits and Stories (1979)

Maurice Harmon
Seamus Heaney
Patrick Kavanagh
Margaret Kelleher
Brendan Kennelly
Declan Kiberd
Benedict Kiely
R. & M. Loebers
John McGahern
Dubliners” (1990).
“The Image” (1991)
“What is My Language?” (2005)
Augustine Martin "James Stephens: The Crock of Gold" (1962)
"James Stephens: The Short Stories" (1963)

Gerardine Meaney
Vivian Mercier
John Montague
Frank O’Connor
Patrick Sheeran
James Simmons
Robert Welch

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Historical classics
James Connolly The Reconquest of Ireland (1915)
M. V. Duignan ‘Historical Introduction’ (Shell Guide to Ireland, 1967)
Rev. Matthew Kelly Introduction to Cambrensis Eversus (1850 rep. edn.)
D. D. Sheehan D. D. Sheehan, Ireland Since Parnell (1921)

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On ancient Irish literature
Nora Chadwick ‘Religion and Mythology’, in The Celts (1971) [Chap. 6: Evidence of the Celts]
Myles Dillon ‘Celtic Religion and Celtic Society’ (1964)
[with Nora Chadwick,] The Celtic Realms (1967)
Charles Doherty ‘Kingship in Early Ireland’ (2005)
Douglas Hyde “Early Irish Literature”, in Irish Literature (1904)
Prionsias Mac Cana
Celtic Mythology (1970)
  Chap. 2: “Gaulish Gods & Insular Equivalents”
Chap. 3: “The Tuatha Dé Danann”
Chap. 4: “The Goddesses of the Insular Celts”
Chap. 5: “The Heroic Tradition”
Chap. 6: “Sacral Kingship”
Chap. 7: “The Otherword”
Chap. 7: “The Integral Tradition”
“Early Irish Ideology and the Concept of Unity” (1984)
R.A.S. MacAlister The Latin & Irish Lives of Ciaran (1921)
Séamus Mac Mathúna
Gerard Murphy Ossianic Lore and Romantic Tales of Medieval Ireland (1961)
Diarmuid Ó Giollain Locating Irish Folklore: Tradition, Modernity, Identity (2000)
Dáithí Ó hÓgain The Hero in Irish Folk History (1985) - Conclusion
Pádraig Ó Riain ‘Early Irish Literature’, in The Celtic Connection, ed. G. Price (1992)
See also ...
J. P. Cohane The Indestructible Irish (1969)
... against the grain

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Note on Copyright

The copyright associated with the texts listed here belongs to their authors. It is hoped that at some future date electronic editions of these and other critical writings at Ricorso will be authorised, with benefit to their owners as well as the visitors to this web site. In the meantime, all the files listed here will remain inaccessible except by password and only to those closely associated with the Ricorso project. Application can be made by email, but no guarantee can be given that access will be allowed.

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