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Authors AZ provides comprehensive bio-bibliographical information about 5,000 authors with some extracts, representative commentary, and sundry notes about them. Irish journals past and present are similarly treated.

Bibliography holds annual lists of publications on Irish literature and its contexts, together with compiled topical bibliographies and others from key monographs. The table of contents of Irish-studies journals are held here too.

The Library holds digital classic Irish texts along with extracts from leading monographs and articles, and selections from leading international critics. A large collection of reviews can be found here also. [Password required.]

The Gateway gives world-wide access to Irish-studies centres, associations, publishers & journals, Irish-interest websites, &c. OPACs of leading libraries can be reached from here - including the amazing COPAC (UK).

The Journal lists scholarly events in Irish Studies and gives some account of recent work on this website and functions as an aide memoire and diary for the editor which provide some insight into daily operations at RICORSO.

About Ricorso gives information about this website relating to content and history, authorship and design, abbreviations and sources - as well as describing the methods of compilation and the format rules arrived at over the years.

Search Engine allows you to look up any word or combination of words either in any of the above regions or the entire website. The linked results can then be individually searched using your browser’s “Find” command.

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Site Description

RICORSO is a large dataset of information about Irish writers and their works arranged in the form of a bio-bibliographical dictionary, with condensed biographies, lists of criticism and extracts from the works and commentaries upon them. It also contains a digital library and a digital gallery, as well as other sections devoted to journal bibliographies and gateways to different areas and sites of Irish Studies. It has been devised and maintained by Dr. Bruce Stewart throughout its existence, orginating as a EIRData, a desktop database in the early 1990s which was associated with the Princess Grace Irish Library (Monaco) for some years after 2000. The present name and epigraph of the website derive from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake (1939) - a writer copiously documented in its pages whiche, together with its wider contents, are the result of a more or less continuous process of compilation on the part of its owner over three decades.

Dr Stewart studied English at Trinity College, Dublin (TCD Schol., BA Hons & PhD.) and the University of California (MA). His early-career work as an overseas teacher involved a decade-long sojourn in Libya and Saudi Arabia before taking up a research and teaching post the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland (UK) where he stayed on as Lecturer and Reader for 25 years. He served as Assistant Editor to Professor Robert Welch in the production of The Oxford Companion to Irish Literature (2006) and is the author of numerous articles and chapters in organs of Irish literary studies, as well as the entry on James Joyce in the Dictionary of National Biography (2004). During 1996-2004 he acted simultaneously as Literary Director of the Princess Grace Irish Liberary in Monaco and Secretary of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL). He is an emeritus member of Ulster University and professor adjuntivo in English Literature and Languae at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) in Brazil today. The Classroom pages on this website arise from his teaching duties there.