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Contemp. Editions (Poetry, Plays & Fiction)
Poetry collections [Dublin first edns.]
Poetry collections [London 1st edns.]
Plays [1st editions]
Plays [early collected edns.]
Edited anthologies & collections Fiction [short stories & novels]
Criticism [books & prefaces]
Criticism [selected articles]
A Vision (1925, 1937, &c.)
Autobiographical Writings
Journals & Broadsides
Modern Editions
Collected Poems & Collected Plays
Collected & standard editions
Collected Works - Macmillan Edition
Collected Works - The Cornell Yeats
Variorum editions of the works
Correspondence [letters]
Miscellaneous compilations

Writings on William Blake

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Some digital editions of Yeats texts can be found at the University of Adelaide’s E-Books page along with links to Gutenberg Project editions of many others - online; 25.04.2015.
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Website sources
Sacred Texts
Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry (1888) and The Celtic Twilight (1902 Edn.), In the Seven Woods (1903), and Later Poems (1922), together with prefaces and notes to folk-tale works of Lady Gregory and Tagore, are all available online at www.sacred-texts.com

Note: The site gives an account of relevant copyright law in respect of the UK, EU and USA and operates on the basis of the US regulations where volumes issued prior to 1 Jan. 1923 are out of copyright. The EU copyright expires in 2009 (being date of death + 70 years). [Accessed 28.07.2009].

Special collections
See the National Library of Ireland’s Guide to the Personal Library of W. B. Yeats [attached - as pdf] and “A Selection of Annotated Works in the Personal Library of W. B. Yeats”, derived from same [attached - as text].

Contemp. Editions (Poetry, Plays & Fiction)
Poetry collections [Dublin first edns.]
Longer poems (dramatic and narrative)
  • Mosada: A Dramatic Poem (Dublin: Sealy, Bryer & Walker 1886) [first printed in Dublin University Review, and then published in pamphlet form by subscription on his father’s account; 100 copies printed, of which a dozen are extant];
  • The Wanderings of Oisin and Other Poems (London: Kegan Paul, Trench & Co. 1889) [ded. to Edwin J. Ellis; with epigraph: ‘Give me the works if Thou wilt, but grant me an asylum for my affections.’ Tulka. ]
  • Poems (London: T. Fisher Unwin 1895) [incls. Wanderings of Usheen [sic]]; Do. [rev. edn.] (1899); Do., [3rd Edn., with new preface, Jan. 1901] (London: T. Fisher Unwin 1901); Do. [another edn.] [new preface, June 1912] (London: T. Fisher Unwin 1912), xiii, 315pp. [available at Gutenberg Project - online].
Lyrical collections
  • Crossways (1889) [unavailable in COPAC]
  • The Rose (1893) [unavailable in COPAC]
  • Poems (London: T Fisher Unwin 1895, 1912) [incls. rev. version of The Wanderings of Usheen];
  • The Wind Among the Reeds (London: Elkin Mathews 1899), ill. [design of intertwining reeds by Althea Gyles; with 12 de luxe copies on vellum; 500 copies];
  • In the Seven Woods (Dublin: Dun Emer 1903) [actually publ. 1904]; In the Seven Woods (1904);
  • Twenty One Poems (Dublin: Dun Emer 1904) [actually 1905];
  • The Green Helmet and Other Poems (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1910; NY & London: Macmillan 1912) [the Macmillan edn. adding six poems];
  • Poems Written in Discouragement (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1913);
  • Responsibilities: Poems and a Play (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1914; London: Macmillan 1916);
  • Eight Poems (Moreland Press [1916]), [20]pp. [publ. in ltd. edn. of 400 with complex variants in publisher and bibliog. format];
  • Easter 1916 (1916) [ltd. edn. of 25 copies, ‘privately printed by Clement Shorter for distribution among his friends’];
  • The Wild Swans at Coole: Other Verses and a Play in Verse (Dundrum: Cuala Press [MCMXVII] 1917), 46pp., 8°/21cm.; [incls. At The Hawk’s Well, omitted from Macmillan 1919 edn., as infra; with colophon ‘[...] Four hundred copies of this book have been printed and published by Elizabeth Corbet Yeats on paper made in Ireland, at the Cuala Press, Churchtown, Dundrum, in the county of Dublin, Ireland. Finished on the tenth of October in the year nineteen hundred and seventeen.’]; Do. [facs. rep.] (Shannon: IUP 1970), 46pp. [22cm.].
  • Nine Poems (London, priv. by Clement Shorter 1918);
  • The Wild Swans at Coole [2nd edn.] (London: Macmillan & Co. 1919, 1920), ix, 118pp., 8° [omitting At the Hawk’s Well, with add. poems incl. “Irish Airman”, “Phases of the Moon”, “The Saint and the Hunchback”; “Two Songs of a Fool”, “The Double Vision of Michael Robartes”];
  • Michael Robartes and The Dancer (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1920), and Do. (London 1921);
  • Seven Poems and a Fragment (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1922);
  • The Cat and the Moon and Certain Poems (Dublin: 1924); [ltd. edn. 500; actually 400];
  • Seven Poems and Certain Poems (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1924);
  • October Blast (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1927);
  • The Tower and Other Poems (London: Macmillan 1928), 110pp. [on cover: The Tower; design by Sturge Moore; 19cm.; incl. “The Gift of Harum al Rashid” - later grouped with Narrative and Dramatic in Coll. Poems, Macmillan 1950]; Do. [First Editions Ser.; rep.] (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1998, 1999), 63pp.
  • Later Poems (London: Macmillan 1922, 1926, 1931), 363pp. [see under Collected Poems, as infra];
  • Words for Music Perhaps and Other Poems (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1932), [8], 44, [4]pp. [ltd. edn. of 450]; Do. [facs. rep.] (Shannon: IUP 1970), 41pp., 21cm. [see also musical adapt., infra];
  • The Winding Stair and Other Poems (London: Macmillan 1933; 2nd imp. 1933), ix, [1], 101, [1]pp., 20cm. [ded. Edmund Dulac; incls. errata slip]; Do. (NY: Macmillan 1933), ix, 101pp.; and Do. [an earlier edn.] (NY: The Fountain Press, 1929), 25pp. , 23cm. [ltd. edn. of 642; 600 numbered & signed; see note];
  • The King of the Great Clock Tower, Commentaries and Poems (Dublin: Cuala Press 1934), [8], 48pp. [ltd. edn. of 400]; Do. (NY: Macmillan 1935), vii, 3-46pp., 21cm. [on cover: The Great Clock Tower]; also digital edn. in ProQuest (Cambridge 2003) [prelims. omitted]; Do. [rep. facs. edn.] (Shannon: IUP 1970), [8] 47pp., 22 cm. [contains WBY’s lengthy historical notice on “Parnell’s Funeral”, as attached];
  • A Full Moon in March (London: Macmillan 1935), vii[i], 69pp. [Contains “Parnell’s Funeral and Other Poems”, also “A Full Moon in March”; “The King of the Great Clock Tower”, as infra.];
  • New Poems (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1938); 2pp., lf., 38, [1]pp., mus. [5pp.]; 1 lf., 22cm. [‘Four hundred and fifty copies ... have been printed and published by Elizabeth Corbet Yeats, at the Cuala press.’]; Do. [facs. rep.] (Shannon: IUP 1970), 38 [9]pp., 21cm.
  • Last Poems and Two Plays (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1939) [500 copies; Wade 204], printed and published by Elizabeth Corbet Yeats at the Cuala press]; Last Poems and Plays (London: Macmillan 1940) [incl. three poems previously printed in On the Boiler, 1939].
  • Do. [facs. rep.] (Shannon: IUP 1970), 58pp., 22 cm.; Do. (London: Macmillan 1940), vii, 126pp., 21cm. [the plays being “The Death of Cuchulain” and “Purgatory”];
See also Collected Poems [infra].
The Winding Stair - Fountain Press Edn. - 1929: Of this edition [...] six hundred and forty-two copies were printed on Kalmar paper in the printing house of William Edwin Rudge. Six hundred numbered copies, signed by the author, will be for sale. Distributed in America by Random house, and in Great Britain by Grant Richards and Humphrey Toulmin at the Cayme press limited. Designed by Frederic Warde. This is copy number Out of series. CONTENTS: In memory of “Eva Gore Booth”; “Con Mankiewicz”; “ Death”; “A dialogue of self and soul”; “Blood and the moon”; “ Oil and blood”; “ A woman young and old”. [COPAC online; 26.10.2010.]
Words for Music Perhaps (London: Schott) - produced for speaking voices and chamber ensemble [piano, violin, cello, bass clarinet, trumpet, gong & xylophone] as a sequence of love poems by W. B. Yeats with music by Michael Tippett [commissioned for Third Programme], broadcast by BBC, 8 June 1960.
See also ...
Jacqueline Genet, ed., Words for music perhaps : le new art de Yeats: édition bilingue / étude suivie de partitions reúnies et présentés par l’auteur / Words for music perhaps : Yeats’s new art : a bilingual edition / a study followed by scores collected and presented by the author [Irlande Ser.] Villeneuve d’Ascq: Presses universitaires du septentrion [2010]), 220pp., mus. scores; 27cm.
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Plays [1st editions]
  • The Countess Kathleen and Various Legends and Lyrics (London: T. Fisher Unwin 1892; Boston: Roberts Bros. [1892]), and Do ., [rev. 7th edn., 1912) [Wade 93];
  • The Land of Heart’s Desire (London: T Fisher Unwin 1894; Chicago: Stone & Kimball 1894), Do . [rev. edn.] (Portland, Maine: Thomas B. Mosher 1903), and Do . [another edn.] (Windsor Press 1926) [ltd. 750 copies];
  • The Shadowy Waters: A Dramatic Poem (London: Hodder & Stoughton 1900) [ded. Lady Gregory];
  • Cathleen Ni Houlihan (London: A. H. Bullen 1902), Do . [another edn; 2nd Theatre Edn.] (1909) [Wade 93];
  • Where There Is Nothing [Vol. 1 of Plays for an Irish Theatre] (London: A. H. Bullen 1903) [first printed in supplement to The United Irishman, 1 Nov. 1902; Wade 44];
  • The Hour-Glass (London: Heinemann 1903); do. as The Hour-Glass and Other Plays, being Vol. 2 of plays for an Irish Theatre (London: Macmillan 1904) [ltd. edn. 100 on Japanese vellum; Wade 52];
  • Deirdre (London: A. H. Bullen; Dublin: Maunsel 1907) [performed 1908];
  • [with Lady Gregory,] The Unicorn from the Stars and Other Plays (NY: Macmillan 1908) [title play revised version of Where There is Nothing; Cathleen ni Houlihan, and The Hour-Glass];
  • The Golden Helmet (NY: John Quinn 1908), 32 [4]pp. [ltd. edn. of 50 copies; Nos. 5 & 20 in TCD Lib.; later The Green Helmet.]
  • The Green Helmet (Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare Head 1911) [only sep. edn.];
  • The Countess Cathleen [rev. edn.] (T. Fisher Unwin 1912);
  • The Player Queen (London: Macmillan 1922);
  • Sophocles’ King Oedipus: A Version for the Modern Stage (London: Macmillan 1928; US 1928);
  • The Words Upon the Window Pane (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1934);
  • A Full Moon in March (London: Macmillan 1935), vii[i], 69pp. [contains “The King of the Great Clock Tower”, rewritten in verse, and a new version of it called “A Full Moon in March” (Pref.); also “Parnell’s Funeral and Other Poems”];
  • The Herne’s Egg and Other Plays (NY: Macmillan Company 1938), vii, 136pp., 21cm. [contains “The Herne’s Egg”; “A Full Moon in March”; “The King of the Great Clock Tower”]
  • Last Poems and Plays (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1939; London: Macmillan 1940). [poem selection at variance with Last Poems and Two Plays].
See also The Collected Plays of W. B. Yeats (London: Macmilan 1960), 705pp. [contents].
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Plays [early collected edns.]
  • The Hour-Glass and Other Plays [i.e, ‘Cathleen ni Houlihan’ and ‘The Pot of Broth’]; (NY & London: Macmillan 1904);
  • The Hour-Glass, Cathleen ni Houlihan, The Pot of Broth [Vol. 2 of “Plays for an Irish Theatre”] (London: A. H. Bullen 1904; Dublin: Maunsel 1905);
  • The King’s Threshold [and ] On Baile’s Strand [Vol. 3 of “Plays for an Irish Theatre”] (London: A. H. Bullen 1904);
  • Plays for an Irish Theatre [“Deirdre; “The Green Helmet”; “On Baile’s Strand”; “The King’s Threshold”; “The Shadowy Waters”; “The Hour Glass”; “Cathleen ni Houlihan”] (London & Stratford: A. H. Bullen 1911), with preface; Two Plays for Dancers [“The Dreaming of the Bones”, and “Only Jealousy of Emer”] (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1919);
  • Four Plays for Dancers [“At the Hawk’s Well”; The Only Jealousy of Emer”; “The Dreaming of the Bones”; “Calvary”] (q.d.);
  • Plays in Prose and Verse, Written for an Irish Theatre, and Generally with the Help of a Friend [i.e., Lady Gregory] (London: Macmillan 1922);
  • Wheels and Butterflies [“The Words Upon the Window Pane”; “Fighting the Waves”; “The Resurrection”; “The Cat and the Moon”] (London: Macmillan 1934);
  • The Herne’s Egg: A Stage Play (London: Macmillan 1938) [Wade 196];
  • Diarmuid and Grania [rep. from the Dublin Magazine ] (April-June 1951).
  • Eleven Plays by W. B. Yeats (NY: Collier Books 1964).
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  • “Ganconagh” [pseud.], John Sherman and Dhoya [Unwin Pseudonym. Library] (London: T. Fisher Unwin 1891; 3rd edn. 1892) (iv), [1]-195pp.; Do., as John Sherman and Dhoya, with an afterword by Eve Patten [Essays and Texts in Cultural History, 4] (Dublin: Lilliput 1990), viii, 104pp.p and Do., ed. Richard Finneran (NY: 1991).
  • The Celtic Twilight: Men and Women, Dhouls and Faeries (London: Lawrence & Bullen 1893), xii, 212pp. [see editions];
  • The Secret Rose (London: Lawrence & Bullen 1897 [Roman]), xii, 265pp. [see editions];
  • The Tables of the Law [and] The Adoration of the Magi ([London:] [priv. edn.:] [Bullen] 1897 [in Roman]), 47pp. [see editions]
  • The Collected Works of William Butler Yeats, Vol. 7 (Stratford-upon-Avon: Shakespeare Head Press 1908), 229pp. [The Secret Rose. Rosa Alchemica. The Tables of the Law. The Adoration of the Magi. John Sherman and Dhoya, being the seventh volume of the collected works in verse & prose of William Butler Yeats imprinted at the Shakespeare Head Press Stratford-on-Avon MCMVIII [1908].
  • Stories of Red Hanrahan (Dublin: Dun Emer 1904), 56pp. [actually 1905; ltd. edn. of to 500 copies [see contents];
  • Stories of Red Hanrahan. The Secret Rose. Rosa Alchemica. [New and revised edn.] (NY: Macmillan Co. 1914), v, 231pp. [20cm.]
  • Early Poems and Stories / by W. B. Yeats (London: Macmillan 1925), x, 528pp. [20cm.] - [see contents]; Do., as Early Poems (Dover: Thrift Edn. of 1993), ix, 111pp. [134 poems published between 1889 and 1914; distrib. by Constable]
  • Stories of Michael Robartes and his Friends: An Extract from a Record Made by His Pupils; and a Play in Prose [i.e., “The Resurrection”] (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1932).
Bibliographical details
The Celtic Twilight (1893) - Editions
  • The Celtic Twilight: Men and Women, Dhouls and Faeries (London: Lawrence & Bullen 1893), xii, 212pp. [see contents];
  • The Celtic Twilight (NY: Macmillan 1894), x, 234pp. [2,000 copies; Wade 8];
  • The Celtic Twilight, Men and Women, Dhouls and Faeries [... &c; with additions; rev. & enl. edn.] (London: Lawrence & Bullen 1902), x, 234pp., 16.3cm. [see contents];
  • The Celtic Twilight [another edn.] (Dublin: Maunsel & Co. 1905), x, 234pp. [20cm.];
  • The Celtic Twilight (London: A. H. Bullen 1912), x, 222pp.
  • The Celtic Twilight ([s.l.]: [s.n.] 1942) - copy in British Library [COPAC online; accessed 25.10.2010];
  • The Celtic Twilight / W. B. Yeats; with an introduction by Kathleen Raine, illustrated by Jean Townsend (Gerrards Cross: Colin Smythe 1981), 160pp. [see details.];
Also compiled in
  • Early Poems and Stories / by W. B. Yeats (London: Macmillan 1925), 528pp. [see contents].
  • Do. [i.e., “The Celtic Twilight”] in Mythologies (London: Macmillan 1959, 1962, 1970, 1989), vii, 369pp., ill. [1 pl. port.; see contents - or view at Google Books online];
  • Do. ed., Walter Starkie [as] The Celtic Twilight and a Selection of Early Poems (NY: Signet Classics 1962);
  • Do., in The Secret Rose and Other Stories [The Papermac Yeats, sel. rep. of Mythologies, 1959, 1982, 1987), vii, 261p., ill. 1 port., 20cm. [contains “The Celtic Twilight”, 1893 but actually gives contents of the 1902 edn., together with those of “The Secret Rose” (1897) and “Stories of Red Hanrahan” (1897) - each in the revised versions of 1907];
  • Do. as The Celtic Twilight and Stories of Red Hanrahan. being the fifth volume of The Collected Works in Verse & Prose of William Butler Yeats, in Collected Works of W. B. Yeats, Vol. V (Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare Head Press 1908), [10], 261 p, [1] ill., [front.; 23cm.]; Do. (Stratford: A. H. Bullen 1912), x, [2] 221 [3]pp., 191.2cm. [single works; i.e., London & Stratford: Shakespeare Press & A. H. Bullen];
  • Do. [as The Celtic Twilight: Myth, Fantasy and Folklore (Lindfield: Unity 1990), 121pp. and Do. (Bridport: Prism 1990) [rep. of Bullen Edn. of 1893].
Also included in
  • George J. Watson, ed. & intro. W. B. Yeats, Short Fiction (London: Penguin Books 1995), xliii, 264pp. [see details];
  • Robert Welch, ed., Writings on Irish Folklore, Legend, and Myth (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1993), xxvi, 498 [2]pp., reprints the stories of The Celtic Twilight in chronological order by date of their first appearance in journals; also contains an index of contents in main editions of The Celtic Twilight (viz., 1893 & 1902) - see details].
Translations (sel.)
  • Per amica silentia lunae [by] William Butler Yeats, [with] introduction de Jacqueline Genet [&] traduction de George Garnier, Jacqueline Genet et Pamela Zeini [Mythologies, in French] (Lille: Presses Universitaires de Lille [1979]), 66pp. [21cm.]
  • Le crépuscule celtique, traduction ... sous la direction de Jacqueline Genet [Traduit de l’Irlandais; 8 CERIUL] (Presses universitaires de Lille [1983]), 129pp.
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Edited Anthologies & editions
  • Ed., with others [chiefly by T. W. Rolleston under guidance of John O’Leary], Poems and Ballads of Young Ireland (Dublin: M. H. Gill & Son 1888) [incls. work by Ellen O’Leary, Douglas Hyde, John Todhunter, T. W. Rolleston, Katharine Tynan, Rose Kavanagh, and Yeats’s “The Stolen Child”, “Meditations of the Old Fisherman”, “Madness of King Goll” and “Love Songs”; Wade 289];
  • ed., Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry (London: Walter Scott 1888) [see contents and editions - infra];
  • ed., A Book of Irish Verse: Selected from Modern Writers with an Introduction [“Modern Irish Poetry”] and notes by W. B. Yeats (London: Methuen 1895), 275pp., and Do . [2nd and later editions] (London: Methuen 1900, 1912, 1920 [4th edn.]), incl. Preface to New Edn., and former Introduction, p.xvii-xxxi [Wade 225]; Do. [another edn.], introduced by John Banville; (London: Routledge Classics 2002) [copyright Michael B. Yeats], [175]pp. [available at Google Books - online; accessed 20.06.2019].
  • ed., with introduction, Stories from Carleton (London: London: Walter Scott; NY: Thom. Whitaker; Toronto: W. J. Gage [1889]);
  • ed. Representative Irish Tales, compiled, with an introduction and notes by W. B. Yeats [Knickerbocker Nuggets], 2 vols. (NY: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, [1891]), v., 339pp. [see details]; Do. [rep. edition] (Thirsk: House of Stratus 2002), x, 419pp.
  • ed. Irish Fairy Tales [Children’s Library] (London: T. Fisher Unwin; NY: Cassell 1892), ill. Jack B. Yeats [collects 16 tales by Carleton, Crofton Croker, Michael Hart, W. B. Yeats, Samuel Lover, P. W. Joyce, Douglas Hyde, Lady Wilde, Gerald Griffin, Standish O’Grady, with a final chapter on classification and bibliography, by Yeats];
  • ed., with Edwin J[ohn] Ellis, The Works of William Blake, […] Poetic, Symbolic, and Critical Edition / Ed. with lithographs of the illustrated “Prophetic books”, and a memoir and interpretation by Edwin John Ellis and William Butler Yeats, 3 vols. (London: Bernard Quaritch 1893) [ltd. edn. 500; Wade 218], and Do. [NY: AMS Press 1973] - see details.
  • [Yeats solo,] ed., The Poems of William Blake [The Muses’ Library] (London: Lawrence & Bullen 1893; NY: Scribner 1893), liv., 252pp. [see editions].
  • ed., Poems of Spenser (Edinburgh, T. C. & E. C. Jack [1906]);
  • ed., Some Essays and Passages by John Eglinton (Dublin: Dun Emer 1905);
  • ed., Twenty One Poems by Katharine Tynan (Dublin: Dun Emer 1907);
  • ed., Poems and Translations by John M. Synge (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1909);
  • ed., Deirdre of the Sorrows: A Play by John M. Synge (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1910);
  • ed. & intro., Selections from the Writings of Lord Dunsany, chosen by W. B. Yeats (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1912), 98pp., 8°, and Do. [facs. rep.] (Shannon: IUP 1971), [16], 99pp.;
  • Introduction to Shri Purohit Swami, trans., Bhagwan Shri Hamsa, An Indian Monk: His Life and Adventures (1932);
  • Intro., to Shri Purohit Swami, The Holy Mountain: Being the Story of a Pilgrimage to Lake Manas and of Initiation on Mount Kailas in Tibet (1934),
  • ed. with F. R. Higgins, Broadsides (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1935) [12-monthly poetry sheets, 4pp. each];
  • ed. The Oxford Book of Modern Verse (Oxford: Clarendon Press 1936);
  • ed. Ten Principal Upanishads, by Shree [var. Shri] Purohit Swami (London: Faber 1937); and also intro. to his translation and annotation of Patanjali’s Aphorisms of Yoga [q.d.];
  • ed., with Dorothy Wellesley, Broadsides (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1937) [first separately, then bound, Dec. 1937].
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Books & prefaces
  • Ideas of Good and Evil (London: A. H. Bullen 1903), 341pp. [contains “The Autumn of the Body”, first issued as “Autumn of the Flesh”, 1898; “The Symbolism of Poetry”, 1900; “The Philosophy of Shelley’s Poetry”, 1900; “Magic”, first publ. in The Monthly Review, Sept. 1901; “At Stratford-on-Avon”; “The Celtic Element in Literature” [orig. in Cosmopolis, June 1898], and “William Blake and the Imagination”, &c.; see full contents];
  • The Cutting of the Agate (NY: Macmillan 1912; London: Macmillan 1919) [incls. “Lady Gregory’s Translations”, “Poetry and Tradition”; “The Tragic Theatre”, pp.25-35; “Preface to the First Edition of The Well of The Saints”, pp.111-22; “Preface to the First Edition of John M. Synge’s Poems and Translations”, pp.123-29; “J. M. Synge and the Ireland of His Time”, pp.130-76 [see full contents - infra];
  • Per Amica Silentia Lunae (London: Macmillan 1918) [dedicated to Iseult Gonne; incl. “Ego Dominus Tuus”, first publ. 1917, now appearing with “Anima Hominis” and “Anima Mundi”, essays formerly gathered as An Alphabet];
  • Poetry and Ireland: Essays by W. B. Yeats and Lionel Johnson (Churchtown, Dundrum: Cuala Press 1909) [var. 1908];
  • Synge and the Ireland of His Time by William Butler Yeats with a Note Concerning a Walk through Connemara with Him by Jack Butler Yeats. (Churchtown, Dundrum: Cuala Press 1911);
  • Introduction to Ezra Pound, Certain Noble Plays of Japan: From the Manuscripts of Ernest Fenollosa (Churchtown, Dundrum: Cuala Press, 1916);
  • Plays and Controversies (London: Macmillan 1923; NY: Macmillan 1924);
  • Essays (London: Macmillan 1924) [first vol. of Uniform Edition];
  • Letters to the New Island, ed. Horace Reynolds (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard UP 1934) [early criticism published in America; see Macmillan edn. of Collected Works, infra];
  • Essays, 1931-1936 ( Churchtown, Dundrum: Cuala Press 1937);
  • On the Boiler (Churchtown, Dundrum: Cuala [1939]);
  • Tribute to Thomas Davis (Cork UP; Oxford: Blackwell 1947), with foreword by Denis Gwynn and ‘Unpublished Letter’ by “AE” [George Russell].
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Criticism [selected articles]
For complete listing of Yeats’s essay-articles and reviews rep. in John Frayne & Colton Johnston, The Uncollected Prose, 2 vols. (London: Macmillan 1970-75), under Works, 2 - infra [leading to RICORSO > Bibliographies > “Scholars” > John Frayne].
  • ‘The Poetry of Sir Samuel Ferguson’, in The Irish Fireside [Irish Poets and Irish Poetry ser.] (9 Oct., 1886) [rep. in John Frayne, ed., Uncollected Prose, Vol. I, Macmillan 1970, pp.81-87; see extract];
  • ‘The Poetry of Sir Samuel Ferguson’, in Dublin University Review, 2 (Nov. 1886) [rep. in Frayne, op. cit. Vol. 1, 87-104];
  • ‘Popular Ballad Poetry of Ireland’, in Leisure Hour (No. 1889 [written in July 1887; rep. Frayne, I, pp.146-62];
  • ‘Nationality and Literature’ [a lecture given on 19 May 1893], [reported] in United Ireland (27 May 1893) [rep. in Frayne, op. cit., Vol. 1, pp.266-75; see extract];
  • ‘Irish National Literature, I, From Callanan to Carleton, Bookman (July 1895) [rep. in Frayne, op. cit., Vol 1, p.360-64];
  • ‘Irish National Literature, II, Contemporary Prose Writers - Mr. O’Grady, Miss Lawless, Miss Barlow, Miss Hopper, and the Folk-lorists’ (Bookman, Aug. 1895) [rep. in Frayne, op. cit., Vol. 1, p.366-73);
  • ‘Irish National Literature, III, Contemporary Irish Poets - Dr Hyde, Mr Rolleston, Mrs Hinkson, Miss Nora Hopper, A.E., Mr. Aubrey de Vere, Dr. Todhunter, and Mr. Lionel Johnson’ (Bookman, Sept. 1895) [rep. in Frayne, op. cit., Vol. 1, pp.375-82];
  • ‘Irish National Literature, IV, A List of the Best Irish Books’ (Bookman, Oct. 1895) [rep. in Frayne, op. cit., Vol. 1, pp.382-87];
  • ‘Contemporary Prose Writers,’ in The Bookman (Aug 1895) [includes remarks on Standish O’Grady, Emily Lawless, et al.; ]
  • ‘A General Introduction for My Work’, rep. in Edward Callan, Yeats on Yeats: The Last Introductions and the ‘Dublin’ Edition [New Yeats Papers, XX] (Mountrath: Dolmen 1981), pp.59-63; [also in Essays and Introductions, London: Macmillan 1961, pp.509-26; for comment see FDA3 667n.];
  • W. B. Yeats & Thomas Kinsella, Davis, Mangan, Ferguson? Tradition and the Irish Writer (Dublin: Dolmen 1970);
  • ‘Modern Poetry’ , rep. in Irish Renaissance, ed. Robin Skelton & David R. Clark (Dublin: Dolmen 1965) [rep. of Modern Poetry: A Broadcast [broadcast from Belfast, BBC 1936]; also in Essays and Introductions, Macmillan 1961, pp.491-508.)
  • ‘The Censorship and St Thomas Aquinas’, in Irish Statesman, 11 (1928), pp.47-48 [rep. in Uncollected Prose, ed. Frayne, Vol. 2, London: Macmillan 1975, pp.477-80; also in Julia Carlson, ed., Banned in Ireland, Censorship & the Irish Writer, Routledge/Georgia UP 1990].
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A Vision [edns. of 1925 & 1937]
  • A Vision: An Explanation of Life Founded upon the Writings of Giraldus and upon Certain Doctrines Attributed to Kusta ben Luka (London: T. Werner Laurie 1925), xxiii, 256pp., 8° [actually Jan. 1926; ltd. edn. of 600; issued for subscribers; known as Vision A];
  • A Vision [revised edn.] (London: Macmillan 1937), vii, 305pp. [Contents: A Packet for Ezra Pound; Stories of Michael Robartes and His Friends: An Extract from a Record made by his Pupils; Phases of Moon; Great Wheel; Completed Symbol; Soul in Judgment; Great Year of Ancients; Dove or Swan; All Soul’s Night, An Epilogue. With many figures and illustrations; Wade 191; known as Vision B]; and Do. [reiss. with corrections] (London: Macmillan 1962, 1967, 1974, 1978, &c.), vii, 304pp. [signed ‘Capri February 1925’ on p.300, and ‘1934-1939’ on p.302 [“The End of the Cycle”], to which is attached “All Souls’ Night”, pp.303-05, subscribed Oxford 1920].

Scholarly editions

  • George Mills Harper & Walter Kelly Hood, eds., A Critical Edition of Yeats’s “A Vision” [1925] (London: Macmillan 1978), 414pp. [l, xxiii, 256, 108pp.], ill. [plate; & Bibliography, pp.[87]-92].
  • Catherine E. Paul & Margaret Mills Harper, eds., A Vision: The Original 1925 Version [The Collected Works of W.B. Yeats Volume XIII: A Vision] (NY: Scribner 2013), 448pp. [available at Google Books - online].
  • Catherine E. Paul & Margaret Mills Harper, ed., A Vision: The Revised 1937 Edition [The Collected Works of W. B. Yeats, Vol. XIV] (NY: Simon & Schuster 2015), 544pp. [May 2015].
See also ...
  • George Mills Harper, gen. ed. Yeats’s Vision Papers , 4 vols. (London: Macmillan 1992-2001) [see contents].
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Autobiographical Writings
  • Discoveries (Dublin: Dun Emer Press 1907), [8], 46, [2]pp. [ltd. edn. 200], and Do., [facs. rep. edn.] (Shannon: Irish Univ. Press 1970), [5], 45pp. [also in Vol. 8 of Collected Works (Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare Head Press 1908), vi, 287, [1]pp.];
  • Reveries Over Childhood and Youth (1915, actually appearing 1916) [the first designed by Sturge Moore];
  • The Trembling of the Veil (London: T. Werner Laurie 1922) [for subscribers, October 1922; incls. “Four Years” (1921) [publ. in London Mercury and The Dial, July 1921], dealing with 1887-91, and also a “A Biographical Fragment with some notes”, later “The Stirring of the Bones”];
  • Autobiographies (London: Macmillan 1926) [consisting of “Ireland After Parnell”, “Hodos Chameliontos”, “The Tragic Generation”, “The Stirring of the Bones”];
  • The Bounty of Sweden (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1925) [pamph].;
  • Estrangement, Being Some Fifty Thoughts from a Diary Kept by William Butler Yeats in the Year Nineteen Hundred and Nine (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1926);
  • The Death of Synge and Other Passages from an Old Diary (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1928) [first printed as “The Death of Synge and Other Passages ... &c.”, in The Dial [Chicago], April 1928, pp.271-88; rep. as Do., in The London Mercury , XVII, April 1928, pp.637-52];
  • A Packet for Ezra Pound (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1929) [subseq.; prefaced to A Vision , 1937 Edn.]
  • Dramatis Personae (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1935);
  • Dramatis Personae 1892-1902, Estrangement, The Death of Synge, The Bounty of Sweden (NY: Macmillan 1936);
  • Pages from a Diary Written in Nineteen Hundred and Thirty (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1944);
  • The Autobiographies (London: Macmillan 1938) [consisting of “Reveries Over Childhood and Youth”; “The Trembling of the Veil”; “Dramatis Personae”];
  • If I Were Four-and-Twenty (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1940) [incorp. “If I were Four-and-Twenty” 1919) and “Swedenborg, Mediums and Desolate Places” (1914) [ltd. edn. 450], and Do. [facs. rep.] (Shannon: Irish University Press 1971), 67pp.
  • Autobiographies (London: Macmillan 1955), 592pp. [Notes, pp.575-81; Index, pp.583ff.
  • Denis Donoghue, transcribed & ed., W. B. Yeats: Memoirs - Autobiography - A First Draft [&] Journal (London: Macmillan 1972), pp.318 [see contents ].
  • Autobiographies [of W. B. Yeats], as The Collected Works of W. B. Yeats, Vol. 3, ed. William H. O’Donnell & Douglas N. Archibald (NY: Scribner 1999) - available at Google Books - online.
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Journals & Broadsides
  • ed., Beltaine: an Occasional Publication, Number One (London: At the Sign of the Unicorn; Dublin: At the Daily Express Office [May] 1889);
  • Beltaine, Number Two (London: At the Sign of the Unicorn 1900);
  • Beltaine, Number Three (London: At the Sign of the Unicorn 1900);
  • Samhain [No. 1] (Dublin: Sealy, Bryers & Walker; London: T. Fisher Unwin 1901);
  • Samhain [No. 2] (Dublin: Sealy, Bryers & Walker; London: T. Fisher Unwin 1902);
  • Samhain [No. 3] (Dublin: Sealy, Bryers & Walker; London: T. Fisher Unwin 1903);
  • Samhain [No. 4] (Dublin: Sealy, Bryers & Walker; London: T. Fisher Unwin 1904);
  • Samhain [No. 5] (Dublin: Sealy, Bryers & Walker; London: A. H. Bullen 1905);
  • The Arrow [five pamphlets] (Abbey Theatre 20 Ct. 1906-22 Aug. 1909);
  • Samhain [No. 6] (Dublin: Sealy, Bryers & Walker; London: A. H. Bullen 1906);
  • Samhain [No. 7] (Dublin: Maunsel 1908).
  • A Collection of Old and New Songs [12 issued of A Broadside in 1935], ed., F. R. Higgins, with W. B. Yeats (Dublin: Cuala [MCMXXXV] 1935), 55pp., containing songs by Yeats, James Stephens, F. R. Higgins, Frank O’Connor, Lynn Doyle, Bryan Guiness [sic], Padraic Colum; ill.  by Jack B Yeats, Victor Brown, Sean O’Sullivan, E. C. Peet, Harry Kernoff, Maurice McGonigal; music by Arthur Duff [T. M MacGlinchey publ.; Robert Hogg, printer], col. ill.; Do. [facs. edn.] (Shannon IUP 1971);
  • Broadsides: New Irish and English Songs , ed. W. B. Yeats & Dorothy Wellesley, ill. Jack B. Yeats, Harry Kernoff, Maurice McGonigal. [Note that copy in PGIL with this cover actually binds Old and New Songs , as supra.]
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Modern Editions
Collected Poems
  • Poems [1st edn.] (London: T. Fisher Unwin 1895) [ltd. edn. 750; Wade 15];
  • Later Poems (London: Macmillan 1922, 1926, 1931), xiii, [1] 363 [5]pp.; Do. [another edn.] (NY: Macmillan 1924), xiii, 363pp. 21 cm.[contains “The Wind among the Reeds”; “The Old Age of Queen Maeve”; “Baile and Aillinn”; “In the Seven Woods”; “The Shadowy Waters”; “From The Green Helmet and Other Poems”; “Responsibilities”; “The Wild Swans at Coole”; “Michael Robartes and the Dancer”; Notes.]
  • Early Poems and Stories / by W. B. Yeats (London: Macmillan 1925) - [as supra].
  • The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats (London: Macmillan 1933, 1934), xvi, 474pp., ill. [front. port.]; and Do. [new edn.] (London: Macmillan 1950, 1951 [corrected], &c.; 8th imp. 1956 et seq.) [as infra];
  • The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats, ill. by Jack Yeats [Oxford Library of the World’s Great Books] (NY: Franklin Library 1983), xxviii, 522pp., col. ill., 24cm. [follows Macmillan edition of 1959, as infra];
  • Richard J. Finneran, ed., The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats [3rd edn.] (London: Macmillan 1983, 1984), xxv, 747pp., 21cm. [see details];
  • Richard Finneran, The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats [2nd Edn.; prev. 1989] (Basingstoke: Palgrave 1991), xxiii, 544pp. [21cm.]; Do. as The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats (NY: Scribner Paperback Poetry 1996), xxv, 544pp.
  • A. Norman Jeffares, Yeats’s Poems, with appendix by Warwick Gould (Dublin: Gill & Macmillan 1989);
  • Daniel Albright, ed., W. B. Yeats: The Poems [Everyman’s Library, 103] (London: Dent 1990; 2nd impr. 1991 [1992]), lxxii, 868pp., 24cm., Do. [new edn.] (London: Dent 1992), lxxii, 868pp.; Do. [another edn.] (London: Campbell 1992), lxxii, 868pp. [20cm.]; Do. [new edn. updated] (London: Dent 1994), lxxxii, 868pp. [re-set with wide margins and easy-to-read type; incls. themed intro., chronology, plot summary and selected criticism];
  • Timothy Webb, ed., Selected Poems of W. B. Yeats [Penguin classics] (London: Penguin 1990; 2000), xlii, 322pp.;
  • Edward Larrissy, ed., intro. & annot., W. B. Yeats: A Critical Edition of the Major Works, including Poems, Plays, and Critical Prose [Author Ser., gen. ed. Frank Kermode] (Oxford OUP 1997; rep. 2001), xxxv, 572pp. [with poems divided by genre as in 1933 edn.];
  • James Pethica, sel. & ed., Yeats’s Poetry, Drama, and Prose: Authoritative Texts; Contexts [and] Criticism [Norton Critical Edition] (NY & London: W. W. Norton & Co. 2000), 518pp. [ded. ‘For Warwick and Deirdre [Gould]’];
  • Seamus Heaney, ed. W. B. Yeats: Poems Selected by Seamus Heaney (London: Faber 2000), and Do. [rep. as] The Faber Yeats (London: Faber & Faber 2004) [retitle of interim 2002 edn.]; rep. as W. B. Yeats, [ed.,], Seamus Heaney (Faber & Faber 2004), 160pp. ["In this series, a contemporary poet selects and introduces a poet of the past"]
  • Augustine Martin, ed. & intro., W.B. Yeats: Collected Poems (London: Arena 1990), x, 544pp., ill. [ports., facs.], 24cm.
  • Collected Poems [Picador Classics] (London: Pan in assoc. with Macmillan 1990), xviii, 564pp. [20cm.]
  • Roy Foster, intro., W. B. Yeats: Collected Poems, engravings by Harry Brockway ([Folio Poets Ser.]; follows Picador Edn. of 1990] (London: Folio Society 2007), xxiii, 536pp. [29cm.]
  • The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats (Ware: Wordsworth Editions 1994, 2000), xxxiv, 402pp.
Selected Poems
  • A. N. Jeffares, ed., Selected Poems (London: Macmillan 1962)
  • [...]
  • Ian Hamilton, ed., W. B. Yeats: Selected Poems (London: Bloomsbury 1992), 144pp. [emphasis on love poetry].
Collected Plays
  • The Collected Plays of W. B. Yeats (London: Macmillan 1934), and Do. [later edns.] (London: Macmillan 1952, 1960, 1969 &c.), vi, 705pp. [Preface of the 1934 edition, p.v; see contents];
  • The Collected Plays, as Vol. 2 of The Collected Works of W. B. Yeats (Macmillan/Scribner), ed. Anne Saddlemyer (Basingstoke: Palgrave [Macmillan] 2001), 959pp. [see contents].
  • [...;].
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Collected & Standard Editions
Macmillan & Co.
  • Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats (London: Macmillan 1950, 1952, 1958), xviii, 565pp., 21cm. [with additions to the edn. of 1933; Wade 211]; Do. [as] Definitive edition, with the author’s final revisions (London: Macmillan 1959, 1961, 1963); Do. [rep.], with a commentary by A. N. Jeffares (London: Macmillan 1968), xxxiv, 563pp., ill. [maps]; Do. (Macmillan 1969), 565pp.; Do. (London: Papermac 1982), xviii, 564pp., pb., 20cm.;

  • US edition: Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats (NY: The Macmillan Co. 1951), v-xv, 480pp., Notes, 445 [actually 447ff.;] Indexes, 459ff. [printed in the United States of America; lists copyright 1903, 1906, 1907, 1912, 1918, 1919, 1924, 1928, 1931, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1949, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1950 [copyright 1940, by Georgie Yeats; no citation for St. Martin’s Press; note, p.191 (on which “Byzantium”) oversize and pressed back to spine with rough fold - BS]; Do. [as] ‘Definitive Edition’, with the author’s final revisions (London: Macmillan 1959);

  • Collected Plays of W. B. Yeats [1934] (London: Macmillan 1952), v, 705pp. [see details];
  • Autobiographies (London: Macmillan 1955) [consisting of ‘Reveries over Childhood and Youth’, ‘The Trembling of the Veil’, ‘Dramatis Personae’, ‘Estrangement’, ‘The Death of Synge’ and ‘The Bounty of Sweden’];
  • Mythologies [1925] (London: Macmillan 1959) [selection from The Celtic Twilight (1893), with contents of The Secret Rose (1897), Stories of Red Hanrahan (1897), Rosa Alchemica; The Tables of the Law, and Adoration of the Magi (all 1897; the first in The Secret Rose, the latter two published separately in the same year]; Per Amica Silentia Lunae (1917)
  • and Do., ed. Warwick Gould & Deirdre Toomey (London: Palgrave Macmillan 2005), cx, 545pp. [see contents; also author’s note to the 1925 edition - i.e., as Early Poems and Stories - given under Yeats, Quotations - infra].
  • Essays and Introductions (London & NY: Macmillan 1961), 529pp., ill. [2 ports.; see contents];
  • Explorations, selected by Mrs. W. B. Yeats (London & NY: Macmillan 1962), viii, 452pp. [ incls. “On the Boiler”, et al.;]
  • Memoirs - Autobiography: A First Draft [&] Journal, transcribed. & ed. by Denis Donoghue (London & NY: Macmillan 1972) [containing an “Autobiography” for the years 1887-90, written in 1916-17, pp.19-135; “Journal”, pp.137-280; also Appendixes].
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Macmillan & Co. (selected editions.)
  • A. N. Jeffares, ed., Selected Poems (London: Macmillan 1962);
  • Jeffares, ed., Selected Plays (London: Macmillan 1964; Pan Books 1974);
  • Jeffares, ed., Selected Prose (London: Macmillan 1964, & edns.);
  • Jeffares, ed., Selected Criticism (London: Macmillan 1964; Pan Books 1980);
  • [...]
Gill & Macmillan Edns. (i.e., Macmillan reprints.)
  • Collected Poems (Dublin: Gill & Macmillan [n.d.), [2], v-xviii, [2], 7-564pp. [1], pb.; Notes, 523; Index, 539ff. [rep. of 1933 Edn.]
  • Collected Plays [same as Macmillan Collected Plays, 1952 &c., supra - with port. by Sargeant on half t.p. verso, i.e., p.ii].
Woodstock Books
  • Poems [rep. of 1895 Poems] (Spelsbury: Woodstock Books 1994);
  • The Wind Among the Reeds [1899] [Decadents, Symbolists, Anti-Decadents series] (Woodstock Books 1994).
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Collected Works of W. B. Yeats (Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare Head Press 1908), 8 vols.
  • Vol. I: Poems Lyrical and Narrative; Being the First Volume of the Collected Works in Verse and Prose of William Butler Yeats (Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare Head 1908);
  • Vol. II: The King’s Threshold; On Baile’s Strand; Deirdre; The Shadowy Waters (Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare Head 1908);
  • Vol. III: The Countess Cathleen; The Land of Heart’s Desire; The Unicorn from the Stars (Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare Head 1908);
  • Vol. IV: The Hour Glass; Cathleen Ni Houlihan; The Golden Helmet, and The Irish Dramatic Movement: Being the Fourth Volume of the Collected Works in Verse and Prose of William Butler Yeats (Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare Head 1908);
  • Vol. V: The Celtic Twilight, and Stories of Red Hanrahan (Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare Head 1908);
  • Vol. VI: Ideas of Good and Evil (Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare Head 1908);
  • Vol. VII: The Secret Rose; Rosa Alchemica; The Tables of the Law; The Adoration of the Magi; John Sherman, and Dhoya (Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare Head 1908), 299pp., ill. [3pp. pls., front., 23cm.];
  • Vol. VIII, Discoveries; Edmund Spenser; Poetry and Tradition and Other Essays (Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare Head 1908);
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Collected Works of W. B. Yeats (Macmillan/Scribner’s, 1989- ) [12 vols.]
Richard Finneran & George Mills Harper, gen. eds., The Collected Works of W. B. Yeats (Macmillan/Scribner’s 1989- ):
  • Vol. 1: The Poems, ed. R. J. Finneran (London: Macmillan; NY: Scribner’s & Sons 1989), 576pp. [pb. 1996].
  • Vol. II: The Plays, ed. Richard J. Finneran & George Mills Harper (London: Macmillan; NY: Scribner’s & Sons [q.d.]), 966pp. [pb. 2011].
  • Vol. 3: Autobiographies, ed., William H. O’Donnell & Douglas N. Archibald (London: Macmillan; NY: Scribner 2002), 560pp.;
  • [...]
  • Vol. 5: Later Essays, ed. William H. O’Donnell (London: Macmillan; NY: Scribner’s & Sons 1994), 560pp. [first iss. in 1989];
  • Vol. 6: Prefaces and Introductions, ed. William H. O’Donnell (London: Macmillan; NY: Scribner’s & Sons 1989) [see contents];
  • Vol. 7: Letters to the New Island, ed., George Bornstein & Hugh Witemeyer (London: Macmillan; NY: Scribner’s & Sons 1989);
  • Vol. 8: The Irish Dramatic Movement, ed. Richard J. Finneran & George Mills Harper (London: Macmillan; NY: Scribner [q.d.]), 352pp. [pb. 2011]
  • Volume 9: Early Articles and Reviews Uncollected Articles and Reviews Written Between 1886 and 1900, ed. by John P. Frayne & Madeleine Marchaterre (London: Macmillan; NY: Scribner’s & Sons 2004) [see contents];
  • Vol. 10: Later Articles and Reviews: Uncollected Articles, Reviews, and Radio Broadcasts written after 1900, ed. Colton Johnson (NY: Scribner’s & Sons 2000; London: Macmillan 2002), 426pp.
  • [...]
  • Vol. 12: John Sherman and Dhoya, ed., R. J. Finneran (London: Macmillan; NY: Scribner’s & Sons 1992), 144pp.;
    Vol. 13: A Vision: The Original 1925 Version, ed. Margaret Mills Harper & Catherine E. Paul (London; Macmillan; NY: Scribner’s & Sons 2008), 448pp. [pb. 2013].
  • Volume 14: A Vision: The Revised 1937 Version, ed. Margaret Mills Harper & Catherine E. Paul (London; Macmillan; NY: Scribner’s & Sons 2015), 544pp.
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Cornell Facsimile Edition of the Works of W. B. Yeats (1992- )*
  • Phillip L. Marcus, ed., The Death of Cuchulain Including the Author’s Final Text (Cornell UP 1982), x, 182pp.
  • Sandra F. Siegel, Purgatory Including the Author’s Final Text (Cornell UP 1986), xi, 222pp.
  • George Bornstein, ed., The Early Poetry, 2 vols. (Cornell UP 1987; 1994), of which Vol. 1: Mosada, and The Island of Statues (Cornell UP 1987), xii, 442pp.; Vol. 2: The Wanderings of Oisin, and Other Early Poems to 1895 (Cornell UP 1994), xxxiv, 534pp.;
  • Alison Armstrong, ed., The Herne’s Egg (Cornell UP 1993), xxxi, 205pp. [cf. Andrew Parkin, ed., The Herne’s Egg [Irish Dramatic Texts Ser.] (Cornell UP 1991)]
  • Carolyn Holdsworth, ed., The Wind Among the Reeds (Cornell UP 1993), xxxvi, 220pp.
  • Catherine Phillips, The Hour-Glass (Cornell UP 1994), xxxviii, 362pp. [and Do . new edn., ed. C. Phillips].
  • Stephen Parrish, ed., The Wild Swans at Coole (Cornell UP 1994), xxxix, 431pp.
  • Thomas Parkinson, with Anne Brannen, eds., Michael Robartes and the Dancer (Cornell UP 1994), xxviii, 200pp.
  • David R. Clark, The Winding Stair [1929] (Cornell UP 1995), xxxvi, 266pp.
  • James Pethica, ed., Last Poems (Cornell UP 1997), lvi, 471pp.
  • Michael J. Sidnell & Wayne K. Chapman, eds., The Countess Cathleen (Cornell UP 1999), lviii, 771pp.
  • David R. Clark, ed., Words for Music Perhaps and Other Poems (Cornell UP 1999), xlviii, 626pp.
  • J.C.C. Mays & Stephen Parrish, eds., New Poems (2000), xxxix, 399pp.
  • David Holdeman, ed., In the Seven Woods, and The Green Helmet and Other Poems (2002), lix, 281pp.
  • Jared Curtis, ed., The Land of Heart’s Desire (2002), xxxiv, 273pp.
  • Mary FitzGerald, ed., The Words Upon the Window Pane (2002), xxx, 237pp.
  • Wayne K. Chapman, ed., The Dreaming of the Bones and Calvary (2003), xliv, 269pp.
  • David R. Clark, Parnell’s Funeral and Other Poems, from A Full Moon in March (2003), liii, 253 pp.
  • William H. O’Donnell, ed., Responsibilities (2003), xliv, 387pp.
  • Steven Winnett, The Only Jealousy of Emer, and Fighting the Waves (2004), xlvi, 386pp.
  • Virginia Bartholome Rohan, ed., Deirdre (2004), lx, 1090pp.
  • J. C. C. Mays, ed., Diarmuid and Grania [WBY with George Moore] (2005), lxviii, 1081pp.
  • Declan Kiely, ed.., The King’s Threshold (2005), lxi, 620pp.
  • James Pethica, ed., Collaborative One-act Plays, 1901-1903: Cathleen ni Houlihan, The Pot of Broth, The Country of the Young, [and] Heads or Harps [all with Lady Gregory] (Cornell UP 2006), lxix, 238pp.
  • Richard Allen Cave, ed., The King of the Great Clock Tower, and A Full Moon in March (2007), lxxiii, 374pp., ill., mus., 25cm.
  • Jared Curtis, ed., Sophocles’ Oedipus at Colonus (2008), liii, 584pp.
  • Richard J. Finneran, with Jared Curtis & Ann Saddlemyer, eds. The Tower - Manuscript Materials / by W. B. Yeats [1928] (2007), liii, 670pp.
*facsimiles of MS materials; 25cm. format; see also Cornell Yeats Collection, infra.
Variorum editions
  • Peter Allt & Russell K. Alspach, eds., The Variorum Edition of the Poems of W. B. Yeats (London: Macmillan 1957), Do. [Corrected 3rd Edn.] (London: Macmillan 1966);
  • Russell K. Alspach & Catharine C. Alspach, eds., The Variorum Edition of the Plays of W. B. Yeats, 2 vols. (London: Macmillan 1966; Cornell UP 1972), xxi, 1558pp.;
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Sundry scholarly editions
  • Donald Pearce, ed., The Senate Speeches of W. B. Yeats (Bloomington: Indiana UP 1960; London: Faber & Faber 1961);
  • John P. Frayne ed., Uncollected Prose: Reviews, Articles, and Other Miscellaneous Prose, 1897-1939, Vol. 1 (London: Macmillan; Columbia UP 1970) [see contents];
  • John P. Frayne ed., Uncollected Prose: Reviews, Articles, and Other Miscellaneous Prose, 1897-1939, Vol. 2 (London: Macmillan; Columbia UP 1975) [see contents]
  • [n. ed.,] Stories of Michael Robartes and His Friends: An Extract from A Record Made by His Friends; and a Play in Prose [The Resurrection, ded. Junzo Sato] [facs. rep. of Cuala 1931 Edn.] (Shannon: IUP 1970), [4], 46pp.;
  • Michael Sidnell, George P. Mayhew & David R. Clark eds., Druid Craft: The Writing of ‘The Shadowy Waters’ (Amherst: Massachusetts UP 1971);
  • Robert O’Driscoll & Lorna Reynolds, eds., Yeats and the Theatre (Toronto: Macmillan 1975) [incls. lecture, “Friends of My Youth”];
  • John Frayne & Colton Johnson, ed., Uncollected Prose [2 Vols.], Vol. 2 (Macmillan; Columbia UP 1975) [see contents];
  • Curtis Bradford, ed., The Writing of ‘The Player Queen’ (Northern Illinois UP 1977);
  • William H. O’Donnell, ed. The Speckled Bird (Dublin: Cuala Press [Dolmen] Press 1973-74), 2 vols. [Vol. 1: x, 87; Vol. II: 99pp.; ltd. edn. of 500 [final typescript of 1902 or 1903]; Do. as O’Donnell, ed. & annot., The Speckled Bird: An Autobiographical Novel with Variant Versions ([Toronto]: McClelland & Stewart 1976), 275pp., ill. [9pp. of pls.]; and Do. (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2003), xxiii, 250pp. [critical variorum edition 1896, 1902].
  • Mary Helen Thuente, ed. & intro., Representative Irish Tales [1891] (Gerrards Cross: Colin Smythe 1979);
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  • David R. Clark & James B. McGuire, eds., The Writing of ‘Sophocles’ King Oedipus’ [ Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 175: Manuscripts of Yeats] (Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society 1989), x, 443pp., ill. [1 pl., port.; facs], 24cm.
  • Richard Finneran, ed., John Sherman and Dhoya [1891] (NY: 1991);
  • George Mills Harper, gen. ed., “Yeats’s ‘Vision’ Papers”, 3 vols. (London: Macmillan; Iowa UP 1992) [papers of Yeats & Mrs Yeats];
  • Robert Welch, ed., Writings on Irish Folklore, Legend, and Myth (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1993), 455pp. [see contents];
  • [q. ed.], Essays on Irish Literature [Penguin Twentieth Century Classics] (Penguin 1997) [var. 1995], 320pp.;
  • George J. Watson, ed. & intro. W. B. Yeats: Short Fiction (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1995), 320pp.; [John Sherman, Dhoya, and stories of The Secret Rose, incl. “The Tables of the Law” and “The Adoration of the Magi”]
  • “Countess Cathleen”, in The Playboy of the Western World and Two Other Irish Plays [Synge, Yeats and O’Casey] (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1996), 224pp.;
  • Richard Allen Cave, ed., Selected Plays of W. B. Yeats [Penguin 20th-century Classics] London: Penguin, 1997), xlviii, 389pp., ill. with music & plans;
  • Richard J. Finneran, ed., The Yeats Reader: Selected Poetry, Drama and Prose (Basingstoke: Palgrave 2002), 527pp. & index. [8 plays, &c.].
  • Edward Larrissy, ed. & intro., The First Yeats: Poems by W. B. Yeats, 1889-1899: unrevised texts (Manchester: FyfieldBooks 2010), xxi, 194pp. [i.e., The Wanderings of Oisin and Other Poems (1899), The Countess of Kathleen and Various Legends and Lyrics (1892), and The Wind Among the Reeds (1899)].
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John S. Kelly ed., Collected Letters of W. B. Yeats, 12 vols. (Oxford 1986- ): Definitive Edition
  • Collected Letters of W. B. Yeats, Vol. I: 1865-1895, ed., J. S. Kelly [St. John’s Coll., Oxford] and Eric Domville [Assoc. Prof. Toronto Univ.] (Oxford: Clarendon Press 1986), 520pp.;
  • Collected Letters of W. B. Yeats, Vol. II: 1896-1900, ed. Warwick Gould, John Kelly & Deirdre Toomey (Oxford: Clarendon Press 1997), 790pp.
  • Collected Letters of W. B. Yeats, Vol. III: 1901-1904, ed., Kelly & Ronald Schuchard (Oxford: Clarendon Press 1994), 836pp.
  • [...; to be completed]
Note: vols. appearing out of series.
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Letters - Sundry editions
  • ‘Some Passages from the Letters of W. B. Yeats to A.E.’, in Dublin Magazine [n.s.], XIV (July-Sept. 1939) [q.pp.];
  • [J. M. Hone, ed.,] Letters on the Poetry of W. B. Yeats to Dorothy Wellesley (OUP 1940; 1964);
  • Clifford Bax, ed., Florence Farr, Bernard Shaw, and W. B. Yeats (Dundrum: Cuala Press 1941) [see vars. under Bax];
  • Ursula Bridge, ed., W. B. Yeats and T [homas ] Sturge Moore: Their Correspondence, 1901-37 (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul; NY: OUP 1953), xix, 213pp., ill. [ports], and Do . [facs. edn.] (NY: Greenwood Press 1978);
  • Roger McHugh, ed., Letters to Katharine Tynan (Dublin: Clonmore & Reynolds; NY: McMullen 1953);
  • Allan Wade, ed., The Letters of W. B. Yeats (London: Rupert Hart Davis 1954), 938pp., ill. [9 lvs. of pls.], and Do . (NY: Macmillan 1955) [see Lilly Library Cat., Indiana Univ. Library, infra];
  • Roger McHugh, ed., Ah, Sweet Dancer: W. B. Yeats-Margot Ruddock: A Correspondence (Dublin: Gill & Macmillan 1970), 142pp.;
  • John S. Kelly ed., Collected Letters of W. B. Yeats, [proposed] 12 vols. (Oxford 1986- ).
See also:
  • Richard Finneran, ed., The Correspondence of Robert Bridges and W. B. Yeats (London: Macmillan 1977);
  • Richard Finneran, George Mills Harper & William M. Murphy, eds., Letters to Yeats, 2 vols. (London & Basingstoke: Macmillan 1977), xvii, 628pp.
  • Ann Saddlemyer, ed., Theatre Business: The Correspondence of the First Abbey Theatre Directors: William Butler Yeats, Lady Gregory, and J. M. Synge (Gerrards Cross: Colin Smythe 1982);
  • Joseph Hone, ed., John Butler Yeats: Letters to His Son W. B. Yeats and Others, 1869-1922 (London: Faber 1944; NY: Dutton 1946).
  • Richard J. Finneran, et al., eds., Letters to W. B. Yeats (London: Macmillan 1977);
  • Alan Himber, ed., The Letters of John Quinn to William Butler Yeats (Michigan: UMI Research Press 1983);
  • Anna MacBride White and A. N. Jeffares, eds., The Gonne-Yeats Letters, 1893-1938, Always Your Friend (London: Hutchinson; NY: Norton 1992; rep. Pimlico 1993), 544pp. ill. [incl. 372 letters by Maud Gonne and 30 by Yeats].
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Miscellaneous compilations
  • Joseph Spence, ed., The Sayings of W. B. Yeats (London 1993).

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