Literature in English - Ireland and England

UFRN (Brazil)

Dr. Bruce Stewart DLLEM / CCHLA (UFRN)
Professor of English Lit. & Language, Federal University of Rio do Norte (Brazil)
Reader Emeritus in English Literature, University of Ulster (UK/N. Ireand)

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UFRN Courses & Lectures Series


LEM2014 - The English Novel up to 1900
LEM2015 - English Poetry (2): 1800-Present
LEM2011 - English Poetry (1): 700-1800
LEM2055 - Irish Literature (UFRN)


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Shakespeare’s Scottish Play
Sebastian Barry & Sir Thomas Browne
“Twa Corbies”: The Scottish Referendum
20th c. Ireland: A Centenary Review
James Joyce & the Lost Dubliners Story
Joyce’s Cat and the Mayor of Dublin
Double-vision in Joyce’s “Eveline”
Seamus Heaney: Irish Laureate
Joyce and the 1916 Rising
Major Irish Writers: Yeats, Joyce, Beckett
[ Lectures & Presentations given by Bruce Stewart at UFRN(Brazil) - 2013-16 ]


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