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System of beliefs: ‘Do you believe your own theory? / No, Stephen said promptly. [...] I believe, O Lord, help my unbelief. That is, help me to believe or help me to unbelieve? Who helps to believe? Egomen. Who to unbelieve. Other chap.’ (“Scylla & Charybdis”, Ulysses, 213-14; quoted in Hélène Cixous, ‘Joyce: the (r)use of writing’, in Post-structuralist Joyce: Essays from the French, ed. Derek Attridge & Daniel Ferrer (Cambridge UP 1984), pp.15-30.

Multi-lingual Trieste: ‘I cannot begin to give you the flavour of the old Austrian Empire. It was a ramshackle affair but it was charming, gay, and I experienced more kindnesses in Trieste than ever before or since in my life.’ (Joyce to Stuart Gilbert; traditionally quoted in paper calls for the Trieste Joyce School.)

Literary heritage: ‘[...] I am content to go down in history as a scissors and paste man - a hard but not unfair description’ (Letter to George Antheil, 3 January 1931; Letter I, p.297.)

On the characters of Ulysses: ‘They all belong to a vanished world, and most of them seem to have been very curious types.’ (Letter to Mrs William Murray, 21 Dec. 1922.)

‘The past is not past; it is present here and now.’ (Exiles; quoted in Gordon Bowker, James Joyce: A Biography, Hachette 2011) [epigraph to Chap. 1]
Richard Ellmann writes: ‘The younger brother [Stanislaus] wanted to talk about the political situation in Italy and in Trieste, but James was impatient, “For God’s sake don’t talk politics. I’m not interested in politics. The only thing that interests me is style.”’ (Ellmann, James Joyce, 1982 edn., p.697.

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Extracts from the Works
File 1: Extracts [I]
Early Writings
“Et Tu, Healy”
“Ecce Homo” (1899)
“Drama and Life” (1900)
“The Day of the Rabblement” (1901)
“James Clarence Mangan” (1902)
Autobiographical writings & Notebooks
“A Portrait of the Artist” (1904)
Stephen Hero (1944; rev. edn. 1977)
“Paris Notebook” (1903)
“Pola Notebook” (1904)

File 2: Extracts [II]
“Ibsen’s New Drama” (1900)
“An Irish Poet” (1902)
Cataline” (1903)
“The Soul of Ireland” (1903)
“Aristotle on Education” (1903)
“Arnold Grave’s Clymnæstrata” (1903)
“The Bruno Philosophy” (1903)
“Shakespeare Explained” (1903)
Lectures & Articles
“The Last Fenianism” (Piccolo della Sera, 22 March 1907)
“Home Rule Comes of Age” (Piccolo della Sera, 19 May)
“Ireland, Island of Saints and Sages” (Univ. Pop., 26 April 1907)
“Ireland at the Bar” (Piccolo della Sera, 16 Sept. 1907)
“Oscar Wilde: The Poet of Salomé (1909)
“Daniel Defoe” (1912)
“William Blake” (1912)
“The Shade of Parnell” (1912)
Exiles (1918)  
“I Hear an Army”
“She Weeps over Rahoon”
“A Flower Given to My Daughter”
“Pride of old Ireland”
“Ecce Puer”
“A Prayer”
“Are you not weary of ardent ways ” (A Portrait, 1916)
“Dooleysprudence” (1916)
Longer Poems (Extracts
“The Holy Office” (Aug. 1904)
“Gas from a Burner” (1912)
“Epilogue to Ibsen's Ghosts” (1934)

See full text versions of the longer poems in RICORSO Library
“The Holy Office” (1904)
Chamber Music (1907)
Gas from a Burner (1912)
Pomes Penyeach (1927)
[See also “Epilogue to Ibsen’s Ghosts” in Jahnke Bequest - online [via NLI Catalogue]

Longer Extracts - An Anthology of Joyce
Works in Extract
Stephen Hero (1944)
Dubliners (1914)
A Portrait of the Artist (1916)
Ulysses (1922)
Finnegans Wake (1939)
Essays, Lectures & Reviews
“Drama and Life” (1900)
“William Blake” (1911)

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Joyce Comments

File 3: Remarks
Joyce on his own works
On Dubliners
On A Portrait of the Artist
On Ulysses
On Finnegans Wake

File 4: Remarks
Joyce on sundry topics
J. Millington Synge
Puritanism, hypocrisy, &c.
Irish national culture
Romantic Ireland
The first realist?
Irish tradition
Anglo-Irish writers
England & Ireland
English novelists
English language
Jesus Christ
Catholicism v. Protestantism
Wakese [language of FW]
Harsh on Dublin
Sinn Féin
Irish sexuality (public)
Irish sexuality (private)
‘Problem of my race’
Irish as Medieval
European influence
Book of Kells
Ulysses fit to read?
Understanding FW
Singing school
John Stanislaus Joyce
May Joyce
A jeu d’esprit (Joyce in class)
Keeping the professors busy ...

File 5: From the Letters ...
Letter to Henrik Ibsen (1901)
“The Cat of Beaugency”
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See extracts on “epiphanies”, “epiphany” and the theory of Aesthetics in A Portrait, infra.

Joyce in conversation with Arthur Power

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