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*Given in full under “The Cat of Beaugency” - infra.

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Ulysses is available in the Random House End. at Internet Archive online - accessed 01.11.2017]
[ Finnegans Wake is now available in the Faber Edition as a PDF online - accessed 20.10.2016. ]

James Joyce Centennial Exhibition at Buffalo U.
Catalogue - text by Sam Slote
[defunct in 2021]

Digital Ulysses at Internet Archive
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Audiobooks of Joyce’s works available via Google - online
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[ The James Joyce-Paul Léon Papers of 1930-40 held at the National Library of Ireland: Catalogue - online. ]

Free access to NLI Joyce Papers: On Tuesday, 10 April 2012 the National Library of Ireland made its holdings of James Joyce manuscripts available cost-free online - deemed to be the first time that such an initiative has been been undertaken by any institution, world-wide. The decision was apparently arrived at in response to the publication of draft-pages of Finnegans Wake acquired by Library in 2005 which had been transcribed by Danis Rose and issued in the Houhnhynm imprint of Lilliput earlier in 2012. The papers can be reached via the NLI Catalogue as Record - vtls000194606

[ See sundry sites for Joyce texts online - as listed nfra. ]

Paris_Notebook [1902]*
The Schema of Ulysses
Chronology of Composition
Pola Notebook [1904]*
Ulysses: Selected Passages
*The Paris Notebook and the Pola Notebook, though separated in time by two years, are now known to exist in the same French maths exercise book presumably purchased in Paris in 1902. On this sight the copied contents of the Paris Notebook are listed under Quotations and those of the Pola Notebook in a separate file. At some time in the future these will be united in a single fie with partial copies only in other locations in RICORSO.

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Complete Works
  • The Complete Works of James Joyce: Novels, Short Stories, Plays, Poetry, Essays & Letters [q. ed.] (Kindle Edn. - info.artnow 2016) - online. [title verso note - ‘this eBook follows the original text’ without further specification.]
“The Day of the Rabblement” (1901)
  • Two Essays: “A Forgotten Aspect of the University Question” by F. J. Skeffington [and] “The Day of the Rabblement” by James A. Joyce [2d.] (Dublin: Gerrard Bros. [37 Stephen’s Green] 1901), 8pp. [Skeffington, pp.3-6; Joyce, pp.7-8; rep. as “The Day of the Rabblement”, in The Critical Writings of James Joyce, ed. Ellsworth Mason & Richard Ellmann (NY Viking Press 1959; 1966), pp.68-72 [Copies of the original are held in Buffalo Univ. Library and in the Croessmann Collection of Emory University, Georgia; another copy held in California University is available at Internet Archive - online; see text version - infra, and t.p. image & text - as attached.]
“The Holy Office” (1904)

[Written August 1914; printed in Trieste, |March 1905; 50 copies circulated by hand in Dublin by Stanislaus Joyce. See further under Notes - infra.]

Stephen Hero (1944) - composed 1904-?1907
  • Stephen Hero: Part of the First Draft of “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”, ed. & intro. by Theodore Spencer (NY: New Directions 1944); Do. [printed earlier in wartime conditions] edited with an Introduction by Theodore Spencer (London: Jonathan Cape 1944) [8vo. ill; 2,000 copies printed; dust-jacket by N.I. Cannon; Bros., London for £600 at May 2021; Slocum & Cahoon A51; Maggs Stock Code: 231275.]
  • Stephen Hero: Part of the First Draft of “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”, edited from the manuscript in the Harvard College Library by Theodore Spencer [ed. & intro. by Theodore Spencer]; A New Edition incorporating the additional manuscript page in the Yale University Library / edited by John J. Slocum and Herbert Cahoon (NY: New Directions 1955; rep. 1963), 253pp., ill. [port., facs.]; Do., rev. edn. with add. material and a Foreword by John J. Slocum & Herbert Cahoon [eds.] (London: Jonathan Cape 1956; rep. 1960, 1969), 253pp. [Foreword by Slocum & Cahoon, p.9; Intro. by Spencer, p.13; Editorial Note, p.25; Stephen Hero [being pp.519ff of the holograph], p.29; Additional Manuscript Pages, being pp.477ff. of the holograph, pp.240-53].[London edns., as Do. (London: Jonathan Cape 1944), 210pp.
  • Stephen Hero: Part of the First Draft of “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”, ed. & intro. by Theodore Spencer; rev. edn. with add. material and a Foreword by John J. Slocum & Herbert Cahoon [pb. rep. edn.] (NY: Grafton Books; London: Triad Grafton/Collins 1977, &c.), 220pp. [Foreword by Slocum & Cahoon, p.7; Intro. by Spencer, p.11; Editorial Note, p.23; Stephen Hero, pp.519ff of the Manuscript, p.27; Additional Manuscript Pages, 477ff., pp.208-220];*
  • Ludmilla Savitsky, trans., Stephen le Héros - Fragment de la Première Partie de Dedalus (Paris: Gallimard 1948), 238pp. [shares cover design by Paul Bonet with Gallimard edn. of Ulysse].
  • [...]
  • Stephen Hero - A Part of the First Draft of a Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man ([London:] Read Books Ltd. 2014), 243pp. [being a rep. of 1944 US edition with a prefix 1 -page unsigned biographical note; bears BL copyright notice dated 2103 - available in part at Google Books online.]
  • Stephen Hero (Delphi Classics [Paris Edition] 2017), 147pp.

*Note: The Triad Grafton/Collins 1977 edition of Stephen Hero is a repaginated reprint of the Jonathan Cape Edn. [1944]; 2nd imp. 1946; 3rd imp. 1948; 4th imp. 1950; rev. edn. type re-set, 1956; rep. 1960, 1969. The pagination of this edition varies from that of the Jonathan Cape re-set edition of 1956 with which it is otherwise identical. Thus on p.7 of the Grafton edition there are almost four lines more of type, hence condensing the whole into a lesser number of pages. Again, the MS in Grafton edition runs from p.27 to p.220 while that in the Cape edition runs from p.29 to p.253, with corresponding alterations in the pagination of the interim pages - e.g., the Eccles St. epiphany falls on p.188 in the Grafton edn. but on p.216 in the Cape. [Extensive extracts from Stephen Hero are available here - as attached.]

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Dubliners (1914)
  • Dubliners [1st edn.] (London: Grant Richards Ltd. Publishers 1914), 288pp. [5]; printed in Riverside Press, Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland 1914 [copy in Univ. of California Library available at Internet Archive - online].

Notice of 1st edition at Burnside Rare Books (Portland, OR): Grant Richards, London, 1914. Condition: Fine. First edition, first printing. Bound in publisher's original red cloth lettered in gilt; lacking the dust jacket. A fine and bright copy with gilt still sharp. Cloth with light touches of wear, faint water-spot near foot of spine extending to rear cover, trivial rubbing to rear joint. Spine ends softened. First and final blank sheet offset. A superlative copy of a book normally found much worse for wear, and by far the nicest copy on the market at the time of cataloguing. One of a mere 746 copies in the first issue bound by Grant Richards and issued in London in 1914, from a total of 1,250 sheets. The remaining 504 sheets were sent to Huebsch in New York, but not issued until late 1916. Seller Inventory #140940111; $30,000. [Accessed at Abebooks - online; 04.11.2020.]

  • Dubliners (NY: B. W. Huebsch 1916), 288pp.; Do. [2nd printing] (1917), 288pp. [available at Internet Archive - online];
  • Dubliners [2nd Edn.] ([London:] The Egoist Press, 2 Robert Street, Adelphi 1917) [‘printed in the U.S.A’; - i.e., Huebsch’s sheets], and Do. [another edn.] (1922) - available at Internet Archive - online].
  • Dubliners (NY: Modern Library 1926);
  • Dubliners: The Corrected Text, with an Explanatory Note by Robert Scholes [ed.,], and fifteen drawings by Robin Jacques (London: Jonathan Cape 1967), 262pp. [A Note on the Text - i.e., corrected words in columns, 261f.];
  • Dubliners: Text, Criticism and Notes, ed. Robert Scholes & A. Walton Litz (NY: Viking Press 1967, 1969), and Do. (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1976), vi, 504pp.;
  • Dubliners, ill. by Allan Mardon [Coll. Stories of the World’s Greatest Writers] (Franklin Library 1979), 256pp. & pamphl.;
  • Dubliners, with lithographs by Louis le Brocquy ([Mountrath, Laois]: Dolmen Press 1986), 261pp., ill.;
  • Dubliners, intro. by Thomas Flanagan, illustrated by Robert Ballagh (NY: Limited Editions Club 1986), xviii, 289pp., [6]pp pls. [ltd. edn. of 100 copies];
  • Dubliners [rev.; ed. Robert Scholes], with new intro., chronology and bibliography by John Kelly [Everyman’s Library, n.s., No. 49] (London: Random Century 1991), lv, 287pp.;
  • Dubliners [by] James Joyce, intro. by Joseph McMinn (Sutton: Stroud 1992), xiv, 194pp., ill. [contemp. photos], 26cm.
  • Dubliners, intro. & annot. by Terence Brown [Penguin 20th-Century Classics] (London: Penguin 1992), 352pp., ill. [1 map].
  • James Joyce’s “Dubliners”: An Annotated Edition, [intro. & annot.] John Wyse Jackson & Bernard McGinley (London: Sinclair-Stevenson 1993), xvi, 200pp.;
  • Dubliners, ed. Hans Walter Gabler & Walter Hettche ([1st Vintage international edn.] NY: Vintage Books 1993), viii, 285pp.;
  • Dubliners (Wordsworth Editions 1993), 160pp. another edn., with Introduction and Notes by Lawrence Davies [Dartmouth Coll., New Hampshire] (Wordsworth Edns. 2001), Intro., pp.[v]-xx; Text, pp.1-160, Notes, pp.161-70. [This edition has inverted commas for dialogue - i.e., reverts to the format of ‘uncorrected’ editions; see further under notes - infra.]
  • Dubliners, ed. & intro. Jeri Johnson [Oxford World Classics] (Oxford: OUP 1993), Intro. xiii-liii [incl. Composition History & Bibl.], 279pp. [text copyright James Joyce Estate in 1967].
  • Dubliners, introduced by Anthony Burgess (London: Secker & Warburg 1994), xiv, 203pp.;
  • Dubliners [Penguin Popular Classics] (London: Penguin 1996), 255pp.
  • Dubliners [New Casebooks], ed. Andrew Thacker (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2006), ix, 229pp.
  • Dubliners, ed. Margot Norris [Norton Critical Editions] (NY: W.W. Norton & Co. 2006), 412pp. [Criticism sect. contains 8 essays on individual stories by David G. Wright, Heyward Ehrlich, Margot Norris, James Fairhall, Fritz Senn, Morris Beja, Roberta Jackson, and Vincent J. Cheng.]
  • Dubliners, intro. by Colm Tóibín (Edinburgh: Cannongate 2012) [samples of Intro. and text (“Araby” available online]
  • Dubliners, ed. Hans Walter Gabler & Walter Hettche, with intros. by John Banville and Scarlett Baron (London: Vintage Classic Books 2012), xxvii, 233pp.
Dubliners (in translation)
  • Gens de Dublin, traduit de l’anglais par Yva [Eva] Fernandez, Hélène Du Pasquier, Jacques-Paul Reynaud. Préface de Valery Larbaud (Paris: Librairie Plon 1926; rep. [(Le Club Français Du Livre Petit 1952), 228pp.[Larbaud preface first printed as article on Joyce in the  Nouvelle Revue Française, 1921, based on his seance given at Shakespeare and Company on 7 Dec. 1921.]
  • Gens de Dublin, Trad. de l’anglais (Irlande) par Jacques Aubert, Préface de Valery Larbaud [Collection Du monde entier, Gallimard] (Paris: Gallimard 1974), 272pp.
  • Dublinois, trad. de l’anglais (Irlande) par Jacques Aubert, preface [Préface] by  Valery Larbaud [Collection Folio] Paris: Gallimard 1993), 352pp.
Dubliners (Audiotapes)
  • Dubliners, read by T. P. McKenna (Tell Tapes [q.d.]), 6 hrs.
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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916)
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [1st edn.] (NY: B. W. Huebsch, Inc. MCMXVI [1916]), 299pp. [available at Internet Archive - online); Do. [other editions] (1917, 1918, 1923, MCMXXII [1922]), 299pp. [copies in Edinburgh, Cambridge, UCL[ondon], BL; Cornell UL [1922] available at Internet Archive - online; another at Stanford Libraries - online; another copy at unknown library - online].
  • A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man (London: Egoist Press 1916) [using Huebsch’s sheets], and Do. [rep.] (Egoist 1917, 1921, &c.);
  • A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man [new edn.] (London: Jonathan Cape 1924; rep. 1926, 1928 &c.); another edn. [reset) (London; Minerva 1992);
  • A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man, introduction by Herbert Gorman [Modern Library] (NY: Random House 1928), v-xii, 1-199pp.;
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [Traveller’s Library; first imp.; 3rd Edn.] (London: Jonathan Cape 1930; rep. 1932, 1934, 1936, 1939, 1941), 288pp. [lists 1st edn. 1916; 2nd imp. 1917; 3rd imp. 1924; new 3rd. 1924; 2nd imp. 1926; 3rd imp. 1928];
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [new edn.] (London: Jonathan Cape 1942; 2nd imp. 1943, & reps. 1944, 1945, 1947, 1948) [small crown 8vo.];
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [New Travellers’ Library, reiss.] (London: Jonathan Cape 1950, rep. 1951, 1952);
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1960 [in assoc. with J. Cape], 1964), 252pp.
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, intro. & notes by J[ames] S. Atherton [Modern Novel Ser.] (London: Heinemann Books 1964; rep. 1965, 1966, 1977), vii-xxii, 235pp., with Biog. Note [vii-viii], Notes [pp.239-57] & bibl. [pp.261-62];
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: The Definitive Edition, corrected from the Dublin Holograph by Chester Anderson & ed. by Richard Ellmann (NY: Viking Compass Edns. 1964; London: Jonathan Cape 1968), 257pp., ill. [six drawings by Robin Jacques; copyright of the Joyce Estate];
  • Do., ed. Chester G. Anderson [Viking Critical Library] (NY: Viking Press; 1991), vi, 570pp. [incls. “1904 Portrait”; Bibl., p563ff.]
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [corr. edn.] (NY: Penguin Books 1976), 253pp.,; Do. (Penguin 1982) [Centennial edn.]), 255pp.; and Do. [rep. edns.] (Penguin 1975, 1978, 1985, 1991 &c.), and Do. (London: Grafton Books 1977; Paladin Books 1966; NY: Guild 1978), 257pp.;
  • R. B. Kershner, ed., A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (Boston: Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press [Macmillan] 1993), xii, 404pp., 22cm. [incls. Chester G. Anderson, ‘About this Text’, pp.ix-x [being an account of his preparation of the definitive edition of 1964, and Richard Ellmann’s ‘veto’ on some of the corrections he suggested; limited preview available at Internet Archive - online; accessed 07.11.2020];
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [Dover Thrift Editions] (NY: Dover; London: Constable [1994)]), iii, 185pp.
  • Jeri Johnson, ed., A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [Oxford World’s Classics] (Oxford: OUP 2000, 2008), lv, 289pp. [Abbrev. vi; Introduction, vii; Composition and Publication History, xl; Select Bibliography, xliv; A Chronology of James Joyce, xlix; AP, 1; Appendix: List of Selected Variants, 215; Explanatory Notes, 222].
  • Seamus Deane, ed. & intro., A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [Penguin twentieth-century classics] ((Harmondsworth: Penguin Books 2000), xlii, 329pp.
  • Hans Walter Gabler, ed. [with Walter Hettche] & intro., A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, with intros. by Joseph O’Connor and Dieter Fuchs (NY & London: Garland Publ. 1993), 359pp. [Intro., pp.1-18], and Do. (NY: Vintage Books, 1993), vii, 277pp.; Do., with introductions by Joseph O’Connor and Dieter Fuchs (Vintage Classics 2012), xxiv, 249pp.

See also edition incl. in The Portable James Joyce, ed. & intro. Harry Levin (NY: Viking 1948), and Do., in The Essential James Joyce (Jonathan Cape 1948; Penguin 1963, 1965, 1967, &c.), pp.52-252.

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Exiles (1918)
  • Exiles: A Play in Three Acts [1st edn.] (London: Grant Richards 1918);
  • Exiles: A Play in Three Acts [2nd Edn.] (London: The Egoist Press, 2 Robert Street, Adelphi 1921) [printed by Whitefriars Press Ltd. London and Tonbridge], [9; t.p.5.] 154, [2]pp. [available at Internet Archive - online.]
  • Exiles: A Play in Three Acts [1st edn.] (NY: B. W. Huebsch [May] 1918), 154pp., and Do. [2nd edn.] (London: Egoist Press 1921, 1936), 154pp;
  • Exiles: A Play by James Joyce, with an Essay on the Play by Francis Fergusson [New Classics Ser.] (Conn.: New Directions [1945]), xviii, 154pp.;
  • Exiles, [rep.] in The Essential James Joyce, ed. Harry Levin (London: Jonathan Cape 1946, 1948, 1977, 1991, &c.), and Do. (NY: Viking 1948 & edns.).
  • Exiles: A Play in Three Acts by James Joyce, with the author’s own notes and an introduction by Padraic Colum (London: Jonathan Cape 1952), 175pp. [Joyce’s notes, pp.163-75]; Do. [New English Library] (London: Four Square Books 1962), 160pp.; Do. [Penguin Plays] (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1973), 160pp., and Do. (London: Paladin 1991), 175pp.
  • Exiles: A Play in Three Acts, The Author’s Own Notes and an Introduction by Padraic Colum (NY: Viking Press 1951), and Do. (London: Jonathan Cape 1952), 175pp. [contains 4,000 words of Joyce’s notes, pp.163-75]; and Do., with Author’s Notes (St. Albans: Granada Publ. 1979);
  • Exiles [by] James Joyce: a facsimile of notes, manuscripts & galley proofs; prefaced & galley proofs; prefaced & arranged by A. Walton Litz [James Joyce Archive, 11] NY: Garland Publ. 1978), xxvii, 389pp.
  • Poems and “Exiles”, ed., intro. & annot. by J. C. C. Mays [Penguin Twentieth-century lassics] (London: Penguin Books 1992), xiv, 384pp.
  • Exiles [by] James Joyce, with notes by the author and a new introduction by Conor McPherson (London: Nick Hern 2006), xvi, 112pp. [see note].

See also Hauptmann, Before Sunrise: James Joyce’s Translation (California: PSP Graphics 1978) [from Joyce’s juvenile MS].

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Ulysses (1922)
[ See digital edition at Internet Archive - online.]
  • Ulysses by James Joyce (Paris: Shakespeare & Co. 1922) [1st edn.; 2 Feb. 1922; 1,000 ltd. edn.].Title verso reads: This edition is limited to 1000 copies: 100 copies (signed) on Dutch handmade paper numbered from 1 to 100; 150 coies on Verge/ d'Arches numbered from 101 to 250; 750 copies number from 251 to 1000.’ printer Darentière sought a suitable Greek flag-blue for the cover everywhere but eventually produced it by lithoprinting regular printer’s card paper. All copies of the first edition carried an insert reading: ‘The publisher asks the reader's indulgence for typographical errors unavoidable in the exceptional circumstances. S.B. [Sylvia Beach]’
  • Ulysses [2nd Edn.; ‘Published for the Egoist Press London by John Rodker, Paris’[t.p.]) [ltd. edn. 2,000, publ. 12 October 1922] - copy available at Internet Archive - online; Do [44 of 1000 - online]; Do. [another edn.] - online [with chapter headings added by number only - online - both accessed 07.11.2020;]; Do. (London: Egoist Press 1923) [500 printed, on an equal sum being confiscated at NY]; Do. (Paris: Shakespeare & Co. 1924) [Jan. 1924; unlim. edn.], and Do. [reset] (Paris: Shakespeare & Co. 1926) [eighth printing 1926]; ... Do. [11th printing] (1930; see note]; Do. introduced by Jeri Johnson, with app. and explanatory notes [World Classics] (OUP 1993, 1998) [rep. of copy No. 785 of Ulysses 1922 Edn. held in Bodleian Library, Oxford].
  • Ulysses [another edn.] 2 vols. (Paris, Hamburg, Bologna: Odyssey Press 1932) [1932 Dec.; unlim. edn.; specially revised by Stuart Gilbert], 791pp., 8o.
  • Ulysses (NY: Random House 1934) [Jan. 1934; 1st. US unlim. edn.; based on the 1932 Odyssey Press Edn.], and Do. (NY: Random House 1940) [reset & corr. 1961].
  • Ulysses, with an introduction by Stuart Gilbert; and illustrations by Henri Matisse (NY: The Limited Editions Club 1935), xv, 363pp., ill. [26 lvs. of pls.], 31 cm. [pub. Oct. 1935; 1,500 ltd. edn., signed Henri Matisse, with ‘corrections suggested to Mr Gilbert by James Joyce himself’].
  • Ulysses (London: Bodley Head 1936) [Oct. 1936; 1,000 ltd. edn.; 1st 100 copies signed by Joyce], bound in green cloth, with Homeric bow on front designed by Eric Gill; Do. (London; Bodley Head 1937) [Sept. 1937; 1st unlim. edn.]; Do., rep. edns. 1941, 1947, 1949; Do. [7th imp.] (London: Bodley Head 1955); Do. [re-set edn.] (London: Bodley Head 1960; 2nd. imp. 1962, 1963, &c.), 939pp. [based on 1st unlimited edn., errata & appendices].
  • Ulysses, with a foreword by Morris L. Ernst [ v-vi] and the decision of the United States District Court rendered by Judge John M. Woolsey [A Vintage Giant - a Division of Random House (Alfred A. Knopf and Random House); ] (NY: Vintage 1961), pb. [lists copyright Margaret Caroline Anderson. Copyright renewed, 1942, 1946, by Nora Joseph Joyce. Copyright, 1934, by Modern Library, Inc.. Copyright renewed, 1961, by Lucia and George Joyce. This edition corrected and reset; available at Internet Archive - online.]
  • Ulysses [1st pbk. edn.] (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1968, 1969, &c.), and Do., intro. & annot. by Declan Kiberd (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1992) [being the Bodley Head 1960 Edn., reset with line nos. [‘Introduction’, pp.ix-lxxix; ‘A Short History of the Text’, pp.lxx xi-lxxxviii; Notes, pp.943-1194.]
  • Ulysses (NY: Franklin Library 1976-1979; 1983), ill. Kenneth Francis Dewey, 750pp.
  • Hans Walter Gabler, with Wolfhard Steppe & Claus Mechior, Ulysses: A Critical and Synoptic Edition (NY: Garland 1984), 3 vols. 1,919pp., and Do., reiss. as Hans Walter Gabler, ed., Ulysses: The Corrected Text (London: Bodley Head 1986), 650pp., with new preface by Richard Ellmann [xi-xiv].
  • Ulysses: An Unabridged Republication of the Original Shakespeare and Company Edition, Published in Paris by Sylvia Beach, 1922, with an Introduction by Enda Duffy [iii-ix](Mineola: Dover Publications 2009), ix, 732pp.

Note: Ulysses, ed. John Kidd (NY: Norton 1994) was projected and commissioned on the basis of Dr Kidd’s raking criticisms of the Critical Edition (ed. Gabler, et al., 1984) - but remained uncompleted.

  • Ulysses: The 1922 Text, ed. Jeri Johnson [Oxford World’s Classics] (Oxford OUP 1993) [incls. ‘Composition and Publication History’, pp.xxxviii-xlii; reviewed by Fritz Senn, in JJQ, 32:2 Winter 1995, pp.461-64 - ‘one more text not quite to rely on’.].
  • Ulysses: A Reader’s Edition with an intro. by Denis Donoghue [styled the Dublin Edition, being a facs. of 1926 Edn.] (Dublin: Lilliput Press 1995, 1997, 1998);
  • Ulysses, intro. by Jacques Aubert and a preface by Stephen James Joyce (London: Folio Edn.; Dublin: Lillliput Press 1998; 3rd imp. 1999) [facs. of 1926 edition, the second by Shakespeare & Co., mistakenly called the eight printing; with badly broken characters corrected and blemishes deleted and published by arrangement with the Estate of James Joyce], ill. [etchings by Mimmo Paladino].
  • Ulysses: Annotated Edition, annot. by Sam Slote, Marc A. Mamigonian & John Turner (Richmond, Surrey [London]: Alma Classics [Calder] 16 Oct. 2012), 832pp. & Do. [3rd edn.] (2017) [after 1939 Odyssey Press Edn.; TOC gives chapters by title with time and location in additional lines; incls. 9,000 notes; also Bibliography for the Notes; RRP £5.59] - viewable online; accessed 07.11.2020.]
  • Sam Slote, Marc A. Mamigonian & John Turner, ed. & annot. Ulysses (Oxford: OUP 2020), 1,424pp. [12,000 annotations; 20 contemp. maps; £125; revised and enlarged edition of Do. 2012; published on 1 Feb. 2020].
  • Catherine Flynn, ed., Ulysses: The Cambridge Centenary Edition, the 1922 Text with essays and notes (Cambridge UP 2022), p.988pp.
[ See account of the editions of Ulysses by Stacey Herbert in Genetic Joyce Studies - online ]

See also

Sam Slote, Catalogue Notes, Buffalo Univ. Library “Bloomsday” Centennial Exhibit, 2004: ‘The eleventh printing was to be the last [printing of Ulysses] published by Shakespeare and Company. The statement that 28,000 copies had been produced is a slight exaggeration. There were 1,000 copies of the first printing, 2,000 of the second, 500 of the third, 2,000 for each of the fourth through seventh printings, and 4,000 for each of the eighth through eleventh printings, making for a total of 27,500 copies (there were additional copies of each printing, which would raise the total slightly).’ [online; 31.12.2008]

Additional texts—

  • Ulysses: Facsimile of the Rosenbach Manuscript and the 1922 Edition, 3 vols. (London: Faber & Faber [for Philip H. & A. S. W. Rosenbach Foundation] 1975), and Do., with a critical introd. by Harry Levin and a bibliographical pref. by Clive Driver, 2 vols. (NY: Octagon Books [assoc. with Philip H. & A. S. W. Rosenbach Foundation 1975).
  • Danis Rose & John O’Hanlon, eds., The Lost Notebook - New Evidence on the Genesis of Ulysses [with a] foreword by Hans Walter Gabler (Edinburgh: Split Pea Press 1989), xli, 49pp. [Gabler Foreword, xii-xviii; Preface, ix-x; Commentary, xi-xli; Notebook, pp.1-49; the whole concerns MS VI.D.7 - a missing notebook, so-identified by Peter Spielberg, corresponding to the extant transcription of unused materials made by Mme Raphael, catalogued as MS VI.C.16 in the Buffalo Library Collection. [See extract from Preface, under Commentary, infra.]
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Ulysses in translation (selected)
  • M. Auguste Morel, trans., Ulysse / James Joyce; Traduit de l’anglais par M. Auguste Morel assiste par M. Stuart Gilbert. Traduction entièrement revue par M. Valery Larbaud avec la collaboration de l’auteur ( Paris: Maison des amis des livres, A. Monnier, 1929), 870pp. [25cm.; Slocum D17]; Do. [Nouvelle Edn.] ([Paris]: Adrienne Monnier [La maison des Amis des Livres] J.-O. Fourcade [...] Paris VIe; Chartres: L’Imprimerie Durand 1930), [6], 870, [4]pp., 21.2cm., and Do. [another edn.] (Paris: Gallimard 1929), and Do. [Livres du poche] (Paris: Gallimard 1948, 1957, 1968, 1972, 1976, &c.), 704pp. [var. 710pp.], 17cm.


  • George Goyert, trans., Ulysses, deutsche Ausgabe von George Goyert, 2 vols. (Zurich: Rhein Verlag 1927), and Do. (Zurich: Rhein Verlag 1930) [1st unlim. edn. in German].


  • Maciej Stomczynski, trans., Ulisses, przetozt Maciej Stomczynski (Warsaw: Panstwowy Instytut Wydawnniczy 1969), 831pp. [1st Polish edn.].


  • Francisco Garcia Tortosa, Ulises, ed. [i.e., trans.] (Madrid 1999).


  • Caetano W. Galindo, trans., Ulysses (Penguin 2012), 1112pp.
  • Antonio Houaiss, trans. Ulysses ( Civilização Brasileira 2021), 812pp. [incls. Guia de leitura por Ricardo Lísias]
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Titles cited from JISC/COPAC - online; accessed 29.06.2020; note -several fascicles corresponding to chapter-section of Ulysses are not listed here..

Also, La nuit d’ Ulysse / transposition scénique d’Ulysse par Marjorie Barkentin; sous la direction de Padraic Colum [texte français par George Auclair] [Le manteau d arlequin ser.] (Paris: Gallimard 1959), 178pp. [first publ. NY: Random House 1958], and Ulysses, audio-tapes, with Jim Norton and Marcella Riordan, et al.(Naxos), [25 hrs., unabridged].

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The James Joyce Archive, Vols. 12-27 [Ulysses, MSS, Typescripts [TSS], &c. page proofs, &c.].

Vol. 12: MSS and TSS for episodes 1-9, together with with notes, schemas and errat lists; Vol. 13: MSS and TSS for episodes 10-13; Vol. 14: MSS and TSS 14-15 [pt 1]; Vol. 15: MSS and TSS for episodes 15 [pt. 2]-16; Vol. 16: MSS and TSS for episodes 17-18; Vol. 17: placards for episodes 1-6; Vol. 18: placards for episodes 7-10; Vol. 19: placards for episodes 11-14; Vol. 20: placards for episodes 15-16; Vol. 21: placards 17-18; Vol. 22: page proofs for episodes 1-6; Vol. 23: for episodes page proofs 7-9; Vol. 24: page proofs 10-11; Vol. 25: page proofs for episodes 12-14; Vol. 26: page proofs for episodes 15; Vol. 27: page proofs for episodes 16-18. [Source - “Synopsis of JJA 12-27”, in Philip Gaskell & Clive Hart, Ulysses: A Review of Three Texts [Princess Grace Irish Library] (Gerrards Cross: Colin Smythe 1988), p.xvii.]

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Finnegans Wake (1939)
  • Finnegans Wake (London: Faber & Faber 1939 [printed by James MacLehose & Sons, Glasgow]; rep. 1945 rep., with 16pp. pamphlet of Corrections; rep. 1946, incorporating the list of Corrections as an appendix; reps. 1948 & 1949 [available at Internet Archive - online; accessed 11.11.2020]), and Do. [2nd edn. - viz., ‘in this new edition’] (London: Faber & Faber 1950); Do., rep. 1957 [incorporating corrections in text - but not the corrections to the Corrections of 1945], 1960; also 1964 [3rd Edn.; incorporating Corrections with corrections to the 1945 list]; reps. 1966, 1968, 1971, 1975 [deemed the text as Joyce left it with his list of Corrections duly corrected and applied to the text; see note] ... &c.), [3]-628pp.
  • Finnegans Wake (NY: the Viking Press 1939) [May 1939; Sept. 1943; Oct. 1944; 4th printing, Oct. 1945; March 1947; Dec. 1955; March 1957 [7th printing]; 1958 [8th printing; incorporates author’s corrections, prev. printed as list at end]; 12th printing, 1966 [see note] ... &c.) [3]-628pp. [‘Corrections of Misprints in FINNEGANS WAKE / as Prepared by the Author after Publication of the First Edition’, published 1945 by Viking Press, New York, for distribution to purchasers of Finnegans Wake, 1 Jan. 1945, 16pp. - available online [11.11.2020], afterwards incorporated in further printings, pp.629-43.]
  • Finnegans Wake [completely reset incorporating corrections, with different pagination] (NY: Viking Compass 1959), 540pp. [the pagination of future Viking editions reverting to the former pagination (628pp.)]
  • A First-Draft Version of Finnegans Wake, ed. & annot. David Hayman (London: Faber & Faber 1963), 330pp. [Facsimile]
  • Danis Rose & John O’Hanlon, eds., Finnegans Wake [The Restored Finnegans Wake] (Dublin: Houyhnhnm Press [Lilliput] 2011), 493pp., boxed, with pb. booklet containing ‘Note’ by Seamus Deane; Foreword by Hans Walter Gabler; Introduction by David Greetham; Preface and Afterword by the Editors, 36pp. [i.e., 40pp.] with hypertext editorial Rationale supplied at Houyhnhnm Press- online; accessed 30.05.2014. See also details of Limited Edition at €1,500 from Lilliput - online.]
  • Robbert-Jan Henkes, Erik Bindervoet & Finn Fordham, ed., The Restored Finnegans Wake [Oxford World Classics] (OUP 2012), 720pp. [incls. list of transmissional variants].
  • Len Platt, intro., Finnegans Wake [Wordsworth Classics] (Herts. (UK): Wordsworth Editions 2012), xxiv, 628pp.
See also
  • Finn’s Hotel, ed. & arranged by Danis Rose with an introduction by Seamus Deane, ill. by Casey Sorry with typography by Michael Caine [Atelier de la Cerisaie] (Dublin: Ithys Press 2013), [100]pp., ill. 33 cm [fol.] - lim. edn. of 180 copies, of which: 40 head copies on Zerkall mouldmade, 10 signed de luxe copies [I-X] in bespoke bindings featuring the handmarbling of Antonio Velez Celemin of Madrid, and 26 copies are lettered A-Z, with 4 copies hors commerce issued in paper wrappers within clamshell boxes; 140 numbered copies.
  • Finn’s Hotel [of] James Joyce: a suite of original prints (Paris: Editions Petropolis [5 December 2014]), 14 sheets (2 folded), b&w 34 cm [30 copies; ‘A series of 13 highly-detailed original burin engravings (3 on wood, 10 on laser card plastic) created by Caine as his more abstract (non-figurative) visual response to the recondite texts or ‘epiclets’ of Finn’s Hotel, the unpublished James Joyce novel that he designed and printed. So very much an alternative set of images to the narrative illustrations of the Ithys Press 2013 edition’ [Artist’s website via COPAC.) [For details of publication history, see under Text Notes - infra].

Notes on editions

See Sam Slote, ‘The Text of Finnegans Wake: An Annotated List of the Correction of Misprints’, in James Joyce Quarterly, 55:3-14 (Spring-Summer 2018), pp.405-44:;‘[O]nly the 1975 Faber printing (and its subsequent reprints) accurately represents the first edition with Joyce's corrections properly applied. Because that printing is still based on the same plates used back in 1929, howeer, it does suffer from the occasional broken ascender and descender.’ (p.405; available at Muse - online; accessed 11.11.2020.) See also the account of Joyce’s efforts at correct printing errors in Aug. 1939- Aug. 1940 - James Joyce Centre: ‘On This Day’ - online; accessed 11.11.2020.

Note: A bound presentation copy of the 1966 Viking Press printing of Finnegans Wake [12th printing] given to Marshall McLuhan by the alumni of Fordham University on 30 As, though more often written on tpril 1968 served as the Internet Archive copy-text - online. The volume is interleaved with blank pages for notes and does indeed contain his sparse annotationhe printed page. Those on the blank page include 619 facing: ‘Ellmann 724: “Soft morning etc. / a record of the endings of all his previous books.[’] The phrase ‘past and present’ on 389 is underlined and annotated marginally with the name of ‘Carlyle’. Facing The Ballad of Persse O’Rahilly, p.44, he writes inter alia: ‘Emerson [?title]: ‘Human body magazine of all technologies.”’ accessed 10.11.2020.]

Finn’s Hotel, ed. & arranged by Danis Rose, intro. by Seamus Deane, ill. Casey Sorry, with typography by Michael Caine [Atelier de la Cerisaie] (Dublin: Ithys Press 2013), [100]pp. ‘Uncovered by Irish scholar Danis Rose in the course of his research for a critical edition of Joyce's Finnegans Wake, this series of profound and beautifully written stories is based on seven epiphanic moments in Irish history and mythology. Finn's Hotel is a luminous and often funny work, and it reveals Joyce's creative process during the transition between Ulysses and Finnegans Wake.’ (Publisher's note; Goodreads.)

Portuguese Translations

Summmary notice on Portuguese editions of works by Joyce: Bernardina da Silveira Pinheiro (RJ) trans Ulysses (2005); Donald Schüler (Porto Alegre, RS) pub. adaptations of Finnegans Wake in five bilingual vols, 1999-2003; Haroldo de Campos (SP) trans. parts of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake in 1992. (See

  • Donaldo Schüler, trans., Finnegans Wake/Finnicius Revém, Livro I - Capitúlos 2, 3, 4 (Ateliê Editoria/Casa de Cultura Guimarães Rosa 2000), [257pp.; desenhos Lena Bergstein]; & Finnegans Wake/Finnicius Revém, Livro I - Capit&uaute;los 5, 6, 7, e 8 (Ateliê Editorial/Casa de Cultura Guimarães Rosa 2001; 2nd Edn. 2004), 308pp. [Introducao, Versao, Notes; available by payment at Scribd - online].
  • Haroldo de Campos, Panaroma do Finnegans Wake  (Perspectiva 2019), 225pp.
  • Caetano W. Galindo, trans., Finn’s Hotel; O Livro Perdido de James Joyce, from of Finn’s Hotel [Itys 2013], ed. Danis Rose with an introduction by Seamus Deane (São Paolo: Companhia Das Letras 2014), 153pp. [incls. Nota do Traductor, 7; ‘.i..’ .o..l,’ by Danis Rose, 17; ‘James Joyce e sua História de Irlanda’, by Seamus Deane, 33; Finn’s Hotel [10 pts.], 57; Anexo: Giacomo Joyce, 126.
  • Dirce Waltrick do Amarante, trans., Finnegans Wake por um fio (São Paolo: Editora Iluminuras 2017), 184pp. [being Chap. VIII (‘Para ler Finnegans Wake de James Joyce’; given as Finnegans Wake by a Thread in Texas Hum. Research Centre checklist.]
  • Caetano W. Galindo, trans., pp.21-22 of Finnegans Wake, in Folha de Sao Paolo (24.11.2013) - online [accessed 18.08.2019].

Note: Sections of Finnegans Wake appeared as “Work in Progress” in transatlantic review (April 1924), Criterion (July 1925), Navire d’argent (October 1925), and transition (April 1927-April/May 1938); episodes and combinations of episodes were published as Anna Livia Plurabelle (New York, October 1928; London, June 1930; lim. edn. of 850 signed by the author); Tales Told by Shem and Shaun (Paris, August 1929) [see details - infra], and Two Tales of Shem and Shaun (London, December 1932); and Haveth Childers Everywhere (Paris & New York, June 1930; London, June 1931).[For Chronology of Composition, &c., see Appendices, supra.]

[ top ]
Tales Told of Shem and Shaun: Three Fragments from Work in Progress (Paris, Black Sun Press 1929), [12], XV, [1], 55, [5] p. : ill. ; 22 cm. Portrait by Constantin Brancusi; Preface by C. K. Ogden. Contents: “The Mookse and the Gripes”; “The Muddest Thick that was Ever Heard Dump”; “The Ondt and the Gracehoper”.
Tales 3 Tales_3
A signed copy held in the Crosby Archive at S. Illinois University (USA).

Cover: Tales told of / Shem and Shaun [red] / Three Fragments from Work in Progress / by / James Joyce [red] / The Black Sun Press / Rue Cardinale / Paris / MCMXXIX.

Verso: This first edition of Tales Told of Shem and Shaun by James Joyce, with a preface by C. J. Ogden and a portrait of the author by Brancusi, printed in hand-set Caslon in June 1929 for and under the direction of Harry and Caresse Crosby at their Black Sun Press (Maitre-Imprimeur Lescaret) Rue Cardinale, Paris, is limited to 100 copies on Japanese Vellum signed by the author, 500 copies on Holland Van Gelder Zonen and 50 copies Hors Commerce. // The entire edition is for sale at the Bookshop of Harry F. Marks 31 West 47 Street New York. // This copy is for / Harry and Caresse Crosby. [Available at ‘The End of Being: Esoteric Guide to Difficult and Unusual Art [... &c.] - online; accessed 04.07.2014.]

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Giacomo Joyce
  • Giacomo Joyce, intro. & annot. by Richard Ellmann (NY: Viking Press; London: Faber & Faber 1968), xi-xxvi, 16pp. & 4 lvs. of facs. [pp.1, 11, 15, 16 of the MS, reduced by about 50%]; Notes, pp.xxxi-xxxvii.
  • “Giacomo Joyce”, in Poems and Shorter Writings, ed. Richard Ellmann, A. Walton Litz, and John Whittier Ferguson (London: Faber & Faber 1991), pp.219-41.
  • Gas from a Burner (1912) [broadsheet];
  • Chamber Music [1st Edn.] (London: Elkin Mathews 1907); Chamber Music / by James Joyce / authorized edition published by B. W. Huebsch New York MXMXVIII [1918]), I-XXXVI, 4pp.[with publisher’s note: ‘this is the only American edition that is authorised by Mr. Joyce’ - copy in Library of Congress available - online], Do. (Boston: Cornhill Company [n.d.]), n.p. [2, half-title [1]; t.p. [3]; [I-XXXVI], 2pp.; available on Internet Archive - online]; Do., as Chamber Music, ed. W. Y. Tindall (NY: Columbia UP 1954); Do. (London: Jonathan Cape 1971), 40pp. [36 poems];
  • “I hear an army charging upon the land” poem in Des Imagistes, ed. Ezra Pound (1914);
  • Pomes Penyeach (London: Faber & Faber 1927), 22pp. (iss. 7 July 1927) [see contents]; Do. [new edn.] (London: Faber 1933, 1966); Cf.
  • Poèmes, trans. August Morel and Others (Paris; Les Chroniques du Jour 1929).
  • Poems, in Der Querschnitt (Frankfurt a.M.), III, 3/4 (1923), pp.157-59 [viz., XII, XV, XXVI, XXIX, & XXXVI from Chamber Music].
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Pomes Penyeach (London: Faber & Faber 1927), 22pp. (iss. 7 July 1927) - CONTENTS: “Tilly”; “Watching the needleboats at San Sabba”; “A flower given to my daughter”; “She weeps over Rahoon”; Tutto è Sciolto”; “On the beach at Fontana”; “Simples”; “Flood”; “Nightpiece”; “Alone”; “A memory of the players in a mirror at mid-night”; “Bahnhofstrasse”; “A prayer”.

Shorter Prose (Critical writings)
  • Stanislaus Joyce & Ellsworth Mason, ed & intro., The Early Joyce: The Book Reviews, 1902-03 (Colorado Springs: Mamalujo Press 1955), 46pp.
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  • Louis Berrone, ed., trans. & intro., James Joyce in Padua (London: Random House 1977), [2 exam answer-book writigs of 1912; see contents].
  • Giorgio Melchiori, et al., eds., Scritti Italiani (Milan: Mondadori 1979) [Italian version of Trieste articles & lectures].
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  • Louis Berrone, James Joyce in Padua (NY: Random House 1977), xxviii+146pp. [2 early essays of 1912 written for an examination at Padua Univ.; viz., “L’influenza letteraria universale del rinascimento” and “The centenary of Charles Dickens”; English Translation of the former & facs. of orig. MSS; see article by Berrone under Criticism - infra].
Draft materials
  • Thomas E. Connolly, ed., intro. & annot., James Joyce’s Scribbledehobble: The Ur-Workbook for “Finnegans Wake” (Northwestern UP 1961), xxii, 187pp. [being Buffalo Notebook VI.A].
  • Michael Groden et al., ed., The James Joyce Archive, 63 vols. (Garland 1977-79) [notebooks, manuscripts, typescripts and corrected galleys; see details].
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Bibliographical details

Ellsworth Mason & Richard Ellmann, eds., The Critical Writings of James Joyce (NY Viking Press 1959; rep. 1966). CONTENTS: Introduction, [7]; 1. Trust Not Appearances (1896?) [15]; 2. Force (1898) [17]; 3. The Study of Languages (1898/99?) [25]; ]; 4. Royal Hibernian Academy “Ecce Homo” (1899) [31]; 5. Drama and Life (1900) [38]; 6. Ibsen’s New Drama (1900) [47]; 7. The Day of the Rabblement (1901) [68]; 8. James Clarence Mangan (1902) [73]; 9. An Irish Poet (1902) [84]; 10. George Meredith (1902) [88]; 11. Today and Tomorrow in Ireland (1903) [90]; 12. A Suave Philosophy (1903) [93]; 13. An Effort at Precision in Thinking (1903) [96]; 14. Colonial Verses (1903) [97]; 15. Catilina (1903) [98]; 16. The Soul of Ireland (1903) [102]; 17. The Motor Derby (1903) [106]; 18. Aristotle on Education (1903) [109]; 19. A Ne’er-do-well (1903) [111]; 20. Empire-Building (1903) [113]; 21. New Fiction (1903) [116]; 22. The Mettle of the Pasture (1903) [117]; 23. A Peep into History (1903) [119]; 24. A French Religious Novel (1903) [121]; 25. Unequal Verse (1903) [124]; 26. Mr. Arnold Graves’ New Work (1903) [126]; 27. A Neglected Poet (1903) [128]; 28. Mr. Mason’s Novels (1903) [130]; 29. The Bruno Philosophy (1903) [132]; 30. Humanism (1903) [135]; 31. Shakespeare Explained (1903) [137]; 32. Borlase and Son (1903) [139]; 33. Aesthetics (1903/04) [141]; 1: The Paris Notebook]; II: The Pola Notebook; 34. “The Holy Office” (1904) [149]; 35. Ireland, Island of Saints and Sages (1907) [153]; 36. James Clarence Mangan [2] (1907) [175]; 37. Fenianism (1907) [187]; 38. Home Rule Comes of Age (1907) [193]; 39. Ireland at the Bar (1907) [197]; 40. Oscar Wilde: the Poet of Salomé 201]; 41. Bernard Shaw’s Battle with the Censor (1909) [206]; 42. The Home Rule Comet (1910) [209]; 43. William Blake (1912) [214]; 44. The Shade of Parnell (1912) [223]; 45. The City of the Tribes (1912) [229]; 46. The Mirage of the Fisherman of Aran (1912) [234]; 47. Politics and Cattle Disease (1912) [238]; 48. “Gas from a Burner” (1912) [242]; 49. Dooleysprudence (1916) [246]; 50. Programme Notes for the English Players]; (1918/19) [249]: Barrie, the Twelve Pound Look; Synge, Riders to the Sea; Shaw, The Dark Lady of the Sonnets; Martyn, The Heather Field; 51. Letter on Pound (1925) [253]; 52. Letter on Hardy (1928) [255]; 53. Letter on Svevo (1929) [256]; 54. From a Banned Writer to a Banned Singer; (1932) [258]; 55. Ad-writer (1932) [269]; 56. Epilogue to Ibsen’s Ghosts (1934) [271]; 57. Communication de m. James Joyce sur le droit Moral des Ecrivains [address to 15th Internat. PEN] (1937) [274]; Index 277]. Note that the lecture on Defoe - contemporaneous with that on Blake as part of “Verismo ed idealismo” and in the possession of Sylvia Beach (having been presented to her by John Slocum who bought it from Stanislaus Joyce) - is omitted from Critical Writings (1959) ‘because of a prior arrangement with the Joyce Estate’. [Many of these are copied in part or whole under Quotations > Extracts from the Works - as attached.]


Kevin Barry, ed., intro. & notes, James Joyce: Occasional, Critical, and Political Writing, notes by Kevin Barry, with translations from the Italian by Conor Deane [Oxford World Classics] (Oxford OUP 2000), 360pp. CONTENTS: Introduction [ix]; Translators Introduction [xxxiii]; A Chronology of James Joyce (by Jeri Johnson, 1993) [xliii]; Trust Not Appearances [3]; [Subjugation] [4]; The Study of Languages [12]; Royal Hibernian Gallery “Ecce Homo” [17]; Drama and Life [23]; Ibsen’s New Drama [30]; The Day of the Rabblement [50]; James Clarence Mangan (1902) [53]; An Irish Poet [61] George Meredith [64]; Today and Tomorrow in Ireland [65]; A Suave Philosophy [67]; An Effort at Precision Thinking [69]; Colonial Verses [70]; Catalina [71]; The Soul of Ireland [74]; The Motor Derby [77]; Aristotle on Education [80]; A Ne’er Do Weel [81]; New Fiction [82]; A Peep into History [84]; A French Religious Novel [85]; Unequal Verse [87]; Mr Arnold Grave’s New Work [88]; A Neglected Poet [90]; Mr Mason’s Novels [91]; The Bruno Philosophy [93]; Humanism [95]; Shakespeare Explained [97]; Borlase and Son [99]; Empire-building [100]; Aesthetics [102]; Ireland: Island of Saints and Sages [108]; James Clarence Mangan (1907) [127]; The Irish Literary Renaissance [137]; Fenianism: The Last Fenian [138]; Home Rule Comes of Age [142]; Ireland at the Bar [145]; Oscar Wilde: The Poet of “Salomé” [148]; The Battle between Bernard Shaw and the Censor: “The Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet” [152]; The Home Rule Comet [155]; A Curious History [160]; Realism and Idealism in English Literature (Daniel Defore - William Blake) [163]; The Centenary of Charles Dickens ]183]; The Universal Liteary Influence of the Renaissance [187]; The Shade of Parnell [191]; The City of the Tribes: Italian Memories in an Irish Port [197]; The Mirage of the Fisherman of Aran: England's Safety Valve in Case of War [201]; Politics and Cattle Disease [206]; Programme Notes for the English Player [209]; From a Banned Writer to a Banned Singer [212]; On the Moral Rights of Authors [216]. Appendix [Italian originals]: L'Irlanda alla sbarra [217]; Home Rule maggiorenne [219]; La Cometa dell’ “Home Rule” [222]; La battaglia de Bernard Shaw e la censura [225]; La Città delle Tribú [227]; Il mirragio del pescatore di Aran [230]; Oscar Wilde: Il poeta di Salomé [233]; Il Fenianismo: L’ultimo Feniano [237]; L’ombra di Parnell [240]; L'Irlanda: isola dei Santi e dei savi [244]; Giacomo Clarenzio Mangan [254]; Il rinascimento lettario irlandese [268]; Verismo e realismo nella letterature inglese (Daniele Defoe - William Blake) [269]; L’influenza letteraria universale del rinascimento [285]; Communication de M. James Joyce sur le droit moral des écrivains [288]; Explanatory Notes [289]; Index [349] [Many of these are copied in part or whole under Quotations > Extracts from the Works - as attached.]

Internet access: The Occasional Critical and Political Writings are available at Internet Archive in page view [1 hour loan]; also available in part at Google Books - online, with sample pages as attached [accessed 29.03.2021].

James Joyce, Occasional Critical and Political Writings, ed. Kevin Barry (2000) - full-text .PDF [90.96MB] .ASCII [998KB]
  • Do. - Front Matter (Introduction, &c.)
  • Do. - Main Content (the critical writings)
  • Do. - Editorial Notes & Index
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Louis Berrone, ed., trans., & intro., James Joyce in Padua (London: Random House 1977), xxvi+146pp., 8 plates. CONTENTS: Introduction [xiii]; Joyce’s Letter to the Rector of the University of Padua [4] “L’influenza Letterearia Universale del Rinascimento/The Universal Literary Influence of the Renaissance” [19]; “The Centenary of Charles Dickens” [33]; The University of Padua Official Reports [41]; Afterword 1: “The Universal Literary Influence of the Renaissance” [43]; Afterword 2; “The Centenary of Charles Dickens” [73]; Notes on the Thesis-Reader’s Corrections [103]; Distinctive or Obscure Words and Phrases in Joyce’s Paduan Essays [111]; Selected Bibl. [141-46].

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The Cat and the Devil / The Cats of Copenhagen

    “The Cat and the Devil” [Orig. without title in letter to Stephen Joyce of 10 August 1936], in Letters of James Joyce, ed. Stuart Gilbert (Viking Press 1957), pp.386-87 [rep. Viking Press, as Vol. 1 of 3, 1966], and Selected Letters of James Joyce, ed. Richard Ellmann (London: Faber & Faber; NY: Viking 1975), p.382f. [ See copy & details - as attached.]cx

  • The Cat and the Devil, illustrated by Richard Erdoes [Daisy Books for Print Disabled Series] (NY: Dodd, Mead & Co. 1964).
  • The Cat and the Devil, ill. Gerald Rose (London: Faber & Faber 1965).
  • The Cat and the Devil [another edn.], ill. by Roger Blachon (London: Moonlight Publishing [IPG] 1980; NY: Schocken Books 1981); Do. another edn., (Newfoundland: Breakwater 1990), 29pp., [28]pp. [afterword by Stephen Joyce].
  • The Cats of Copenhagen (Dublin: Ithys Press 2012), 40pp. [printed by Michael Caine in letterpress; in early 20th cn. Italian and French handcut fonts; with pen-and-ink drawing by Casey Sorrow; edn. of 200 copies consisting of 26 lettered copies, 170 numbered copies and 4 copies hors commerce; distrib. by Schuster & Schuster in America citing Ithys copyright.] A copy has been made at Brain Pickings - online; accessed 20.04.2013].

French editions

  • Jacques Borel, trans., as Le chat et le diable [1st French edn.] (Paris; Gallimard 1966), ill. Jean-Jacques Corre.
  • Do. [Borel, trans.], dessiné par Roger Blachon, intro. by Stephen J. Joyce [Collection Folio Benjamin, 77] (Paris: Gallimard 1978 [rep. 1984]) [30]pp., 18cm.

Italian Edition

  • Le Chat de Beaugency: Una storia de Stephen [2nd edn.] (Brescia: Edizione L’Obliquo 1996).

Portuguese Editions

  • Joana Morais Varela, O Gato e O Diabo (Lisboa: Contexto 1983), with Blachon’s illustrations.
  • [q. trans.,] O Gato e o Diabo (Lisboa: Nova Vega 2013), ill. Tomislav Torjanac.
  • Lygia Bojunga, trans., O Gato e O Diabo (São Paulo: Cosac Naify 2012), ill. “Lélis”  [Marcelo Eduardo Lélis]
  • Ana Graça Canan & Marcelo Amorim, trans., O Gato de Beaugency [A letter of James Joyce to Stephen Joyce, 1936] (Natal: EDUFRN 2013).
  • Eclair Antonio Almeida Filho, trans., O Gato de Beaugency seguido de Os Gatos de Copenhagen (Bauro Brazil: Lumme 2016).
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Reviews of 1902-03

The following list of reviews by Joyce in 1902-03 is taken from Critical Writings [1959] (NY: Viking Press 1964; 3rd imp. 1966), being copied in turn from The Early Joyce: the Book Reviews, 1902-1903 (Colorado Springs, The Mamalujo Press 1955) - with notes by Stanislaus Joyce.

  • “An Irish Poet”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (11 Dec. 1902), review of William Rooney’s Poems and Ballads.
  • “George Meredith”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (11 Dec. 1902), review of Walter Jerrold’s George Meredith.
  • “Today and Tomorrow in Ireland”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (29 Jan. 1903), review of Stephen Gwynn’s Today and To-morrow in Ireland.
  • “A Suave Philosophy”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (6 Feb. 1903), review of H. Fielding Hall’s The Soul of a People.
  • “An Effort at Precision of Thinking”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (6 Feb 1903), review of James Anstic’s Colloquies of the Common People.
  • “Colonial Verses”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (6 Feb. 1903), review of Clive Phillips-Wolley’s Songs of an English Esau.
  • Catalina”, in Speaker [London] (21 March 1903), p.615, review of Ibsen’s Catalina.
  • “The Soul of Ireland”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (26 March 1903), review of Lady Gregory’s Poets and Dreamers [over JJ’s initials].
  • “The Motor Derby”, in The Irish Times (7 April 1903), article subtitled “interview with the French Champion (from a correspondent)”.
  • [no title], in Daily Express [Dublin] (3 Sept. 1903), review of John Burnet’s Aristotle on Education.
  • [no title], in Daily Express [Dublin] (3 Sept. 1903), review of [pseud.] Valentine Caryl’s, A Ne’er-Do-Well.
  • “New Fiction”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (26 March 1903), review of Aquila Kempster’s The Adventures of Prince Aga Mirza;
  • “The Mettle of the Pasture”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (17 Sept. 1903), review of James Lane Allen’s The Mettle of the Pasture.
  • “A Peep Into History”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (17 Sept. 1903), review of John Pollock’s The Popish Plot.
  • “The French Religious Novel”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (1 Oct. 1903), review of Marcelle Tinayre’s The House of Sin.
  • “Unequal Verse”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (1 Oct. 1903), review of Frederick Langbridge’s Ballads and Legends.
  • “Mr. Arnold Graves’ New Work”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (1 Oct. 1903), review of Arnold F. Graves’s Clytaemnestra: A Tragedy.
  • “A Neglected Poet”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (15 Oct. 1903), review of Alfred Ainger’s George Crabbe.
  • “Mr. Mason’s New Novels”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (15 Oct. 1903), review of A. E. W. Mason, The Courtship of Morrice Buckler, The Philanderers, and Miranda of the Balcony.
  • “The Bruno Philosophy”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (30 Oct. 1903), review of Lewis McIntyre’s Giordano Bruno.
  • “Humanism”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (12 Nov. 1903), review of F. C. S. Schiller’s Humanism: Philosophical Essays.
  • “Shakespeare Explained”, in Daily Express [Dublin] (12 Nov. 1903), review of A. S. Canning’s Shakespeare Studied in Eight Plays.
  • [no title], in Daily Express [Dublin] (19 Nov. 1903), review of T. Baron Russell’s, Borlase and Son.
See Letters of James Joyce, ed. Stuart Gilbert [Vol. I] (NY: Viking 1959) in RICORSO > Library > Irish Classics - as attached [989KB].
  • Letters of James Joyce, ed. Stuart Gilbert [Vol. I] (NY: Viking Press 1957), and Do. [corr. edn.] ed. Richard Ellmann (Viking 1966), with a Chronology by Ellmann.
  • Letters of James Joyce, ed. Richard Ellmann, Vols. I [ed. Gilbert], II & III (London: Faber & Faber 1966) [incls. list of Joyce’s addresses in Vol. II].
  • Lettres de James Joyce: Réunies et présentées par Stuart Gilbert [...] trans. Marie Tadié (Paris 1961), 548pp. [trans. pf 1957 Vol. 1].
  • Selected Letters of James Joyce, ed. Richard Ellmann (NY: Viking Press; London: Faber & Faber 1975), xxxi, 440pp. [incl. some newly published correspondence - i.e, the so-called “black letters” to Nora in 1909].
  • Pound/Joyce: The Letters of Ezra Pound to James Joyce, with Pound’s Essays on Joyce, ed. Forrest Read (London: Faber & Faber 1968; NY: New Directions 1970), 3143pp. [with index].
  • James Joyce’s Letters to Sylvia Beach 1921-1940, ed. Melissa Banta & O. A. Silverman (Indiana UP 1987), 221pp., and Do. [rep. edn.] (Deddington: Plantin [1990]), xvi, 221pp., ill..\
  • ‘Carta de 29 de agosto de 1904’, trans. by Dirce Waltrick Amarante & Sérgio Medeiros, in Scientia Traductionis, 12 (2012), pp.427-31; ‘Carta de 22 de agosto de 1909’ (435-37), and ‘Carta de 2 de dezembro de 1909’ (438-40].[bilingual; available online - accessed 08.03.2022].
  • Cartas a Harriet, ed. Dirce Waltrick Amarante & Sérgio Medeiros [Letter to Harriet Shaw Weaver] (São Paulo: Iluminuras 2018), 128pp.
Selected & Omnibus Editions
  • James Joyce, Dubliners / A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man / Ulysses ([London:] Chancellor Press 1993), 1, 121, 261-[761]pp., pref. by David Norris.
  • T. S. Eliot, Introducing James Joyce: A Selection of Joyce’s Prose [1st edn.] (London: Faber & Faber 1942).
  • Harry Levin, ed. & intro., The Portable James Joyce (NY: Viking Press 1947, 1948); [Do. as] The Essential James Joyce (London: Jonathan Cape 1948), 534pp.; Do. [another edn.] (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1963; London: Granada 1981; London: HarperCollins 1991; Triad Paladin), 623pp.
  • Jacques Aubert, ed., Œuvres de James Joyce [Pléiades Edn.] (Paris: Gallimard 1982- ).
  • David Norris, intro., Dubliners / A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man / Ulysses ([London:] Chancellor Press 1993), [xi], 721pp. [comprising D, APYM, Exiles, Collected Poems, and selections from Ulysses and Finnegans Wake - viz., Dubliners, p.1ff; Portrait, p.121ff; Ulysses, pp.261ff.]

Note: Chinese translations by Jin Di, Xiao Quian & Wen Jieruo, the first-named being the most highly regarded, having been written under consultation with Joycean scholar[s].

Notebooks and sources
  • David Hayman, ed. & annot., A First-Draft Version of “Finnegans Wake” (Texas UP; London: Faber & Faber 1963), 330pp [see full text at Genetic Joyce Studies / Wisconsin Univ. - online].
  • Robert Scholes & Richard Kain, eds., The Workshop of Daedalus: James Joyce and the Raw Materials for “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” (Evanston Ill.: Northwestern UP 1965), xiv, 287pp. [prop. materials for Stephen Hero & A Portrait - incl. “Epiphanies’, the “Portrait” Essay of 1904 [Intro. Note, pp.56-59; text pp.60-74], the Paris Notebook [pp.52-55], and the Pola Notebook [80-91; see extracts]; the Trieste Notebook [92-105; all three now known to be united]; see full-text copy at Genetic Joyce Studies online - index.]
  • Phillip F. Herring, ed., Joyce’s Ulysses Notesheets in the British Museum Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia] (Virginia UP [1972]), viii, 545pp.,. ill., 27 cm. [British Library Manuscript Add. 49975].
  • Philip Herring, ed., Joyce’s Notes and Early Drafts for Ulysses: Selections from the Buffalo Collection [Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia] (Virginia UP 1977), xii, 275pp. [transcription of VIII.A.5, V.A.2, and early MSS of “Cyclops” and “Circe”].
  • Danis Rose, James Joyce’s The Index Manuscript “Finnegans Wake” Holograph Workbook VI.B.46 (Colchester 1978).
  • Danis Rose, The Textual Diaries of James Joyce (Dublin: Lilliput Press 1995), p.x.
See also
  • James Joyce Archive, gen. ed. Michael Groden (NY Garland Press 1977-79) - as infra.
  • The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo, ed. V. Deane, D. Ferrer & G. Lernout (Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols Publ. 2002- ) - as infra.
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James Joyce Archive., gen. ed. Michael Groden (NY: Garland 1977-79) - General Contents
  • Vol. 1: Chamber Music & Poems Penyeach, ed., A. Walton Litz.
  • Vols. 2-3: Notes, Criticism, Translations & Miscellaneous, ed., Hans Walter Gabler & Michael Groden.
  • Vol. 4: Dubliners, Drafts & MSS, ed., Hans Walter Gabler.
  • Vol. 5: Dubliners, facsimile proofs of 1910 Edition, Michael Groden.
  • Vol. 6: Dubliners, 1914 Edn.; Vol. 7: A Portrait: Epiphanies, Notes, MS & Typescripts, ed., H. W. Gabler.
  • Vol. 8: A Portrait: Facsimile Fragments of Stephen Hero, ed., H. W. Gabler.
  • Vols. 9-10: A Portrait: Final Holograph MS, ed. Hans Walter Gabler.
  • Vol. 11; Exiles: Notes, MS & Galley, ed., A. Walton Litz.
  • Vols. 12-27: Ulysses: Notes, MS, Drafts and Typescript, ed., Michael Groden.
  • Vols. 28-43; Finnegans Wake: Buffalo Notebooks, eds. David Hayman & Danis Rose.
  • Vols. 44-66: Finnegans Wake: Drafts, Typescripts & Proofs, 5 vols. (Garland 1978), ed., David Hayman & Danis Rose.

See also Michael Groden, comp., James Joyce’s Manuscripts: An Index [Garland Reference Library, 186] (NY: Garland Publ. 1980), xv, 173pp. [checklist of all extant MSS, typescripts, and proofs; index to the 63 vols. of “James Joyce Archive” being consisting of Joyce papers held in the Buffalo Library Collections dating from 1900 to 1959 in origin and consisting of 89 boxes [22.25') arranged in 22 separate series - viz, I. Epiphanies, II. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, III. Exiles, IV. Verses, V. Ulysses, VI. Finnegans Wake, VII. Criticism, VIII. Miscellaneous Notebooks, IX. Miscellaneous Manuscripts, X. Correspondence from James Joyce, XI. Correspondence to James Joyce, XII. Correspondence from Sylvia Beach, XIII. Correspondence to Sylvia Beach and Shakespeare and Company, XIV. Correspondence from Imprimerie Darantiere to Sylvia Beach/James Joyce, XV. Correspondence of Lucia Joyce, XVI. Other Correspondents, XVII. Photographs and Portraits, XVIII. Miscellaneous Material Related to Joyce's Works, XIX. Miscellaneous James Joyce Material, XX. Miscellaneous Sylvia Beach and Shakespeare and Company Material, XXI. Miscellaneous Lucia Joyce Material, and XXII. Other Miscellaneous Material.

JJA, Vols. 28-60 [Finnegans Wake, facs. & notebooks]

  • JJA, Vols. 28-43; Finnegans Wake: Buffalo Notebooks, eds. David Hayman & Danis Rose: Notebooks VI.A, VI.B25/28-VI.C.12,13,14,17,11,18 prefaced & arranged by Danis Rose [Vols. 28 & 35-43]; VI.B.1/4-VI/B.21/24 prefaced and arranged by David Hayman [Vols. 29-34 arranged by David Hayman] - viz., [1]: Notebook VI.A. [2]: Notebook VI.B.1-4. [3]: Notebook VI.B.5-8. [4]: Notebook VI.B.9-13. [5]: Notebook VI.B.13-16. [6]: Notebook VI.B.17-20. [7]: Notebook VI.B.21-24. [8]: Notebook VI.B.25-28. [9]: Notebook VI.B.29-32. [10]: Notebook VI.B.33-36. [11]: Notebook VI.B.37-40. [12]: Notebook VI.41-44. [13]: Notebook VI.B.45-50. [14]: Notebook VI.C.1,2,3,4,5,7. [15]: Notebooks VI.C.6,8,9,10,16,15. [16]: Notebook 12,13,14,17,11,18.
  • JJA, Vols. 44-66: Finnegans Wake: Drafts, Typescripts & Proofs, 5 vols. (Garland 1978), ed., David Hayman & Danis Rose: Notebooks VI.A, VI.B25/28-VI.C.12,13,14,17,11,18 prefaced & arranged by Danis Rose; VI.B.1/4-VI/B.21/24 prefaced and arranged by David Hayman. CONTENTS: 1]: Notebook VI.A. 2]: Notebook VI.B.1-4. 3]: Notebook VI.B.5-8. 4]: Notebook VI.B.9-13. 5]: Notebook VI.B.13-16. 6]: Notebook VI.B.17-20. 7]: Notebook VI.B.21-24. 8]: Notebook VI.B.25-28. 9]: Notebook VI.B.29-32. 10]: Notebook VI.B.33-36. 11]: Notebook VI.B.37-40. 12]: Notebook VI.41-44. 13]: Notebook VI.B.45-50. 14]: Notebook VI.C.1,2,3,4,5,7. 15]: Notebooks VI.C.6,8,9,10,16,15. 16]: Notebooks 12,13,14,17,11,18.] Query listing.

Drafts, &c.

  • James Joyce Archive (NY: Garland Press 1978), Vols. 49-50 [2 vols.]: Finnegans Wake [Book I]: a facsimile of the galley proofs; prefaced by David Hayman; arranged by Danis Rose; with the assistance of John O’Hanlon.
  • James Joyce Archive (NY: Garland Press 1978), 51-56 [6 vols.]: Finnegans Wake [Book II]: a facsimile of drafts, typescripts, & proofs; prefaced by David Hayman; arranged by Danis Rose, with the assistance of John O’Hanlon.
  • James Joyce Archive (NY: Garland Press 1978), 57-60 [4 vols.]: Finnegans Wake [Book III]: a facsimile of drafts, typescripts, & proofs; prefaced by David Hayman; arranged by Danis Rose, with the assistance of John O’Hanlon.
  • James Joyce Archive (NY: Garland Press 1979), xv, 381pp. [1 vol.]: Finnegans Wake [Book IV]: a facsimile of drafts, typescripts, and proofs; pref. by David Hayman; arranged by Danis Rose; with the assistance of John O’Hanlon.

[ See separate listing - as attached; also expanded details of each of the above under Ulysses, as supra, and Finnegans Wake, as supra.


See also Michael Groden, James Joyce’s Manuscripts: An Index [Garland Reference Library, 186] (NY: Garland Publ. 1980), xv, 173pp. [checklist of all extant MSS, typescripts, and proofs; index to the 63 vols. of “James Joyce Archive” [photo-reprints];

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The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo, ed. Vincent Deane, Daniel Ferrer, Geert Lernout (Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols Publ. 2001- ) [project halted by obstructions from the James Joyce Estate].
  • VI.A [a large, atypical notebook in Joyce’s hand, later known as Scribbledehobble].
  • VI.B.1-40, 42-48 [the primary series, consisting of 47 small notebooks in various formats, in Joyce’s hand]; VI.B.48 [compiled after the completion of Finnegans Wake].
  • VI.B.41 [written by Joyce at the end of VI.C.18, as infra].
  • VI.C.1-18 [18 notebooks containing transcriptions of unused material from the B series made by Mme Raphael and used by Joyce in the same manner as the B series].
  • VI.D.1-7 [Virtual notebooks representing parts of VI.C.1-18 whose originals in the B series are no longer extant].

Note: Details of analysis and catalogue enumeration applied by Peter Spielberg in 1962; cited in publisher’s notice from the Brepols edition of the Notebooks. [See Poetry/Rare Books Collection of State University of New York at Buffalo. Also noticed as The Finnegans Wake Notebook Edition (Brepols Publ. 2002-2005) - 55 fascicles in all being a fully integrated and cross-referenced edition of all the extant work-books compiled by Joyce after the completion of Ulysses to be published as a series of fasciles, one per authorial notebook, three per scribal notebook [Times Literary Supplement, 21 Jan. 2005.].

Additional MS material
  • Danis Rose, ed., James Joyce’s The Index Manuscript: Finnegans Wake Holograph Workbook VI.B.46 (Colchester: A Wake Newsletter Press 1978).
  • Danis Rose & John O’Hanlon, eds., The Lost Notebook - New Evidence on the Genesis of Ulysses [with a] foreword by Hans Walter Gabler (Edinburgh: Split Pea Press 1989), xli, 49pp. [See details - supra.]
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Paul Léon JJ Archive: Purchased by Irish Govt. from Alexis Léon, consisting of six notebooks and sixteen drafts of James Joyce’s Ulysses, with typescripts and proofs for Finnegans Wake; other collections at Cornell, Yale, Harvard, Princeton and British Library; Rosenbach (Phil.), Buffalo, Texas and Tulsa Univs.; draft of Circe came to light 2000; Buffalo holds pencil-numbered copies of Oxen drafts 1,2, 4, 6, 7, and 8; NLI now adds copybooks no. 3, 5, and 9; four stray pages of the Wake fits into the Buffalo notebook from which they were separated; the aesthetic quotations now available in the hand-written MS pages that Joyce allowed Herbert Gorman to copy; earliest draft of Proteus; early draft of Sirens (‘Joyce decided, for the first time, to make his fictional form correspond to the subject matter in a radical way’); second draft of Circe; drafts of “Scylla and Charybdis”, “Ithaca” and “Penelope”, supplementing the Rosenbach fair copy of all three (last words of Penelope, ‘and I said I would yes’, with would crossed out for will.) Notebooks, marked by coloured crayons cross-outs. See Michael Groden, ‘Letter from Dublin’, in Times Literary Supplement (14 June 2002), p.15. Bibliography, The James Joyce-Paul Léon Papers in the National Library of Ireland, compiled by Catherine Fahy (Dublin: National Library of Ireland 1992).


National Library of Ireland - Collection List No. 68: The Joyce Papers 2002. MS 36,396; Accession No. 6163: Early materials; drafts, &c., of parts of Ulysses; proofs, &c. for Finnegans Wake. / Compiled by Peter Kenny, Asst. Lib. Note: Finnegans Wake [item], MS 36,639/19: 1 sheet of 4 unnumbered pages in MS torn from notebook with words. Short phrases and bibliographical references, some of which are crossed out with red or blue crayon, 21 x 25 cm. Incls references from From Darkness to Light in Polynesia (London: Religious Tract Society 1894), and Myths and Songs from the South Pacific (London: H. S. King & Co. 1896), both by the Rev. William Wyatt Gill (1826-1896). Bibliography: Michael Groden, “The National Library of Ireland’s New Joyce Manuscripts: A Statement and Document Descriptions”, in James Joyce Quarterly, 39, 1 (Fall 2001) p.29-51.

See individual texts ...
  • The Early Commonplace Notebook or “The Notebook with accounts, quotations, book lists, &c.” - being the one(s) identified without sight as the [so-called] Paris and Pola Notebooks in The Workshop of Daedalus (1965) - here listed as a single item in NLI catalogue of Joyce Papers 2000 as MS 36, 639/2/A - viewable online [accessed 11.03.2022].
For a selection from the extant correspondence relating to The Cat and the Devil and The Cats of Copenhagen, see separate file on Beaugency - as infra. E.g.,

Letters of 1936

To George
Beaugency (Loiret), [3.10.]1936;
Deauville, 15.08.36;
Copenhagen, 31.08.1936;
Copenhagen, 05.09.1936.

To George and Helen
Paris, 16.07.1936;
Hamburg, 21.08.36;
Copenhagen, 26.08.26 [3 PCs];
Copenhagen, 31.08.1936; 05.09.1936;

Bonn, 10.09.36.

to Stephen Joyce
Villers-sur-Mer, 10.8.1936 [Letters, 1]
Deauville, 10.08.1936 [actually typed copy of the above].
Copenhagen 5.09.1936 [contains “Cats of Copenhagen”]
Paris, 06.12.1936.

to Helen Joyce
Edmond Valentin, Paris, 24.07.34.
Edmond Valentin, Paris, 25.07.34.

Copenhagen, 01.09.1936.
Postcard [n.d.; 1936]

1.v. - Letters from Joyce to Joyce Family, 1936 [i.e., Postcard from Liège, Belgium, 19.08.1936.

ADD: Letter to stephen - 10 August 1936, Villers-sur-Mer [incls. “The Cat of Beaugency” aka The Cat and the Devil.]
Paris, 16.07.1936 [Giorgio; G. & Helen];
Beaugency, 3.08.36 [Giorgio];
Deauville, 10.08.1936 [Stephen].
Deauville, 15.08.36 [Giorgio; G & Helen];
Liège, Belgium, 19.08.1936 [Joyce Family].
Hamburg, 21.08.36 [Giorgio; G. & Helen];
Copenhagen, 01.09.1936 [Helen]
Copenhagen, 5.09.1936 [Stephen]
Copenhagen, 26.08.26 [Giorgio; G. & Helen];
Copenhagen, 31.08.1936; [Giorgio; G. & Helen]
Copenhagen, 05.09.1936 [Giorgio; G. & Helen; Stephen];
Bonn, 10.09.36 [G. & Helen]
Paris, 06.12.1936 [Stephen]
[ Compiled by Bruce Stewart (21.10.2107) - based on Janhke Bequest as catalogued at the NLI (Dublin) > Hans. A. Jahnke Bequest - online.]

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Film- Discography
  • Ulysses (1967; B&W, 132 mins.) directed & produced by Joseph Strick, with Milo O’Shea as Leopold Bloom, Maurice Roëves as Stephen Dedalus and Barbara Jefford as Molly Bloom. Other roles were played by Martin Dempsey (Simon Dedalus), Fionnula Flanagan (Gerty MacDowell), Maire Hastings (Mary Driscoll), Graham Lines (Haines), Joe Lynch (Blazes Boylan), Anna Manahan (Bella Cohen), Peter Mayock (Jack Power), T. P. McKenna (Buck Mulligan), Sheila O’Sullivan (May Golding Dedalus), Maureen Potter (Josie Breen), and Maureen Toal (Zoe Higgins). The film was set in Dublin of the 1960s to avoid expensive stage-sets. The screenplay was jointly written by Fred Haines and Strick; the cinematography by Wolfgang Suschitzky, and the music by Stanley Myers. Strick (b.1923), also directed A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man (1979), co-scripted with Judith Rascoe, with Bosco Hogan, T. P. McKenna and John Gielgud. Strick previously directed a film-version of Jean Genet’s The Balcony (1963) and afterwards a version of Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer (1970) and the film Criminals (1995), using texts by C. K. Williams. Strick was blacklisted in the MacCarthy era. The Irish Censorship Board’s ban on his film remained in place until October 2000.
  • Ulysses, dir. Sean Walsh. with Angeline Ball [The Commitments] as Molly, Stephen Rea as Bloom and Hugh O’Conor as Stephen Dedalus (première at the Taormina Film Festival, Sicily 2003).
  • James Joyce: The Trials of Ulysses [documentary], traces the birth and eventual success of the novel (RTE, Network 2, 16th June 2001).
  • Passages from Finnegans Wake (1965; B&W), directed by Mary Ellen Bute with screenplay by Mary Manning, cinematography by Ted Nemeth and music by Elliot Kaplan. Cast incl. Ray Flanagan [Shem 1], Peter Haskell [Shem 2], Page Johnson [Shaun], Martin J. Kelley [HCE/Tim Finnegan], Jane Reilly [Anna Livia].
  • James Joyce’s Women (1985; colour), directed by Michael Pearce with cinemotography by John Metcalfe and music by Arthur Keating, Vincent Kilduff & Garrett O’Conner. Cast incl. Fionnula Flanagan [var. as Nora Joyce, Gertie MacDowell, Harriet Shaw Weaver, Main Washerwoman, & Molly Bloom], Chris O’Neill [as James Joyce], James E. O’Grady [as Interviewer], Tony Lyons [as Leopold Bloom], Paddy Dawson [as Stannie Joyce], Martin Dempsey [as John Stanislaus Joyce], Gerald Fitzmahony [as Dublin Gossips], Joseph Taylor [as a Dubliner], Rebecca Wilkinson and Gladys Sheehan [as Washerwomen], Gabrielle Keenan [as Cissy Caffrey], Michele O’Connor [as Edy Boardman].
  • Ulysses (RTÉ 1991), sound version, with Conor Farrington, Aidan Grennell, and Thomas Studley as narrators, and Ronnie Walsh (Bloom), Pegg Monahan (Molly), Patrick Dawson (Stephen), and RTE players; text consultant, Roland McHugh, exec. producer, Mícheál Ó hAodha, dir. William Styles; Finnegan’s Wake: A Reading by Patrick Healy (Dublin: Lilliput 1995) [1 874675 627; boxed cassettes].
  • Performance versions of “Penelope” by Siobhán MacKenna (q.d.), and Fionnula Flanigan (NY & Irvine, 1993).
  • Nora (2000), a film, with Susan Lynch in title role and Ewan McGregor as the young Joyce;, Note also Fionnula Flanagan as Molly Bloom in James Joyce’s Women (1985).
  • BBC production of Ulysses on BBC4 radio (16 June 2012) [with Sinead Cusack, et al.].

Joyce Texts On-line
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Archives listed in Bruce Stewart, “James Joyce”, NDNB 2004 [Missing Persons]
  • British Library, papers relating to Finnegans Wake, Add. MSS 47471-47489.
  • British Library, papers incl. draft of autobiography, Add. MS 49975.
  • Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, Olin Library, corresp., literary MSS, and papers.
  • Harvard University, Houghton Library, corresp., literary MSS, and papers, incl. letters to Grant Richards.
  • Huntington Library, letters.
  • New York State University, Buffalo, Lockwood Memorial Library, MSS.
  • National Library of Ireland, letters
  • Ransom Humanities Research Centre, papers.
  • Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Morris Library, corresp., literary MSS, and papers.
  • Yale University, Beinecke Library, corresp., literary MSS, and papers.
  • British Library, letters to Harriet Shaw Weaver, Add. MSS 57345-57352.
  • Trinity College, Dublin, corresp. with Thomas MacGreevy.
  • University College, Dublin, letters to D. J. O’Donoghue.
  • Museum of Modern Art, New York, a film taken by Robert Kastor [br. of Helen Joyce] showing James, Nora, and Stephen Joyce in a Paris garden [?1937].
  • University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, McFarlin Library, James Joyce collection, ‘Ulysses’ (Shakespeare & Co., Paris, 1924), ‘Anna Livia Plurabelle’ (Orthological Institute, Cambridge), ‘Bid adieu’ (Radiodiffusion et Television Françaises, Paris), ‘Bid adieu, Anna Livia Plurabelle, Ulysses’ (Microsillon, Paris)
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[ See also “Works of James Joyce published by Gallimard (Paris) as listed at 2013” - attached. ]

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