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The Ricorso “Library” conserves selected reviews, interview-reviews and incidental commentaries on and by Irish writers gleaned from the columns of sundry newspapers and magazines either by copy-typing, scanning or online capture. Selected remarks and quotations from many of these articles have also been copied under individual writers in the “Authors A-Z” region of the website and linked back to the full texts versions here.

[ Listing is alphabetical by critic-author rather than the writers studied. Reviews of a given writers can be reached by simple browser search of this page or by using the Ricorso search engines on the Library page. ‘On’ denotes a review and ‘meets’ an interview. ]

Tim Adams on Colum McCann
Muriel Adrien on James Barry
Chris Agee on Paul Muldoon
Gerry Adams on Jean McConvill
Lisa Allardice meets William Trevor
Walter Allen on Henry Green
Sarah Bakewell on Emma Donoghue
John Banville on Neil Belton
John Banville on Hubert Butler
John Banville on Edna O’Brien
John Banville on Franz Kafka
Laura Barber on Sebastian Barry
Kevin Barry on Máirtín Ó Cadhain
Kate Bateman on Evelyn Conlon
Brendan Barrington on “little magazines”
Eileen Battersby meets Michael Longley
Eileen Battersby on Eugene MacCabe
Eileen Battersby on Field Day Anthol.
Eileen Battersby on Derek Mahon
Eileen Battersby on Jennifer Johnston (1)
Eileen Battersby on Jennifer Johnston (2)
Eileen Battersby meets J. F. Deane
Eileen Battersby on Oscar Wilde
Eileen Battersby meets Michael Longley
Eileen Battersby meets Marina Carr
Eileen Battersby on Neil Jordan
Eileen Battersby on Dermot Healy
Eileen Battersby of Sebastian Barry
Eileen Battersby of William Trevor
Eileen Battersby of Colum McCann
Eileen Battersby on Keith Ridgway
Eileen Battersby on William Wall
Eileen Battersby on seeing a ghost
Michael S. Begnal on Maurice Scully
Aimée Bender on Emma Donoghue
Christopher Benfey on John Banville
Justin Belate on Declan Kiberd
Peter Berresford-Ellis on Boyne Valley
Michael Billington on Marina Carr
Michael Billington on Sebastian Barry
Robert Birnbaum meets Colum McCann
Bookgeek meets Bernard O’Donoghue
Eavan Boland on Colm Tóibín
Rosita Boland meets Claire Keegan
Rosita Boland meets Colum McCann
Rosita Boland meet Paul Murray
Dermot Bolger on Ulysses (James Joyce)
Pat Boran on Bernard O’Donoghue
John Boyne on Ross O’Carroll-Kelly
John Bowman on de Valera & Lloyd George
Peter Bradford on Breakfast on Pluto
Conor Brady on UCD [Irish Times Report]
Fran Brearton on Paul Muldoon
Fran Brearton on Michael Longley
Emma Brockes on Roddy Doyle
Adam Brophy on Paul Howard
Helen Brown meets Neil Jordan
Stephen Brown on Brian Friel
Terence Brown on Derek Mahon
Terence Brown on Kelleher, et al.
Anatole Broyard on Edna O’Brien
Linda Buckley on Eoin Colfer
John Burnside on Michael Longley
John Burnside on Eoin McNamee
John Burnside in Donal Ryan
Stephen Burt on Paul Muldoon
Michael Caines on Glenn Patterson
Frank Callinan on Thomas Kettle
Frank Callinan on Edward Carson
Angus Cargill meets Sebastian Barry
Aingeal Clare on Maurice Riordan
Joe Cleary on Richard Kearney
Alex Clark on Sebastian Barry
Alex Clark on Sebastian Barry
Alex Clark on John Banville
Harry Clifton on Louis MacNeice
Harry Clifton on Paul Muldoon (2001)
Harry Clifton on Paul Muldoon (2006)
Gerry Colgan on Colm Tóibín
Bruce Cook on John McGahern, et al.
Nick Cooke on Dermot Bolger
Neil Corcoran on Seamus Heaney (1)
Neil Corcoran on Seamus Heaney (2)
Angela Cornyn on Dermot Bolger
Brian Cosgrove on John H. Newman
Maddy Costa on Enda Walsh
John Coveney on John Arden
Patricia Craig on Sir Charles Brett
Patricia Craig on Hugo Hamilton
Michael Cronin on Fintan O’Toole
Patrick Crotty on Richard Murphy
Sarah Crown on Emma Donoghue
Sarah Crown meets Roddy Doyle
Bernard Cullen on Ulster Loyalists
Anthony Cummins on Anne Enright
C. L. Dallat on Frank McGuinness
C. L. Dallat on Gerald Dawe
Ailbhe Darcy on Ciaran Berry
Philip Davison on Benjamin Black [Banville]
Alison R. de Menezes on Roger Casement
Seamus Deane on W. B. Yeats
Seamus Deane on Brian Moore
Seamus Deane on Conor C. O’Brien
Seamus Deane on John McGahern
Anita Desai on William Trevor
Tom Redshaw Dillon on James Liddy
Tom Redshaw Dillon on Thomas McCarthy
Michael Dirda on James Stephens (d.1950)
Denis Donoghue on R. F. Foster
Theo Dorgan on Michael Longley
Theo Dorgan on Michael Hartnett
Rob Doyle on Mike McCormack
Roddy Doyle on translating Gogol
Keith Duggan meets Roddy Doyle
Aidan Dunne on William Orpen
Aidan Dunne on Louis le Brocquy
Paul Durcan on John Jordan
Ciara Dwyer meets Paul Mercier
Ciara Dwyer meets Sebastian Barry
Terry Eagleton on Seamus Heaney
Terry Eagleton on the Brontës
Terry Eagleton on “Conquering England”
Terry Eagleton on Joseph O’Connor
Terry Eagleton on Sebastian Barry
Terry Eagleton on Woolwich killing
Terry Eagleton on General Election 2017
Terry Eagleton on George Bernard Shaw
Terry Eagleton on Richard Dawkins
Richard Ellmann on Seamus Heaney
Jon Elek on Hugh Kenner (obit.)
Anne Enright on Kate O’Brien
Anne Enright on Arthur Riordan
Anne Enright on Edna O’Brien
Anne Enright on Declan Hughes
Anne Enright on Eimar McBride
Anne Enright on Donal Ryan
Brian Fallon on Lady Lavery
Brian Fallon on Conor Cruise O’Brien
Peter Fallon on Paul Muldoon
Diarmaid Ferriter on John Waters
Constantine Fitzgibbons on C. C. O’Brien
Anne Fogarty on Gerard Donovan
Kim Forrester on John MacKenna
Kim Forrester on Colum McCann
Aisling Foster on Patrick McCabe
Aisling Foster on Paul Murray
Roy Foster on W. B. Yeats
Roy Foster on William Trevor
Roy Foster on Stewart Parker
Roy Foster on President Higgins
Roy Foster on WBY & Maud Gonne
Roy Foster on Paul Bew
Roy Foster on Donal Ryan
Roy Foster on Seamus Heaney
Adrian Frazier on J. M. Synge
Arthur Freeman on Oliver Goldsmith
Patrick Freyne on Ross O’Carroll-Kelly
Brendan Glacken on Jamie O’Neill
Fiachra Gibbons on Mark O’Rowe
Luke Gibbons on Neil Jordan (1997)
Luke Gibbons on Neil Jordan (2003)
Jonathan Gibbs on Paul Murray
Sinéad Gleeson on Norah Hoult
Sinead Gleeson meets Keith Ridgway
Mary Gordon on Colm Tóibín
Colin Graham on Quinn & O’Driscoll
Colin Graham on Healy, Lysaght & O’Siadhail
John Greening on John Montague
John Greening on Brendan Kennelly
John Greening on Thomas Kinsella
Nicholas Grene on Terry Eagleton
Vona Groarke on Derek Mahon
Colin Greenland on Claire Kilroy
Peter Guttridge on Robert McLiam Wilson
Derek Hand on Keith Ridgeway
Derek Hand on Gerard O’Donovan
Derek Hand on Tom Mac Intyre
Robert Hanks interviews Sebastian Barry
Robert Hanks on Sebastian Barry
Maurice Harmon on Bryan MacMahon (1)
Maurice Harmon on Bryan MacMahon (2)
Maurice Harmon on Robert Greacen
Maurice Harmon on Mary Lavin
Maurice Harmon on John Montague
Liam Harte on Dermot Bolger
Liam Harte on Ella O’Dwyer
Liam Harte on Mike McCormack
Liam Harte on John Broderick
Liam Harte on David Marcus
Liam Harte on Claire Keegan
Liam Harte on Hugo Hamilton
Anne Haverty on Henry James

Keith Hopper on Aidan Higgins
Tom Hayden to Fintan O’Toole
Maurice Hayes on Brian Lynch
Seamus Heaney on Patrick Kavanagh (1)
Seamus Heaney on Bernard O’Donoghue
Seamus Heaney on Patrick Kavanagh (2)
Shane Hegarty meets Keith Ridgway
Shane Hegarty meets Clair Wills
Christine D. Hickey on Roddy Doyle
Philip Hobsbaum on Roy McFadden
Kate Holmquist on Cecilia Ahern
Declan Hughes on Emma Donoghue
Declan Hughes on Thomas Kilroy
Roisin Ingle on Eoin McNamee Irish Times (Leader) on Colum McCann
Keith Jeffry on Sebastian Barry
Stuart Jeffries meets Sebastian Barry
Fred Johnston on Maurice Scully
Fred Johnston on Hugh McFadden
Jennifer Jordan on Keith Ridgway
Anthony Julius on Oscar Wilde’s Trials
Sara Keating meets Tom Mac Intyre
Sara Keating on Tom Murphy
Sara Keating meets John Banville
Sara Keating meets Paul Mercier
Sara Keating on Tom Murphy (2)
Susan Katz Keating meets Michael Collins
Kate Kellaway on Sebastian
Kate Kellaway meets Michael Longley
Lynne Kelleher on Edna O’Brien
Morgan Kelly on ECB Bail-out
Shirley Kelly meets Glenn Patterson
A. L. Kennedy on Anne Enright
John Kenny on Anne Enright
John Kenny on Sebastian Barry
John Kenny on Gerard Donovan
John Kenny on Roddy Doyle
John Kenny on William Wall
John Kenny on Glenn Patterson
John Kenny on John McGahern
John Kenny on Patrick McCabe
John Kenny on Harry Clifton
John Kenny on Eugene McCabe
John Kenny on Carlo Gébler
Kevin Kiely on Seamus Heaney
Kevin Kiely on ‘The IT Gang’
Declan Kiberd on John McGahern
Declan Kiberd on Walter Benjamin
Declan Kiberd on Thomas Flanagan
Benedict Kiely on George Moore
Terence Killeen on James Joyce
Claire Kilroy on Sebastian Barry
Ian Kilroy meets Paul Muldoon
Thomas Kilroy on Seamus Heaney
Thomas Kilroy on Edna O’Brien
Stephen King on Emma Donoghue
James R. Kinkaid on Joseph O’Connor
Matthew Kirkpatrick on Gerald Donovan
John Knowles on Paul Durcan
Adrienne Leavy on John Ryan (Envoy)
Hermione Lee on John McGahern (1)
Hermione Lee on John McGahern (2)
Hermione Lee on Anne Enright
Ursula K Le Guin on Joseph O’Connor
Mary Leland on Sylvester Mahony
Mary Leland on Bishop Thomas Bolton
Sue Leonard on Niall Williams
Sue Leonard on Claire Kilroy
Ana Leszkiewicz on Sally Rooney
Frances Leviston on Leontia Flynn
Toby Lichtig on Colin Teevan
Peter Linebaugh on Thomas Russell
Grevep Lindop on Dion Boucicault
Joan Littlewood (Irish Times obituary)
Patrick Lonergan on Walter Macken
Siobhán Long on Seán Ó Riada
Michael Longley on Richard Murphy
Michael Longley on Seamus Heaney
James Lomax on Robert McLiam Wilson
Sylvère Lotringer meets Brendan Behan
Lizzie Loveridge on Stella Feehily
Brian Lynch on Aidan Higgins
Suzanne Lynch on Colin Teevan
Anne Lynskey on Jennifer Johnston
Ann Manov on John Boyne
James McAuley on Tom MacIntyre, et al.
John McAuliffe on Michael Coady
John McAuliffe on Tom French
John McAuliffe on Ciaran Berry
John McAuliffe on Paul Muldoon
Colum McCann on Benedict Kiely
Lir Mac Carthaigh on Patrick McCabe
Thomas MacCarthy on P. J. Daly & C. P. MacCarthy
Jenny McCartney meets Seamus Heaney
Conor McCloskey on Friel, Heaney, Trevor & Kiely
W. J. McCormack on A. N. Jeffares
Robert McCrum meets John McGahern
Robert McCrum meets John Longley
Cal McCrystal on Eoin McNamee
Rónán McDonald on Liam Harte
Peter McDonald on Ciaran Carson
Todd McEwen on William Wall
Robert Macfarlane on Paul Muldoon
Michael McDowell on Woodbrook
Patrick McGrath on Neil Jordan
Belinda McKeon meets Colm Toibin
Caitríona MacKernan on William Carleton
Caitríona MacKernan on Anthony Cronin
David McKitterick on Flann O’Brien
Niall MacMonagle on Colum McCann
Niall MacMonagle on Sebastian Barry
Frank McNally on John Dunton
Frank McNally on Patrick Kavanagh
Conor McPherson on “monologue”
Eamon Maher meets John McGahern
Eamon Maher on John Broderick
Adam Mars-Jones on Anne Enright
D. T. Max on Stephen Joyce (James Joyce Estate)
Christina Hunt Mahony on Claire Kilroy
Christina Hunt Mahony on Dermot Bolger
Christina Hunt Mahony on Frank McGuinness
Janet Maslin on John Banville
Helen Meany on Lola Montez (Eliza Gilbert)
Claire Messud on Anne Enright
Karl Miller on John Banville
Laura Miller on John Banville
John Montague on Ciaran Carson
John Montague on Jonathan Swift
John Moran on Lafcadio Hearn
Christoper Morash on Brian Friel
Austen Morgan on Terry Eagleton
GerryMoriart on Gerry Adams
Mary Morrissey on Jennifer Johnston
Danny Morrison on Ken Loach
Stephen Moss meets Gerry Adams
Stephen Moss meets Sebastian Barry
Andrew Motion on John McGahern
Andrew Motion on Seamus Heaney
Paul Muldoon on Seamus Heaney
Julie Myerson on Edna O’Brien
Stephen Moss meets Sebastian Barry
Peter Murtagh & Joe Joyce on Charles Haughey
Patrick Ness on Paul Murray
Adam Newey on Paul Muldoon
Eiléan Ní Chuilleanain on Harry Clifton
Eilis Ní Dhuibne on Maggie Gee
Benedict Nightingale on Gary Hynes
Emer Nolan on John Wilson Foster
Deirdre O’Brien meets Eoin McNamee
George O’Brien on William Wall
George O’Brien on Colm Tóibín
Sean O’Brien on Michael Longley
SeanO’Brien on Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
Frank O’Connor on Bryan MacMahon
Joseph O’Connor on Irish Fiction
Joseph O’Connor on Sebastian Barry
Joseph O’Connor on John McGahern
Bernard O’Donoghue on John Banville
Bernard O’Donoghue on Kinsella & Hartnett
Bernard O’Donoghue on Conor O’Callaghan
Bernard O’Donoghue on Dennis O’Driscoll
Bernard O’Donoghue on Peter Fallon
Bernard O’Donoghue on William Trevor
Bernard O’Donoghue on Gerald Dawe
Bernard O’Donoghue on Colm Tóibín
Julia O’Faolain on Contemp. Irish Fiction
Nuala O’Faolain on Edna O’Brien
Clíona Ó Gallchoir on Emily Lawless
Sean O’Hagan meets Dermot Healy
Sean O’Hagan meets Sebastian Barry
Sean O’Hagan meets Anne Enright
Karl O’Hanlon on Maurice Scully
Joanne O’Leary on Maeve Brennan
Michael O’Loughlin on Anthony Cronin
John O’Mahony on Patrick McCabe
Nessa O’Mahony on Mebdh McGuckian
Emer O’Kelly on Sebastian Barry
Peter Anny-Nzekwue meets Michael O’Loughlin
Catriona O’Reilly on Michael Longley
Barra Ó Séaghdha on Ulster Poets
Fintan O’Toole on Peter Taylor
Fintan O’Toole on Brian Friel
Fintan O’Toole on Irish plays
Fintan O’Toole on Nicholas Grene
Fintan O’Toole on the Catholic Church
Fintan O’Toole on Irish plays in USA
Fintan O’Toole on Sebastian Barry
Fintan O’Toole on Eugene O’Neill
Fintan O’Toole on Rockite Disturbances
Fintan O’Toole on Wilde & Beckett
Fintan O’Toole on Flann O’Brien
Fintan O’Toole on Anglophobia
Fintan O’Toole on Charles Darwin
Fintan O’Toole on Margaret Mitchell
Fintan O’Toole on the American Dream
Fintan O’Toole on Martin McGuinness
Fintan O’Toole on Flann O’Brien
Fintan O’Toole on James Plunkett
Fintan O’Toole meets Brian Friel
Fintan O’Toole on Brexit [Guardian]
Fintan O’Toole on Seamus Heaney
Fintan O’Toole on Brexit [for NYRB]
Fintan O’Toole on Brexit & 8th Amendment
Fintan O’Toole on Samuel Beckett
Fintan O’Toole on Brexit
Fintan O’Toole on Boris Johnson
Jill Owens meets Paul Murray
Eve Patten on Michael Collins
Eve Patten on Colum McCann (2003)
Eve Patten on The Irish Book Lover
Eve Patten on Cambridge Companion
Eve Patten on Jennifer Johnston
Eve Patten on Colm McCann (2006)
Eve Patten on Anne Enright
Eve Patten on Paul Durcan
Eve Patten on Philip Ó Ceallaigh
Christine Patterson meets Deirdre Madden
Mike Peed on Colum McCann
Paul Perry on Maurice Scully
Seamus Perry on Seamus Heaney
Lionel Pilkington on Brian Friel
Richard Pine on John McGahern
Richard Pine on Brian Friel
Janet Phillips meets Tom French
Robert Potts on Dorothy Molloy
Alex Preston on Anne Enright
John Preston meet Colm Tóibín
Francine Prose on Colm Tóibín
Niamh Purséil on Rosamund Jacob
Jody Allen Randolph Meets Paula Meehan
Stephen Rea on Robert Altman
John Redmond on James Liddy
Alec Reid on Samuel Beckett
Niamh Reilly on Tom Kettle
Nick Rennison on Roddy Doyle
Keith Ridgeway on Ferdia Mac Anna
Keith Ridgeway on John Butler
Keith Ridgway on Tomás O’Crohan
Jacqueline Rose on Eimar McBride
Anthony Rooche on Irish Lit. in Transition
Tom Rosenthal on Louis le Brocquy
Carol Rumens on Fred Johnston
Fiona Sampson on Michael Smith
Ian Samson on Mike McCormack
Jennifer Schuessler on Colm Tóibín
Dan Sheehan on Ross O’Carroll-Kelly
Simion D [pseud.] on Eugene McCabe
Peter Sirr on John Montague
Dinitia Smith on Sebastian Barry
Katy Simpson Smith meets Sebastion Barry
Paddy Smyth on Jennifer Johnston
Michael Sopp on Paul Murray
John Spain on Philip Ó Ceallaigh
Stephen Spender on J. M. Synge
Bruce Stewart on Robert McLiam Wilson
Bruce Stewart on James Fairhall
Bruce Stewart on Terry Eagleton
Bruce Stewart on Marina Carr
Bill Sweeney on Terry Eagleton
Bruce Stewart on Anthony Cronin
Eamonn Sweeney on Sebastian Barry
John Sutherland on Charles Lever
George Szirtes on Anthony Cronin
Scarlett Thomas on Keith Ridgway
Scarlett Thomas on Kevin Barry
Sam Thompson on Anne Enright
Sam Thompson on John Broderick
Alan Titley on Pól Ó Muirí (1)
Alan Titley on Pól Ó Muirí (2)
Colm Tóibín on Augustine Pugin
Colm Tóibín meets Tom Murphy
Colm Tóibín on Dervla Murphy
Colm Tóibín on Seamus Heaney
Colm Tóibín on Anthony Cronin
Colm Tóibín on Gordon Bowker
Colm Tóibín on Seamus Heaney
Boyd Tonkin on Sebastian Barry
Nicola Trott on Maria Edgeworth
Maria Tymoczko on Ciaran Carson
Cathy Unsworth on Peter Murphy James Urquhart on William Trevor
Jeannie Vanasco on Deirdre Madden Ed Vulliamy on Edna O’Brien
Arminta Wallace on Eoin McNamee
Arminta Wallace meets Joseph O’Connor
Arminta Wallace meets John Banville
Arminta Wallace meets Jennifer Johnson
Arminta Wallace meets Sebastian Barry
John Waters on Terry Eagleton
John Waters on John MacBride
Sheila Wayman meets Robert Welch
Irvine Welsh on Patrick McCabe
Geoffrey Wheatcroft meets Conor Cruise O’Brien
David Wheatley on Ní Chuilleanáin
David Wheatley on Louis MacNeice
David Wheatley on Eavan Boland
David Wheatley on Flann O’Brien
David Wheatley on John Redmond
Shaun Whiteside on Patrick MacCabe
David Whittaker on Tony OMalley
Clair Wills on Irish Neutrality
Clair Wills on Flann O’Brien
Nicholas Wroe on Michael Longley
Nicholas Wroe meets John McGahern
Nicholas Wroe meets Sebastian Barry
Nicholas Wroe meets Derek Mahon
Martin Wroe on John O’Donoghue
Harry White on Charles Villiers Stanford
Jason Zinoman on Mark O’Rowe  

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